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How DoorDash Assigns Orders to Customers

Learn how DoorDash assigns orders to customers. We'll cover the process of order assignment and what to expect while placing an order.

Key Takeaways

  • DoorDash does not allow customers to choose specific drivers for their orders.
  • Customers can use DoorDash’s pickup service to place orders without delivery fees.
  • DoorDash customer service can block a driver upon request for valid reasons.
  • Orders with low or no tips may not get picked up, affecting delivery success.

Can You Pick a Specific DoorDash Driver?

Unfortunately, DoorDash does not allow customers to choose a specific DoorDash driver.

Even if you have a positive experience with a driver, you probably won’t get the same driver again (unless you live in a very remote area with not a lot of drivers).

Rest assured, even though DoorDash doesn’t allow users to select drivers, the app has firm control over giving you the best service possible.

Since DoorDash assigns orders to those with higher ratings, the chances that you receive your order from an equally excellent Dasher are more than likely.

You never know. If you order from DoorDash a lot, you might cross paths with that same Dasher again.

Can You DoorDash Your Own Order?

Yes! With DoorDash’s new pickup service, you can place an order at your favorite restaurant through DoorDash and place the order for pickup.

This service allows you to cut down on a delivery fee and have all the conveniences of ordering through DoorDash without having to pay extra delivery fees or wait around for someone to drop your food off.

If you live close to the restaurant, you may want to consider placing your order through DoorDash pickup and dashing your order.

If you’re a Doordash driver and a customer and are considering ordering food just to try to pick it up on your app to get paid, it’s relatively unlikely that you’ll be assigned unless you live in a small town and close to the restaurant you picked.

Can You Block a DoorDash Driver?

Technically, you can’t outright block a DoorDash driver or stop them from bringing food to you again. However, if you have reasonable cause to be unhappy with your driver, you can reach out to customer care and block the driver for you.

There are several reasons why you can reach out to customer service to have them block the driver from delivering to you again. For example, if you have a rude or late driver, that is grounds to block a driver.

Troubleshooting: What Happens If No Dasher Picks Up My Order?

If no Dasher picks up your order, the chances are that you are putting on too low of a tip. Dashers can see the tip amount before they accept an order.

Since the rates for a Dasher are relatively low (and gas prices are so high), Dashers make most of their money through tips.

When a DoorDash customer excludes a tip, orders usually get bounced around from delivery worker to delivery worker until the app eventually cancels and refunds your order.

To increase the chances of your order getting picked up, try tipping more.

This tip is especially the case if you are ordering during peak times.

Since the Dashers have plenty of options, they probably won’t stop to take an order with a low or no tip since they know a bigger one is just around the corner.

1 thought on “How DoorDash Assigns Orders to Customers”

  1. Doesn’t this make it NOT a tip, and more of a Expedite Bid ? …. isn’t a tip ONLY for services renderED ? …. there needs to be a change in discussion and terminology — across all Independent Platform-supported Food Delivery Drivers … If I pre-Tip (Expedite Bid), and the Service was terrible, then I would not leave a post-Tip (actual Tip) … if I am not in a rush, and don’t pre-Tip (Expedite Bid = $0), and Drivers can see I have a history of above-average post-Tipping (actual Tipping) rates for average “stars” experience feedback … the Drivers might be more apt to not only pickup my order sooner, but also to do a spectacular job — to increase chances of getting my above average tipping. Meritocracy, not forced Bid’ocricy.


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