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Getaround can seem confusing and daunting at first glance, but it’s quite simple and user-friendly.

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about Getaround in 2023 below.

What Is Getaround?

Getaround is a car-sharing company owned by CEO Sam Zaid.

The company makes it easy and accessible to rent a car without dealing with car rental companies.

According to Getaround’s website, they are the world’s largest connected car-sharing marketplace.

So, if you’re looking to engage in car sharing, there is no greater place.

Getaround features a mobile app that users download and input information into to begin car-sharing.

The app automatically connects you with the appropriate resources near you.

How Does Getaround Work?

Those wishing to share the cars they own will download the Getaround app, enter their information, and list their vehicle for whatever hourly and daily rate.

Those wishing to utilize someone else’s car will also download the app, enter their information, and begin browsing the numerous listings of available cars and their prices.

Once you book the car, the pickup and drop-off time and location are set, and both parties are ready to receive what they need!

What Vehicles Can I rent With Getaround?

Cars, trucks, and vans are all available for rent.

So, if you need something large for a specific task, you can certainly find that.

When Is a Getaround Rental the Right Choice?

A Getaround rental is a right choice when you’re looking for something quick, easy, and convenient.

Getaround the right choice for everyone who needs quick access to a car for a set time.

How Much Does Getaround Cost?

Prices for renting a car from Getaround will vary greatly.

To help give you an idea of what your total cost will be like, consult the compiled list of fees below.

First and foremost, the owner of the car that you are sharing with will charge a set fee for a set time.

For example, when checking in the San Francisco Bay Area for a 24-hour car-sharing period, it is typical to see cars listed anywhere from $30 up to $200.

The owner-charged fees are generally cheaper if you look for dates far in advance and commit to increments of 24 hours rather than an hour or two.

Additionally, Getaround charges fees to maintain and upkeep their service platform.

The most significant is their 40 percent commission charge on all rides.

Where Is Getaround Available?

Getaround started in San Francisco, in the U.S., in 2009.

Since then, they’ve expanded to hundreds of metro areas around the United States.

Some of those cities are:

  • Washington D.C.
  • New York City
  • Brooklyn
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Phoenix, Tucson
  • Los Angeles

Getaround is available in many cities across the U.S., so check it out if your city has Getaround availability!

More recently, they expanded to Europe, as well.

Dozens of cities in six countries in Europe are now booming with Getaround availability.

The full list of countries where Getaround is available in Europe is as follows:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • The U.K.

Is Getaround Car Rental Safe?

In short, yes.

Getaround is safe for those looking to use a car and those looking to list their car.

Your driver’s license is input into the system before you can begin renting.

Getaround also processes all driving records beforehand.

This ensures safe drivers are using the cars.

Getaround also includes car insurance in each booking, saving both the driver and the renter the stress of not knowing what to do after an accident.

Additionally, Getaround collects data about driver violations, flagging those drivers who are unsafe, unreliable, and reckless.

This way, everyone using Getaround is safer knowing these people are not running rampant.

Pros and Cons of Renting a Car With Getaround

There are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing Getaround over a car rental company.

The lists of each are below.


  • Has a positive impact on the environment
  • Quick and simple
  • Safe, including insurance and driving record checks


  • Can often be more expensive
  • Higher possibility of dissatisfaction for both user and owner
  • Not available everywhere

What Is the Environmental Impact of Getaround?

Environmental impact is a massive point of interest for Getaround.

One of their main goals is sustainability.

Because more people can drive with fewer cars, Getaround does provide the potential to lighten up traffic on the roads and slow down the consumerism of automobiles.

Is Getaround a Good Car Rental Service?

Users generally provide mixed reviews on Getaround as a car-sharing service.

How you feel about this service will generally depend on what you’re looking for.

Because of the added fees with Getaround, it can sometimes cost more to rent a car on the app than to walk into a car rental company.

The general complaints are about the advertised prices increasing by check-out (due to fees).

Negative reviews are dwarfed by the overwhelming amount of positive reviews.

But the glowing, positive reviews talk frequently about the convenience, ease, and comfort of car-sharing.

