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Favor Hours: When Is Favor Delivery Available?

Do you love using the Favor app for take-out? Need a delivery late at night or early in the morning? Click here to learn about Favor hours of operation.

Are you looking to get food delivery or other home delivery late at night or early in the morning?

Do you need groceries delivered on the weekends or holidays?

If you’re interested in Favor delivery services, then you’ll need the Favor hours of operation.

Here, you will learn all about when Favor operates and how you can receive deliveries after 10 PM.

What Are Favor’s Hours of Operation?

The Favor hours of operation differ depending on your city of residence.

Most cities are open for Favor delivery at least from 8 AM to 10 PM. However, certain cities operate later in the day.

For example, Carthage opens for operation at 9 AM while Amarillo, Eagle Pass, and Columbus open at 11 AM. Some places, like Austin Metro, have longer hours.

In Austin, you can get deliveries from 6  AM to midnight. The DFW Metro operates from 7 AM to midnight.

The location you’re in will dictate the hours of operation at Favor.

Favor’s Weekend and Weekday Hours

The weekend and weekday hours of operation at Favor delivery are usually identical. However, Runners from Favor cannot deliver alcohol before 10 AM or later than 11 PM on Sundays.

How Late Can I Purchase Favor Delivery on Saturday?

Saturday delivery hours greatly depend on your residence. For example, in Kenedy, Texas, Favor operates from 11 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays.

At the same time, those who live in the Houston Metro area can receive a delivery as early as 6 AM or as late as midnight on Saturdays.

Favor Holiday Hours

Favor takes the major holidays seriously and does not expect its delivery drivers or Favor Runners to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Favor is completely closed on December 24th and December 25th. Additionally, Favor decreased the New Year’s Eve hours of operation.

Favor stops operating by 9 PM on December 31st.

Runners on Favor can also receive a floating holiday. Runners also have a good work-life balance due to the ability to schedule their preferred hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a calendar and clock to illustrate the favor hours of operation

What Is the Delivery Fee for Favor?

Favor charges a standard delivery fee of $6, but this varies depending on the merchant and area where you live.

Sometimes, Favor has a delivery fee of $3 or less.
As the customer, you will also pay a service fee as well as tips for the Favor Runners.

Can I Have Favor Deliver Alcohol?

You can have alcohol delivered through the Favor platform. However, you will need to show the Runner your identification, such as your driver’s license, to ensure you’re old enough to drink.

Runners cannot complete their delivery if the customer appears intoxicated. In most places throughout Texas, you can have alcohol delivered as late as 11 PM or even midnight on Saturdays.

Can I Order Favor in Advance?

Since Favor is an on-demand delivery service, you cannot order a delivery several days in advance. However, Favor does recommend placing an order about 30 minutes to one hour in advance.

Who Makes Favor Deliveries?

Favor delivery drivers are known as Runners.
Runners are at least 18 years of age or older. They have also undergone background checks and each worker has a clean driving and criminal record.  

Runners work the hours they prefer and schedule themselves. There are no maximum or minimum hours that these individuals have to work.

Wrapping Up

Next time you have a late-night craving, or you’d like to make a cocktail on a Saturday night, you’ll know that Favor’s delivery service has your back.

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