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Ride-sharing is one of the most cost-effective transportation methods.

But if you frequent a ride-sharing service, costs add up.

Thankfully, there are services like Gett that help users save extra money on the job or a night out.

If you’re looking into using Gett instead of the alternatives and want to start bringing in significant savings, look no further!

We have the best referral incentives for Gett in 2023 below.

What Is Gett?

Gett is an Israeli technology platform founded in Tel Aviv in 2010 that specializes in Ground Transportation Management (GTM) for corporations.

They also serve individuals simply looking for a ride.

According to Gett’s website, more than a quarter of all Fortune 500 companies use their services, connecting with endless forms of ground transportation for employees.

They say that much like Zoom is the general go-to for corporate communication, Gett is gearing up to be the go-to for corporate GTM.

They pride themselves on safety and security, sustainability, convenience, and cost-efficiency.

Gett partners with other well-known, international companies like Lyft, Ola, and Cabify to keep riders on track and provide multiple options for customers.

Is Gett a Legitimate Company?

Yes, Gett is a legitimate company.

However, it’s not very mainstream, so you may not have heard of it before.

But according to many thousands of satisfied users, happy employees, and ambitious upper-level management, it’s a legitimate company and an excellent one.

You don’t have to worry about Gett being a scam or other shady dealing.

It is confirmed to be a legitimate company.

They send safe rides to thousands of users every day.

How Does It Work?

If you’re familiar with Uber or other transportation apps that take you from one location to another, you’ll likely find Gett quite user-friendly.

When you open the app, the Google Maps-linked map program will use your current location to input the first location of your ride.

Then, enter your desired destination, and Gett will send a ready and willing driver to pick you up.

You can pay in the app by connecting your debit or credit card (they currently accept American Express, Capital One, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and other major credit cards).

Gett will tell you the cost of the trip before you call the ride.

Once you receive a confirmation message, the set amount will withdraw from your linked card.

How Much Does Gett Cost?

Gett is like other ride apps in terms of pricing, meaning that the cost depends on many factors.

The price for one trip can depend on what time of day you call the car, how long the ride is in distance/time, and where in the world you’re located when you call for the ride.

When booking a Gett ride for a company’s ground transportation option, there may be a significant discount for many people traveling at once.

When using Gett as a person finding an alternative to Uber, Lyft, etc., the price for the same distance may be slightly more.

However, using referral codes, Gett is a very budget-friendly option for any traveler.

Gett Rewards and Bonuses

When a friend refers you to Gett (and you make an account using their referral code), you receive a £15 – approximately $20 USD – credit.

Gett offers up to £500 in referral rewards (aka free money) and bonuses for each account, depending on how many people you refer.

Any new user that enters your account referral code qualifies for the credit.

That equals about $650 USD.

The rewards are relatively easy to use and shareable with anyone who does not yet have a Gett account, so they’re a great way to keep your ride costs low.

What Is Available?

There is currently an option for both people to receive a reward when someone refers a friend to Gett.

As the referrer, you will receive £15 off your next ride, and your friend who used the app for the first time from your referral will also receive £15 off their next ride.

What’s the Sign Up Bonus on Gett?

There is no sign up bonus for Gett users who do not use a friend’s referral code.

However, if you can find a referral code, your first ride will have money off.

You will not receive any credit if no one enters your code.

Who Is Eligible to Earn the Sign up Bonus?

The referral code bonus is only for those who have never before used or made an account with the Gett app.

How to Sign Up for Gett?

To sign up for Gett, download the app from your app store.

Once it has finished downloading, you will open the app, and it will prompt you to fill in your personal information.

Next, it will ask you to enter the details of your credit or debit card before you start calling for rides.

You can also enter business credit card information.

Once your account is fully set up (it is also a good idea to add a picture of yourself), you can start calling drivers immediately.

How to Receive the Sign up Bonus?

Once you’re in the app, you will see a button with three horizontal bars on the left side of the app interface.

Tap on this button, and you will see a menu open up.

From the menu, select Coupon Code, and it will take you to a screen with a blank box for you to input the unique referral code that your friend has shared with you.

Once you enter the coupon code, it will tell you how much you received.

Sometimes the amount is up to £15, and sometimes it is less.

Sometimes it is split into smaller increments over a set number of trips.

So, for example, you’ll get £9 off your future three rides (so £3 off each of the three rides).

How Does Gett’s Refer-a-Friend Program Work?

If you send a friend your coupon code, they can download the app and use that referral to get money off.

Then, once they take their first ride, you also get money off your future rides.

The discount that you receive as a referrer will be sent to you as a welcome bonus after the friend rides with Gett for the first time.

What Is the Reward When You Refer Someone to Gett?

You receive the credit after someone applies it to their first ride.

After that, the reward may vary, but your reward for the referral should always be £15.

Are There Any Fees to Participate in the Referral Program?

No! It is entirely free to participate in the referral program.

You can even earn up to £500 off rides by referring multiple people.

It is also free for the friend to use the referral code you sent to them and begin using Gett.

They can also then start to send out their unique referral code and refer others for a bonus.

Where Can I Find My Gett Referral Link?

Your Gett referral link will show under the coupon code section after your first ride.

Your unique link will be available to all friends and colleagues who are new app users.

Once you copy the link, your friends only have to paste it into their Gett app for both of you to begin earning your money off.

What Are the Required Actions to Secure the Referral Rewards?

You must first download the Gett app, sign up with a bank account, and take a ride before you can receive a referral code.

Once you’ve done this, your code is ready and active.

Those on the receiving end of the codes must also download the Gett app, sign up with an account, and then input the referral code you shared with them into the app.

The referral rewards work like this continually until you reach £500 worth of earnings.

At that point, the referral rewards will no longer work for you.

Is This Program Valid Worldwide?

You do not have to be in any specific location to begin earning bonuses and sending or receiving referrals links-each to the areas where Gett services worldwide will work.

The program operates in many different countries, most notably and consistently in the U.K., Israel, Russia, and the U.S.

The referral program works from any of these locations.

In the U.S., Gett acquired another ride-sharing company called Juno, and it is still sometimes referred to by this name.

But Juno is no longer accurate as the company is now wholly a part of Gett.

Wrapping Up

Suppose you’re looking for an alternative to other ride-sharing apps or a regular taxi.

In that case, Gett is a great option with some amazing referral bonuses.

Companies love Gett because of its black car service and how well they can guarantee security, comfort, and convenience compared to other similar services.

Using the referral codes between you, your friends, or work associates will earn you a lot of money off your future rides.

So – take advantage of them!

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