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Understanding Getaround Mileage Limits and What They Mean For Renters

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Car-sharing apps are the new big thing in the app universe.

These rental car companies are taking the popular ride-sharing concept and pushing it to the next level: car sharing.

If you haven’t rented a car through this platform before, think of it as Uber for your car rental needs.

Getaround is one of the more popular rental car-sharing companies on the market.

This service is exploding into popularity, especially in bigger cities in the United States like New York and San Francisco.

Car ownership is less prevalent in these cities, so visitors and residents often need rental cars at low rates, which come at low prices to the people renting them.

That’s where Getaround mileage limits come in.

What is a Getaround Mileage Limit?

But, like anything else, there needs to be rules, right?

That’s where the Getaround mileage limit comes into play.

This rule protects both parties and sets clear expectations for the car owner and the renter using the vehicle.

When you make a reservation with Cars on Getaround, they include a base mileage.

Additional miles will end up being extra charges for the reimbursement fee.

Why is There a Getaround Mileage Limit?

The Getaround app has a mileage limit or mileage cap to protect its customers, both the renter and the car owner.

Essentially, this is because the longer the trip, the more maintenance the owner will have to do on the car.

Some insurance companies also offer increases or decreases in auto insurance fees based on a car’s mileage and fuel economy.

Much like an electric vehicle or a driver with fewer traffic tickets that regularly follows the speed limit is cheaper to insure, so is one that has lower miles.

As any car owner knows, a long road trip puts more wear and tear on your car, and these extra miles can lead to more maintenance and repairs for the vehicle.

Getaround places these mileage restrictions on renters to protect the driver and owner.  

Renting your car to a stranger or even a peer can be scary.

Getaround uses multiple methods to protect car owners when renting out their vehicles.

They also offer Getaround Connect, which carefully tracks each car’s location throughout a Getaround trip.

Like car insurance or roadside assistance, this is for the benefit of the car owner.

These methods ensure that car owners feel comfortable renting their cars out with Getaround and can lower rental costs for the renters due to more cars being available on the app.

Do Other Car Rental Companies Have Mileage Caps?

This rule is becoming more typical for a car rental company that operates on a car share basis.

However, companies like Turo (another popular car-sharing app) and Getaround are not the only car rental company that uses a total mileage cap.

Big names like Hertz (a well-known car rental agency) often place caps on mileage.

This mileage allowance clarifies expectations for the renters and helps avoid miscommunication and issues with the rental car owner.

There are also Zipcar mileage limits for short-term rentals, and Turo mileage limits as well.

What is the Standard Mileage Limit for Getaround?

vector graphic showing a vehicle travelling down a street along a line marker to illustrate the getaround mileage limit

When you book a Getaround rental car, you will get a base mileage for the duration of your rental.

That is your mileage cap.

Any miles beyond that limit will mean extra charges for the renter.

A standard trip with Getaround will have a cap of up to 20 miles each hour.

So, you can drive 200 miles in 24 hours.

Each mile you go over will add an added fee to the credit card on file.

Can You Avoid Mileage Limits?

There are some exceptions to this rule where you can drive unlimited miles.

For example, if you are an Uber driver renting a car through Getaround, this rule does not apply to you.

Uber drivers have unlimited mileage through Getaround.

Also, you can pay extra money to increase your mileage with a mileage package that will be available to you when you book the rental.

If you know, for example, that you will be driving this car all around North America, the extra mileage package will be well worth it.

Think of this package as a membership fee that allows you to drive more miles without breaking the mileage cap set by Getaround.

You can learn more about Getaround’s car mileage cap on their website.

Does the Owner Set the Mileage Limit on Getaround?

vector graphic showing a hand holding a set of keys and a long-term car rental in the background in front of a calendar

Getaround themselves sets the standard Getaround mileage limit.

This is not up to the owner who is renting the car to users on the platform, but some would like it to be.

Can You Extend Your Getaround Mileage Limit?

You can extend your mileage limit when finalizing the rental of your car.

When going through the rental purchase, a standard mileage cap will automatically apply.

However, renters can purchase a package that allows them to add extra miles to the car.

Mileage Packages and Adjustments

Drivers who will need to drive over the set limit when renting a car from Getaround can purchase an additional mileage package to ensure they won’t pay overage fees.

The cost of these packages depends on how long you will be renting the vehicle. This is how that mileage breaks down:

  • Renting for 1 hour -1 day: 20 miles
  • Renting for 2-5 days: 50 miles
  • Renting for 6-30 days: 100 miles

The cost for these extra miles depends on the quality of the vehicle you rent.

The price per extra mile for mileage packages and adjustments depends on the car category:

  • Eco car: £0.19/mile (mileage adjustment: £0.36/mile)
  • Comfort car: £0.21/mile (mileage adjustment: £0.40/mile)
  • Premium car: £0.32/mile (mileage adjustment: £0.62/mile)

However, keep in mind that you won’t get a refund for the extra miles you paid for if you don’t use your miles.

But, the cost of going over your mileage cap is far more expensive than adding extra miles.

As your mom might say, you are better off safe than sorry.

Get the extra miles if you think you’ll need them.

You will pay far more by accidentally going over the mileage cap.

What Happens if You Go Over the Getaround Mileage Limit?

If you surpass the mileage cap set by Getaround, you will pay a fee to reimburse the car owner for the added miles and wear and tear on their vehicle.

You should also consider that this may impact other hosts from wanting to rent to you in the future.

Over Mileage Reimbursement

You should opt to purchase the mileage packages discussed above if you fear you may go over the mileage cap.

It is better to plan and ensure that the host is okay with the mileage you intend to put on the car.

To ensure no overage fees or a negative experience for the host, give them all the information you can and be transparent about your plans to ensure it meets their expectations.

And, don’t think you will be able to get away with going just a few miles over the mileage cap.

Getaround will automatically record the mileage of your trip and will use this to determine if you have gone over your allotted mileage allowance.

How Much is the Over Mileage Reimbursement?

The over mileage reimbursement is $0.50 for each mile you go over on your trip.

Hosts are then paid $0.30 per mile to compensate them for this overage.

This fee will be automatically charged to the renter and allotted to the host.

Do You Have to Pay the Over Mileage Reimbursement?

Long story short, yes, you do.

This is not an optional fee.

The reimbursement will be automatic.

However, that doesn’t mean this is an indisputable fee.

You can always voice your concerns to Getaround if you feel this happens unnecessarily.

Their customer service team will inspect the issue and ensure you receive a refund if applicable.

If you are a host who has not received your reimbursement or a renter with questions about your charges, you can contact Getaround through their Help Center.

Also, be aware that you are responsible for any traffic tickets or parking tickets that may happen while you are in possession of the car.

Check the Getaround policy for more information about what this will entail.

Wrapping Up

Companies like Getaround have revolutionized the public transportation market.

Using a car sharing app, you can find a car with features like Android Auto, heated seats, or a sunroof for less than you would pay at a big car rental agency.

This car rental agency is creatively using car-sharing to cut down on car rental costs for renters.

Cheaper car rentals and the ability to make money by sharing your car is a revolutionary idea that many people are buying into.

Ten years ago, you might have thought renting out your car to a total stranger was a crazy idea.

However, with the popularity of Uber and Lyft, sharing cars has become more acceptable and expected, and extending that rideshare capability to car rentals was an initiative and bold next step.

If you are vacationing and want to save money on your rental car, this is a great way.

And this is a great option to make extra money for car owners working from home during the week or not using their car on the weekends.

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