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EMOVE Cruiser vs Apollo Explore: The similarities and Differences

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You are considering buying a new electric scooter and are undergoing analysis paralysis if you should get the EMOVE Cruiser or the Apollo Explore.

Here are a couple of reasons why one might want to know the perfect choice for themselves. 

The EMOVE Cruiser is one of the most water-resistant electric scooters in the world.

With a certified water-resistance rating of IPX6, the Cruiser is an ideal choice if you hope to ride in wet conditions someday. 

The EMOVE Cruiser is powered by a massive LG battery that makes it hit a top range of 62 miles.

If you are looking forward to hitting long commutes, then Cruiser is absolutely the better choice. 

However, if you feel that saving $200 or so is life-changing to you, then the Apollo Explore is your go-to choice.

The two scooters used to cost the same before the Cruiser went up.

EMOVE Cruiser vs Apollo Explore: Head to Head

Top Range

I simply describe an electric scooter’s range as the total distance covered before the scooter dies. 

The EMOVE Cruiser is one of the few adult electric scooters with a range of more than 60 miles.

Rated to hit 62 miles worth of mileage, the Cruiser is undoubtedly a long-range electric scooter. 

However, the top range one ends up noting down varies greatly depending on the weight of the rider, the speed at which the scooter gets ridden, the terrain in which the scooter gets ridden, the condition of the battery, and to some extent the experience. 

Our real-world test recorded a top range of 59.2 miles in the new Cruiser model.

This was based on a 210 lb rider and on a completely flat tarmac before the battery asked for more juice. 

The Apollo Explore is rated to hit a top range of 34 miles at optimum conditions.

Based on our 210-lb rider, we recorded 32.7 as our best before the battery died. 

With that in mind, the Cruiser has a better range than the Explore. 

Top Speed 

The Apollo Explore has a rated top speed of 31 miles per hour.

The EMOVE Cruiser has a rated top speed of 33 miles per hour. 

Before the Cruiser was upgraded to a bigger motor, it used to have a top speed of only 25 miles per hour.

The Apollo hasn’t been upgraded much and as such, the top speed has stayed the same. 

Our real-world tests show that the EMOVE Cruiser has a top speed of 31.8 mph when ridden at optimal conditions.

However, if our rider was lighter, then we believe the Cruiser would have hit the stated top speed. 

For the Explore, we recorded 30 mph as the best speed on our GPS tracker.

Of course, the speed varies highly if you are lighter or heavier. 

The upgraded EMOVE Cruiser is slightly faster than the Apollo Explore. 


Both the EMOVE Cruiser and the Explore come with single 1000W motors.

The Apollo Explore has a continuous motor power of 1000W.

The EMOVE Cruiser has a peak power output of 1600W. 


The Apollo Explore comes with a Dynavolt 52V 18.2Ah battery while the EMOVE Cruiser comes with an LG MJ1 52V 30Ah battery. 

Both LG and Dynavolt are globally-recognized Lithium battery manufacturers and as such, there is no cause for an alarm going for either.

While both scooters have 52V batteries, the strength of the electric current flowing in each of these is different. 

The 30Ah vs 18.2Ah amperage is what makes the EMOVE Cruiser have a better range than the Explore considering they have the same voltage values. 

With a fast charger, the Apollo Explore fully charges within 4 or 5 hours.

The EMOVE Cruiser’s battery fully charges within 9 to 12 hours.

When using a standard scooter charger, the Explore charges within 9 hours. 

If you are looking for a fast-charging scooter while using fast charges, then the Apollo Explore excels. 

Weight Limit

The EMOVE Cruiser has a rated top load capacity of 352 lbs while the Apollo Explore has a weight limit of 265 lbs. 

If you are a heavy adult weighing more than 265 lbs, then the EMOVE Cruiser is a great choice for you. 


Surprisingly, both the Apollo Explore and the EMOVE Cruiser weigh 23 kgs (52 lbs).

If you have to lift any of these scooters, none has a weight advantage over the other, so going for any is reasonable. 

Water resistance rating

For long, the EMOVE Cruiser has been described as the most water-resistant electric scooter in the world. 

With an IP Rating of IPX6, I haven’t seen any more water-resistant electric scooters than the Cruiser.

The Apollo Explore has a water-resistance rating of IP54. 

Ideally, you can ride the EMOVE Cruiser and the Apollo Explore under light rain without worrying much about water damage.

(We, however, discourage riding under any wet conditions.

In case of any damage, no seller covers that just yet). 


Both the EMOVE Cruiser and the Apollo Explore come with 10-inch tires.

The EMOVE Cruiser comes with tubeless pneumatic car-grade tires.

This means the EMOVE Cruiser is more flat-resistant compared to a scooter with tubed tires. 

The Apollo Explore electric scooter comes with 10-inch pneumatic tires with tubes.

This means the EMOVE Cruiser is more flat-proof than the Apollo Explore. 


Coming with Hybrid Hydraulic brakes, the EMOVE Cruiser offers great braking power.

The Apollo Explore comes with disc brakes. 

Disc brakes are highly recommended and offer a high degree of stopping power.

The hybrid hydraulic brakes in the EMOVE Cruiser also fall under disc brakes and as such, these two scooters have an excellent safety rating when it comes to braking. 


Great ride quality rocks and suspension plays the most critical role in ensuring a scooter moves seamlessly. 

The Explore has spring suspension at the front and the rear while the EMOVE has spring front suspension and rear air shocks. 

While the hydraulic suspension in electric scooters offers the best ride quality, the suspension in these scooters we are comparing isn’t as inferior.

You will get going from point A to B without many hiccups.

Just that none of the two scooters excels in pothole-filled terrains or in offroad conditions. 


Unlike the original EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter that had a problematic thumb throttle, they upgraded it to a finger one.

The Apollo Explore also comes with a finger throttle. 


If you ever wish to keep your electric scooter inside a car’s trunk, then it’s crucial to know its dimensions. 

The EMOVE Cruiser measures 49″ x 10″ x 14″ when folded and 48″ x 23″ x 46.5″ when unfolded.

For the Apollo Explore, it measures 46” x 7.7” x 17” when folded and 48.4” x 14” x 20.5” when unfolded. 

Any of these two scooters can fit perfectly in most sub-compact car trunks. 

Customer service

Both VoroMotors and Apollo are two dependable electric scooter sellers.

With pick-up stations in the USA, VoroMotors offers customers the chance to test and self-pick their most preferred electric scooters.

For those who like it, then can as well shop for their EMOVE Cruiser online. 

Apollo has a US and a Canada store to serve the customers better.

As of the moment, they offer customers the option to shop online. 

From our research, we find that the two brands always try to sort out their customers’ needs as expected of them. 

There was a long post on Reddit complaining about Apollo’s customer service being wack but the poster updated that they were sorted.

You can read the thread here.

There was also a post talking about VoroMotors customer service being non-existent.

However, the poster seems to have been sorted.

You can read the thread here. 

Apollo Explore vs EMOVE Cruiser: Which Scooter Should I Choose?

Since the EMOVE Cruiser and the Apollo Explore have near-similar specs, the scooter you will choose depends on what you would like to achieve and for how long. 

If you would like long range as compared to anything else, then the EMOVE Cruiser is a great choice.

You will as well benefit from a better water-resistant rating. 

However, if you are under a tight budget and saving $200 means a lot to you, then the Apollo Explore is right up your alley. 

These two are single-motor scooters and as such, they will fair almost similarly – save for the massive range difference of course. 

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