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Help, No One Is Picking Up My DoorDash Order

No one is picking up my DoorDash order! The complete breakdown for reasons why DoorDash Drivers aren’t picking up orders and steps you can take.

No one is picking up my DoorDash Order!

Over the last few years, technology advanced to make a convenient way to have food delivered through delivery apps.

Even though a simplified way to bring meals to your home exists, we are not free from trouble.

What do you do when the food is not delivered?

We all can agree how frustrating this can be when we’re hungry and have been waiting for longer than usual times.

On top of offering a convenient way to order food, DoorDash has made it just as easy to view your order status.

You can see where your food is on a map, view the route the dasher is driving, and get an estimated delivery time.

How to Check Your Order Status

No one is picking up my DoorDash order!

Where is my food?

You can start by viewing your order status.

You can view the status of your food through the app by using these steps:

  1. Open the DoorDash App through your device.
  2. Select the “Orders” icon. You can find this icon at the bottom of the screen. (Image of a torn receipt)
  3. Your recent and opened orders will appear on this screen. Find the order you are inquiring about and select “View Order.”
  4. You will see a status bar with several icons accompanied by a map with the location of the restaurant, you, and the DoorDasher. The icons on the status bar will indicate where your order is and provide the details of the delivery process.

How To Track The Status Of My Order DoorDash | Where is My Order – YouTube

Let’s break down the DoorDash icons on the order status bar:

The DoorDash Symbol: This icon represents the beginning of the DoorDash order.

It simply means that you have placed your order.

The Restaurant/Building Icon: This icon represents the restaurant’s status of your order.

The app will update you when they have received and accepted your order and are ready for pickup by a DoorDasher.

The Car/Vehicle Icon: This icon represents the status of your DoorDasher.

In this status, the app will notify you when your order is picked up by a driver, the restaurant and whether or not they are on their way to you.

The House/Home Icon: This icon represents you.

The last phase of the delivery process will indicate that your order is being delivered.

How Long Before DoorDash Cancels Orders?

Once a restaurant notifies DoorDash that an order is ready for pickup, DoorDash will wait 30 minutes for a driver to accept the pickup for delivery.

If no driver has accepted the order within this time frame, DoorDash will automatically cancel this order and update your status through the app and send you a text message to notify you of the status change.

Why No One is Picking Up My DoorDash?

When your order status remains on the Restaurant icon, it’s because no driver is picking up your DoorDash order.

Why does this even happen?

Depending on your location or the location of the restaurant, or the time of day your order was placed, it could simply be because there are no DoorDash drivers available or no driver is interested in picking it.

There are three major reasons why this could happen:


If you live outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, it is common to have little to no drivers in your area because it is less populated and further away from major restaurants.


If you are ordering too early or too late in the day, it could be a time when there are no active drivers.

Or, when you order during a rush hour, such as lunch or dinner, drivers become backed up with orders and are busy completing other orders first.

Low Tip

Another reason is that your tip may be too little.

Low tips are the most likely reason for a courier to avoid accepting an order.

DoorDash Drivers, like many delivery drivers, make their bread and butter from tips.

Not only do Dashers deliver your food, but they also cover the fuel expenses it takes to bring the food to your door.

Even though DoorDash may offer a base rate for each delivery, Dashers make most of their money through tips.

If your tip is too low, then it may not be worth their time or gas to make the trip.

There may be other orders available for pick up offering more incentive.

DoorDash Driver Cancels Order! Tells Customer The Pay Was Too Low! – YouTube

What To Do When No One Picks Up Your DoorDash Order?

There are a few actions you can take if your order isn’t being picked up.

Cancel Your Order

It can be frustrating to have to wait for long periods.

You have the option to cancel your order and reorder, or just cancel the order altogether.

However, you risk receiving only a partial refund.

Contact DoorDash

Sometimes, customer service offers better insight into the issue and will even apply a credit to your account.

Adjust Your Tip Amount

This can be done in a couple of different ways.

First, you can contact customer support and place a claim to increase/adjust the tip amount.

Or you can cancel your complete order through the app or customer support and reorder with an adjusted tip amount to increase the incentive for a courier to deliver your food.

Can You Pick Up DoorDash Orders Yourself?

Yes, you can pick up the order yourself.

You have the option to notify DoorDash through the app or through customer support.

Once the order has been picked up, DoorDash will reimburse the delivery fees to you.

How Does DoorDash Handle Orders That Weren’t Picked Up?

DoorDash will automatically cancel your order if no driver has picked up your order after some time has passed.

Once your food is complete and ready for pickup by a Dasher, DoorDash will wait 30 minutes before automatically canceling the order.

Once this happens, the app will notify you to make you aware of the change of order status.

DoorDash will give you the option to collect the order yourself or cancel the order.

If you cancel, you’ll be reimbursed in full. 

Wrapping Up

DoorDash is convenient but it still comes with human error.

So, if your food isn’t being picked up, just know you have options.

While you might be hungry, the most common reason your order may be getting ignored by a courier is that there may not be enough incentive for them to pick it up.

With gas prices on the rise, the base delivery fee isn’t enough to cover the time and expenses that come with the drive.

Don’t forget to tip your driver!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

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