Because you could book a car and have it ready for you in an hour or less, users usually find Getaround much more convenient than car rental companies.

The service provided by Getaround is undeniably good and useful.

If you’re looking for something easy and quick, Getaround will be your best friend.

If you’re looking to save as much money as possible, Getaround may not be your favorite option.

How To Sign Up for Getaround?

Signing up for Getaround is very easy.

You download their app and choose a method of signing up (Facebook, Google, etc.)

Once you’ve entered your basic information, you can begin searching for cars and using Getaround to its fullest capacity.

How To Create a Getaround Account

The link to the app on the Google Play store is here, and the link to the app in the Apple App Store is here.

Once you download the app and open it, you will get a prompt to input some personal information, and it’s as simple as that.

How To Select and Book a Rental on Getaround

It’s easy to select and book a rental on Getaround!

Once you log in to your setup account either on the app or online, you can browse available cars for the location and time you specify.

There are several filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve found a car that works for you and your requirements, you select it, which prompts you to input payment and driver information.

After that, you’re all set.

It’s that easy!

How To Pick Up Your Getaround Rental

Getaround uses your mobile device to unlock and lock cars so that no key hand-off is necessary.

So, you only have to arrive at the designated pickup spot, use your phone to unlock the vehicle, and then begin driving.

How To Return Your Getaround Rental

Returning the rental is much the same as picking it up.

You must leave it in a pre-designated area that is legal to park in for the next 24 hours.

You use your phone once again to lock the vehicle and end your trip.

How To Rent Your Car on Getaround

The link to begin listing your car for rent on Getaround is here.

vector image showing woman handing man car keys - how to rent out your car graphic

What Are the Requirements To Rent and Host With Getaround?

To list your car, Getaround requires the following:

  • 2007 or newer car
  • If the car is 10 years old or more, it needs an inspection
  • 200,000 miles or less
  • If the car has 125,000 to 200,000, it needs an inspection

To rent a car, Getaround requires the following:

  • Be at least 19 years or older
  • No major violations on driving record
  • No more than two violations or accidents in the past 3 years
  • If under 21 years old, must have no driving violations or accidents
  • International drivers must be 25 years or older

After you’ve determined that you and your car meet the Getaround minimum requirements, you can go to Getaround’s website and input your information.

Very shortly after you complete the form, a Getaround representative will get in contact with you on the next steps.

How Much Can I Earn Listing My Car on Getaround?

The amount of money you earn from listing your car depends on quite a few factors.

First, it depends on what fee you set.

Getaround hourly rates are typically between $6 and $10.

It also depends on how many hours a day or week you make the car available for rent.

Finally, it depends on how many people in your area are looking to rent cars.

You might be unable to book a car even if you see it listed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Getaround.

vector graphic showing a getaround customer service agent on the phone with a customer

Can I rent a car for Uber using Getaround?

Yes, you can rent a car for Uber using this platform.

Getaround and Uber are partners, allowing Uber drivers without a car to rent from Getaround.

Essentially, you pay the fee to rent the Getaround vehicle for however long, and then you drive for Uber and get paid.

Does Getaround have a mileage limit?

The mileage limit for all Getaround rentals is 20 miles for every rental hour, up to 200 miles per rental day.

If you exceed these limits, you will have to pay a fee for each additional mile.

What happens if my Getaround car breaks down?

Getaround provides 24/7 roadside assistance.

If you’ve found yourself broken down in a Getaround rental, help will come your way.

Do I need car insurance to use Getaround?

No, you do not need car insurance to use Getaround.

Because Getaround provides insurance to all of its users, you are already covered once you rent a car.

Does Getaround offer a referral program?

Yes! Getaround offers you a $200 promotional code if you refer someone to list their car and they successfully do so.

Wrapping Up

Getaround is a useful, convenient, and sustainable option for those looking for fast car rentals.

If you don’t have time for or don’t want to deal with public transport, it’s an alternative to consider.

It is generally well-loved by users and highly recommended.

Download their app today to begin renting or listing with Getaround!

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