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Hover-1 Scooter Won’t Turn On: 5 Causes & Solutions

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Hover-1 electric scooters are some of the most common beginners rides we have today.

While these e-scooters are mostly budget-friendly, the phrase that you get what you pay for seems to be so true with these. 

One of the most common issues with Hover-1 models is that they tend to work perfectly for some time but then fail to turn on at some point.

Do we blame their QC process for that? Do they use inferior battery cells?

We’ll know better right away. 

Let’s review the reasons why a Hover-1 scooter won’t turn on and the possible fixes you can use to troubleshoot the problems.

Most Common Reasons Why a Hover-1 Scooter Won’t Turn On

  • Dead Battery
  • Low Voltage
  • Damaged Power Button
  • Broken Solder Joints Around the Battery
  • Overheated Components

1. Dead Battery

If you have had your Hover-1 electric scooter for long, then chances are high that the battery life has deteriorated.

As you are perhaps aware, an e-scooter can’t turn on when the battery is dead. 

Electric scooter batteries have an average of 400 charging cycles, but some tend to die faster than the expected cycles. 

It may not necessarily be that the entire battery is dead, but it may be a case of dead battery cells. 

How to Fix a Dead Battery On a Hover-1 Electric Scooter

The first step at this point is to inspect if it’s a matter of a dead battery cell, several, or the entire battery.

This process is somewhat tedious and if you aren’t handy and equipped enough, you may need to visit the nearest electric scooter repair shop near you for a more thorough inspection. 

If you find that only a single battery cell or two are dead, then be sure to replace them and your Hover-1 electric scooter will turn on perfectly. 

However, if more than half of the battery cells are damaged or the entire battery is dead, then you will be left with no choice but to replace your scooter’s battery. 

Electric scooter batteries are the most expensive in these rides and as such, you may need to opt for a more efficient one than the stock one.

A branded battery such as the LG, Sony, Samsung, or Panasonic type will offer you the best, longest service. 

2. Low Voltage

The battery must have sufficient voltage for your electric scooter to turn on.

When it isn’t properly charged, then you can expect that the Hover-1 model won’t turn on. 

One of the reasons why the battery may be having insufficient voltage is that the charger could be faulty or the charging port could be damaged. 

How to Fix the Low Voltage Problem

Does your Hover-1 scooter charger stay green even after being sure that the battery is depleted?

Be sure to inspect if the charger is faulty. 

One of the ways you can test if the charger is working is by getting a multimeter and testing the output voltage of the charger.

If the charger’s output voltage is relatively higher than the scooter’s mentioned voltage, then know that the charger is fine and the issue could be with the charging port.

If the multimeter displays a charger’s voltage of less than the scooter’s capacity, then rest assured that you have a faulty charger and that’s why the battery is facing a low voltage problem.

To fix a low voltage problem emanating from a faulty charger, buy another original charger for your Hover-1 electric scooter. 

If your tests show that the charger is fine, then you may need to check the charging port. 

To test the charging port, connect a multimeter to the port and see if the voltage you get is similar to the battery. 

If it’s not, then the problem is with your charging port.

You can fix a charging port problem by ordering a new original charging port and replacing the old one. 

3. Damaged Power Button

It goes beyond mention that your Hover-1 electric scooter won’t turn on when the power button is broken or dead. 

It happens sometimes that an e-scooter’s power button may get damaged without any apparent reason.

Again, since the power button isn’t fully waterproof, it may be damaged owing to moisture. 

The other reason could be that there are damaged or disconnected connectors leading to the power button; thus, no power at all gets injected into the ignition component.

How to Fix a Damaged Power Button On a Hover-1 Scooter

The first step would be to check all the wires and connectors to ensure that there is no looseness.

As usual, when there are loose connectors or wires leading to the power button, then a Hover-1 e-scooter won’t turn on. 

If there is no sign of any loose connections, then it’s certain that the power button is damaged.

In that case, be sure to replace that very power button with a fitting one.

You can search around and see if you can get a better water-resistant one than the stock power button. 

4. Broken Solder Joints Around the Battery

Broken solder joints around the battery contribute a great percentage towards an electric scooter turning off while riding.

When the solder joints around the battery are broken, there happens to be a random disconnection of power; which is what causes power cutouts while riding. 

When the problem is left unattended for long, then you end up finding that an electric scooter won’t turn on regardless of how the other components are functioning properly. 

How to Fix Broken Solder Joints

If you are handy enough, be sure to open the deck of your Hover-1 e-scooter and keenly inspect all the solder joints around the battery.

The wires to keep an eye on the most are those connecting the battery to the controller. 

Ensuring that the solder joints around those wires are properly connected will make your Hover-1 scooter turn on as new. 

5. Overheated Components

Mostly around the summer season, electric scooters tend to overheat when left unattended under the sun. 

As a safety mechanism, some Hover-1 scooter models won’t turn on when the components are extremely hot. 

How to Fix the Overheating Problem

If you had kept your Hover-1 electric scooter under extreme temperatures, it’s ideal that you let it cool down before switching it on. 

As a rule of thumb, always ensure that your scooter is kept under the shade when it’s extremely hot. 

In Summary

There are several reasons why a Hover-1 scooter will fail to turn on. These include:

  • A dead battery
  • Low voltage
  • Damaged power button
  • Broken solder joints around the battery
  • Overheating

While these scooters have fairly great build quality, sometimes you will have troubles you have to troubleshoot to keep the rides switching on and running smoothly. 

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