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How Heavy Is A Hoverboard? Weigh Restrictions & Why They Matter

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Are you considering buying a hoverboard?

If so, one question you might ask yourself is, exactly how heavy is a hoverboard?

There are several types of hoverboards on the market.

They range in weight from 20 to 40 pounds, depending on their design, function, and size.

However, the average hoverboard weight is 25 pounds.

With so many options to consider, finding the correct hoverboard size and weight can be challenging.

See the writer brief below to discover all there is to know about hoverboards and find the perfect weight for your specific hoverboard needs.

Weight Basics of Choosing a Hoverboard

Finding a hoverboard that is suitable for all your needs can be overwhelming.

Besides the weight of the hoverboard, there are also several other factors to consider when choosing the perfect hoverboard, such as:

  • The age of the user
  • The purpose of the hoverboard
  • The speed of the hoverboard
  • Features offered
  • Materials used in product

Hoverboards contain heavy parts, which are necessary for their performance.

Therefore, finding a lightweight hoverboard is often challenging.

The lightest option in hoverboards is 20 pounds, which is tolerable for an adult to carry, but heavy for a child to lug around.

Several hoverboards come with a convenient carrying case with a handle to ease transport and the burden on children.

Lightweight hoverboards usually contain a smaller motor that is ideal for children.

However, a smaller engine also means that the hoverboard will move slower than a heavier model.

Similar to a scooter, hoverboards also come in several different styles and colors and offer a variety of features to consider, such as lights, sounds, and wheel size.

How Heavy Is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards range in weight from 20 to 40 pounds, depending on their model and features.

Hoverboard weight is a crucial factor to consider before purchasing a hoverboard.

Whether or not you will be using your hoverboard indoors or outdoors is a determining factor in the choice of hoverboard weight.

For indoor use, a lighter weight is gentler on your flooring and causes less damage.

A heavier model is the best solution if you plan on using your hoverboard for outdoor use.

Heavier models of hoverboards are ideal for riding on uneven terrain and up and down hills.

How Much Do Children’s Hoverboards Weigh?

If you are looking for a hoverboard suitable for a child, the average hoverboard weight is 20 pounds.

Hoverboards designed for children usually contain a smaller motor and move slower than heavier models.

20 pounds is an ideal hoverboard weight for children for several reasons, such as:

  • It is easier to carry around
  • It is a safer speed to prevent injury in children
  • A lighter weight will reduce damage to your floors

Is There a Minimum Weight for a Hoverboard?

To minimize injuries, most hoverboard manufacturers recommend that a rider weigh a minimum of 44 pounds to ride on a hoverboard safely. 

Children under five should not use a hoverboard because they lack the skills necessary to self-balance and can become injured on a hoverboard, especially a larger, fast-moving hoverboard.

However, a hoverboard is an excellent form of entertainment for children over 44 pounds and older than five years old.

Does Hoverboard Weight Affect Performance?

The answer to this question is yes, the weight of a hoverboard affects its performance.

A heavier hoverboard usually contains a bigger motor, which allows the hoverboard to move faster. A heavier hoverboard also has more power to climb hills and ride on rough terrain.

A lighter hoverboard contains a smaller motor ideal for indoor use and children riders. Larger adults should try a heavier one.

Why Are Some Hoverboards Heavier?

Hoverboards come in different sizes and weights for several reasons, including the following:

  • For Heavier Riders: An adult should choose a hoverboard that weighs more to ensure it can support their body weight. A child or small adult rider can choose a hoverboard that weighs less because they don’t have to worry as much about supporting their weight.
  • For Offroading: A heavier hoverboard is ideal for offroading because it usually has a larger motor, or several motors, making it more powerful to handle offroading and rough terrains.

Why Knowing a Hoverboard’s Weight is Important

You might ask yourself, why does the weight of the hoverboard matter?

Here are some reasons why weight matters:

You’ll Need to Carry It

When you carry your hoverboard, you’ll soon understand why weight is essential.

