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Food Delivery That Accepts Cash: 8 Services That Accept Cash

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While you might need your food delivered, for one reason or other, you only have cash.

Luckily, there are plenty of food delivery services that take cash – no digital wallet required.

We’ll explain why some restaurants don’t take physical currency and how you can use it to get food delivered anyways.

If you’re curious about food delivery that accepts cash, keep reading below.

Why Some Food Delivery Services Don’t Accept Cash

So why don’t some food delivery service take cash for payment?

The answer is a bit different than you might expect.

Many food deliveries don’t accept cash because the restaurants they take deliveries from don’t.

It takes longer to process a cash payment, and the driver can’t continue to their next order if they have to deal with physical payment.

They’d need to return to the restaurant to drop off the cash, resulting in minutes of the driver losing money they could have made while completing deliveries.

The driver also can’t be certain that you’ll have cash ready when they arrive.

Credit or debit cards give the restaurant the money upfront, simplifying the process.

Some delivery places might accept cash tips.

However, when it comes to ordering food, you’ll only know whether they take cash when you see their payment options.

Some restaurants do allow cash because they assume all customers are willing to accept the risk of paying with cash.

They also trust that the drivers will handle the money appropriately.

In short, it’s risky and time-consuming for both restaurants and drivers to offer the option.

Did you Know?

While some food delivery apps don’t accept cash, there is a Paypal food delivery payment option.

It’s a simple and secure way to pay without directly giving the delivery company a credit card.

How Do Cash Payments Usually Work?

Cash payments for food delivery work as you would expect them to.

You hand the cash to the driver when they deliver the food, and if you want change, they’ll provide it to you.

Something important to remember is that, even if the restaurant is comfortable with drivers handling cash, you also need a driver who is comfortable with the payment method.

You may have a long wait after putting an order through a food delivery app because it may take a while finding a driver comfortable handling cash.

Additionally, that driver needs to have the correct number of bills and coins on hand if you want change for your order.

Otherwise, you can include the change as part of their tip.

In short, do your research and make sure that the restaurant you’re ordering from takes cash.

Nowadays, there are a few alternatives to cash payments if giving out credit card information makes you uncomfortable.

You have the option to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Android Pay, or even eGift.

As long as there is a link to your bank account, that should work just fine.

You should also inquire as to whether restaurants are still doing contactless deliveries only.

If that’s the case, you won’t be able to pay with cash since it does not accommodate social distancing.

Food Delivery Services That Accept Cash

Many people mention Grubhub as one of the few (if not only) popular food delivery apps that take cash.

Luckily, there are a few other apps you can give a try.

All you have to do is go online or download their apps on your android or iOS device and see whether the restaurant takes cash for takeaway food.

You’ll usually only see this when you fill up your cart with your order and then select payment options.

If a restaurant does not take cash on delivery through these apps, you cannot request a cash order from them.

You’ll have to try your luck with another restaurant.

None of these apps have lists of which restaurants take cash.

It is dependent on the location for all of them.

While it is a time-consuming process, it’s the best way to see where you can pay with cash.

Just add the first food item you see to your cart and see the options for paying.

Does Uber Eats Take Cash?

vector graphic of woman handing man a tip to illustrate does uber take cash

Although the ridesharing Uber does not take cash, Uber Eats does on occasion.

In fact, Uber Eats taking cash on delivery is a recent development.

They highly encourage drivers to have change on hand for customers.

Such a tip increases the likelihood that the driver can deliver your order.

What makes this development especially interesting is that Uber Eats also delivers groceries in some cities.

Does DoorDash Take Cash?

DoorDash is prepared to take cash on delivery for their customers.

This makes them appealing for people without credit cards or money in their digital wallets.

However, the drivers must have enough change on hand for you if you request it – they actually can’t take orders without being able to give you change.

If you do not need change, your order should be deliverable.

The delivery must meet a $7 minimum order amount for a customer to pay in cash.

Does Grubhub Take Cash?

vector graphic showing the answer to the question, "does grubhub take cash?"

Grubhub does accept cash in some occasions.

When you open the free to use Grubhub app, you’ll notice payment options for a credit card or cash.

You have to set up an account before placing your order if you’re using mobile

You also have the option of paying with PayPal, eGift, Grubhub gift cards, and so on.

Does Take Cash?

One of’s many perks is that they deliver alcohol, groceries, laundry, and everything in between.

They also work similarly to other food delivery apps in that they prefer secure payment methods like Google Pay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, and so on, but they do take cash.

Does Deliveroo Take Cash?

Deliveroo is a British food delivery app that delivers all the usual favorites, like comfort food and sweets.

While they would prefer that you use a digital wallet, you’re welcome to pay with cash.

Does Seamless Take Cash?

Seamless, which delivers to the many neighborhoods of New York City and other major cities, uses the same system as the Grubhub app.

The two operate similarly for cash on delivery.

That means they also accept various payment methods and that drivers can turn down deliveries paid for with cash.

Be prepared to wait a little bit longer for delivery in that case.


Seamless vs Grubhub: What’s the difference?

Does Swiggy Take Cash?

Swiggy is a popular food delivery app in India with all the usual food delivery perks.

The only difference is that they don’t take coupons for cash payments.

Thus, the only way to get a discount from any restaurant is to use online payment.

Does Railrestro Take Cash?

Also based out of India, Railrestro allows you to get fresh food delivered to your train either ahead of time or on the go.

You can either get food delivered to you or a loved one traveling on another rail line.

All you have to do is enter your train name or number into the app with your order.

Next, the restaurant will call you to verify the order before the package is delivered to your train seat.

Several trains in India have e-catering facilities.

So whichever payment method you choose, including cash, should work just fine.

What if the Delivery Driver Doesn’t Have Change?

That depends on the policy that the driver is following.

Sometimes they’re not allowed to give an order to the customer if they don’t have the correct change.

Tips for Success When Paying With Cash

While it may seem like paying with cash can be a stressful process, there are ways of simplifying the process.

1. Don’t Pay in Large Bills

You do not want to pay your driver in bills much larger than what you owe.

For example, you probably should not pay for a $6 order with a $50 bill or higher.

The likelihood is low for a driver to have that kind of change on them.

In that case, you’re probably better off using $20 bills or smaller when possible.

2. Don’t Ask For Change Unless Necessary

Your food delivery driver likely does not give change often.

So don’t be surprised if they don’t have proper change for you.

If anything, you can let them keep the change.

3. Tip Well

This one goes without saying, but be kind to your drivers and tip them well for their service.

Drivers appreciate any generosity they can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still curious about food delivery that accepts cash?

Check out some of the most common questions related to this topic below.

Are there any food delivery apps that accept cash and don’t use calling?

Luckily, you don’t have to call any restaurant to order food.

All you have to do is follow the prompts on any food delivery app, and you’re good to go.

Can I order food with Cash App?

Cash App works similarly to any other digital payment method, like PayPal or Venmo, meaning you can order food with it too.

It might help to link your Google Pay account to your Cash App to quicken the process.

Can food delivery drivers accept cash tips?

They absolutely can!

While many people prefer to tip through online payment, you can just as quickly do it with cash.

Just make sure you don’t forget to hand the tip to the driver before they leave.

Wrapping Up

While not many food delivery apps take cash on delivery, you may still find a few favorites that accept this payment method.

As long as you have a little patience and a digital wallet connected to your bank account, you can still get your food delivered while paying with cash.

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