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Zipcar Mileage Limits: Limits To Be Aware Of

If you’re renting a vehicle on Zipcar, be prepared to follow Zipcar mileage limits. Check out our guide to learn about the free mileage Zipcar provides.

What are Zipcar Mileage Limits?

Zipcar mileage limits relate to the number of miles covered for free under your Zipcar rental contract.

There is a certain mileage limit for the first 24 hours. However, those who rent the car for more than 24 hours can get even more free mileage set aside for their trip.

Does Zipcar Have Mileage Limits?

The Zipcar mileage limits tend to vary depending on whether you rent a car in the United States or Canada.

In the United States, Zipcar offers a mileage maximum of 180 free miles within the first 24 hours.

Every car comes with a gas card, so you won’t have to worry about paying for that first 180 miles.

You’ll also get your own parking space, insurance coverage, and 24-hour roadside assistance.

You will, however, need a good driving record and a valid driver’s license.

After that first 24 hours, you will get 20 additional free miles for every extra hour of your reservation until you get to 180 miles.

Zipcar charges every mile past 180 miles at $0.58/mile once you complete your reservation and return the vehicle.

For rental cars rented in Canada, Zipcar includes 200 free kilometers in the rental agreement for 24-hour daily rates.

Once a rental is beyond 24 hours, an additional 15 free kilometers is given for each extra hour until you reach 200 kilometers until you finish your reservation.

Uber charges all kilometers past 200 kilometers at $0.50/kilometer.

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How Far Can I Go in a Zipcar?

You can drive as far as you like in a Zipcar vehicle.

However, only the first 180 miles per 24-hour period has no additional charge when renting an automobile through Zipcar.

There’s a charge of 58 cents for every extra mile you drive within one day.

vector graphic showing a Zipcar vehicle driving through a city along a route line to illustrate Zipcar mileage limits

However, imagine you booked a car for two days or 48 hours.

In this scenario, you could drive up to 360 miles within this period.

You can split up that mileage any way you want

Feel free to drive 200 miles the first day and 160 miles the next.

Essentially, you can drive as far as you want in a Zipcar but don’t expect that there won’t be an extra charge if you drive past the Zipcar mileage limits.

If you visit Europe, you will find that, in the United Kingdom (UK), a Zipcar reservation only provides 60 free miles per 24-hour period.

For every extra mile past 60 miles in the UK, a Zipcar member will face extra charges.

If you’re driving a car, you will pay £0.25 for every extra mile.

Drivers of cargo vans and luxury car drivers will need to pay £0.29 for each additional mile.

However, in the United States, if you drive past 180 miles in one day and you only have signed up for 24 hours of the rental service, then you will have an extra charge.

You will need to pay 58 cents for every extra mile you drive.

How many days can you rent premium vehicles through this platform?

We answer this question below.

How Long Can You Keep a Zipcar?

You can reserve luxury vehicles or standard rental cars on Zipcar for as little as one hour to as long as 14 days.

You can reserve your car in increments of half-hour periods.

When you do book a Zipcar rental automobile, be prepared to return the vehicle at the time that your rental agreement ends.

Due to car sharing, others may have booked your car after your contract ends.

You might want to account for traffic when picking the end time of your contract.

That way, you won’t be late returning the vehicle.

Zipcar does not have a grace period, so returning a car late could lead you to face late fees.

However, if you know you are behind and won’t make the time you requested to deliver the vehicle, you should call 866-4ZIPCAR to let the company representatives know.

Extending the Reservation

Generally, you can extend the amount of time you rent a Zipcar as long as you do it early enough and no one has booked the car right after you.

You can use the mobile app on an iPhone or Android to select a new date or a new time on the right side of the “Ends” section.

Use a scroll wheel to choose a new time or date.

You will see a new cost displayed for the time frame you chose.

If everything looks good, then press the “Change reservation” button.

If everything went through without a hitch, the new reservation will be highlighted in orange with the term “Reservation Updated” above.

If it didn’t work, then you might want to call Member Services.

In addition, if you couldn’t update your reservation and you’re running late in returning the car, then call Zipcar representatives.

Unfortunately, you will face late fees if you return the vehicle late and you aren’t able to change your reservation.

What Happens If You Keep the Zipcar Too Long?

Generally, if you return a car late, you will face a minimum penalty of $50 per hour.

The absolute maximum late fee is $150 as well as the extra mileage or time you spent driving the car.

Furthermore, if you return the car with less than a quarter tank of gas, you will face a $30 charge.

Essentially, to avoid these charges, return the car on time and be sure there is enough gas left over after your drive.

How Does Zipcar Track Mileage?

Zipcar can track the mileage you drive via its GPS device.

However, it is more difficult for the company to track Zipcar mileage limits in California.

Essentially, California law does not allow Zipcar or other rideshare services to track a person’s location using GPS.

A car will only be tracked five days after the company or driver report it as stolen.

At this point, the GPS tracking device will switch on to check the location of the car and track mileage.

The Zipcar mobile app also gathers location data along with two GPS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

vector graphic showing a Zipcar vehicle driving through a city along a route line to illustrate Zipcar mileage limits

Can I drive a Zipcar out of state?

You can drive a Zipcar anywhere around the United States or Canada.

You can easily drive across state borders, such as from Massachusetts to New York City.

You won’t need to bring any extra documentation or paperwork for Zipcar if you plan to drive out of state or across the border into the US or Canada.

Be sure to bring a passport or other identification for the Border Patrol and Customs officers.

However, if you’re taking a long trip, prepare for Zipcar mileage limits and make sure you can cover the costs of mileage beyond 180 miles per day.

Yet, you are not allowed to travel to any other countries beyond Canada or the United States.
Essentially, you can’t cross the border to Mexico or any region in Central America.

Is Zipcar worth it for day trips?

The Zipcar fleet is comparable to Uber and Lyft if you are looking to take a drive for only two or three hours.

Essentially, this car rental service is perfect for short-term trips, as it has an hourly rate of only $9.50, and you won’t even need to cover the price of gas.

Zipcar is a good choice for short outings, but Zipcar alternatives or other rental services should be more affordable if you’re interested in taking a long day trip, especially for 24 hours.

How much does Zipcar cost?

When signing up for a Zipcar membership, you will need to pay a $25 one-time application fee along with a membership fee of $7 every month.

You can also sign up for an occasional driving plan for a $70 annual fee.

The good news is you can cancel a Zipcar membership at any time, so feel free to try it out for yourself.

Can I use Zipcar for long trips?

You can rent a Zipcar for long trips as well.

You can reserve a car for up to 14 days.

However, it may not be the most cost-effective way to rent a car.

Zipcar is excellent for short trips and getting around town.

However, it will be too expensive when compared to the average car rental fee of other services.

For example, it will cost more than $3,000 for 14 days of a Zipcar rental rate versus only around $900 for a different rental company.

Zipcar does cover the costs of gas, so be aware that you might need to spend more on fuel.

Wrapping Up

When renting an automobile via the Zipcar platform, be aware that you’ll have specific Zipcar mileage limits of 180 free miles.

Otherwise, you can save money on a short trip of a few hours.

Take your friends on a short road trip and enjoy the day!

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