An adult can manage to transport a large hoverboard, but a child will have great difficulty carrying a 40-pound hoverboard.

Taking it On Trips

The weight of your hoverboard also matters if you plan to take it on a flight during your holidays.

Airlines have weight restrictions that passengers must follow.

Check with the airline you are traveling with to ensure they will allow the weight of your hoverboard on the plane.

What Factors Affect Hoverboard Weight?

Hoverboards come in a variety of styles and sizes.

The weight of a hoverboard is determined by several factors, like the following.

1. Materials Used

Plastic is the most popular material used in hoverboards.

There are several varieties of plastic, depending on the choice of the hoverboard.

Better quality plastics usually weigh more than low-cost alternatives.

2. Size and Design

Another factor that helps to determine the weight of a hoverboard is its size. Smaller hoverboards weigh less.

3. Wheels

Wheel sizes vary on hoverboards.

An adult hoverboard should have a wheel size of at least 6.5 inches to hold a body weight of 330 pounds or less.

A children’s hoverboard should have a wheel size of 4.5 inches to hold up to 120 pounds or less.

3. Battery Pack

There are several types of hoverboard chargers on the market.

Low-cost battery packs weigh less than higher-priced battery packs.

However, budget-priced chargers also have a lower lifespan than heavier, high-quality battery packs.

4. Features

Hoverboards come with several features to choose from.

One feature to consider is speed.

Faster speed requires a heavier board than lower-speed hoverboards.

5. Customization

When customizing your hoverboard, several features affect the weight, such as battery size, wheel size, material, and board style.

What Is the Heaviest Hoverboard?

Off-road hoverboards are the heaviest hoverboard on the market and can weigh up to 40 pounds, based on the manufacturer.

These hoverboards are built to handle between 300 to 440 pounds of weight, depending on the model of the board.

Can You Carry Your Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are heavy, weighing between 20 to 40 pounds.

Many models of hoverboards feature carrying cases with a handle, making them easier to carry.

Adults should be able to carry most hoverboards.

However, children may have more difficulty.  

What Is the Weight Limit for a Hoverboard?

The weight limit for a hoverboard varies.

Hoverboards designed for children usually feature a maximum weight capacity of 150 to 200 pounds, depending on the model.

Adult hoverboards have a maximum weight limit ranging from 200 to 400 pounds, depending on the model.

Before making a purchase, ensure that your chosen model can withstand your weight range.

What Is the Purpose of the Weight Limit?

There are several reasons why hoverboards have a weight limit, including the following.

  • Balance: The hoverboard’s ability to balance you as you use it relies on your weight. If you are over the weight of the weight limit that the manufacturers tested during the creation of the board, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to keep balance on the board.
  • Weight Support: The board has weight support up to a certain point. After that, there is no guarantee the board will be able to hold you.
  • Optimal Functioning: Boards function best within their weight limit. They may be slowed down by a more significant weight or even stop altogether.

What if You’re Over the Recommended Weight Limit?

Choosing a hoverboard that supports your weight limit is crucial for the following reasons.

May Not Operate at Maximum Capacity

Your hoverboard may not work or will go slower if you are over the weight limit to ride.

You can purchase a plus-size hoverboard or stronger motor to assist in this.

Risking Damage and Danger

If you are not at the weight capacity for your board, you can get into accidents or potentially hurt yourself if the board stops mid-journey.

What Size Hoverboard Should You Buy?

Choosing the right size hoverboard depends on several factors, including the following:

  • The size and weight of the rider
  • The purpose of using the hoverboard
  • The desired features of the hoverboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about hoverboards?

Here are some more frequently asked questions and answers that might be beneficial.

Can fat people ride hoverboards?

Yes, large people can ride hoverboards as long as they buy a model that supports their weight.

How much does a Segway weigh?

A Segway hoverboard weighs roughly 30 pounds, depending on the model of the hoverboard.

Wrapping Up

There are several factors to consider when choosing the weight of a hoverboard, such as the age and weight of the rider, desired features, and the purpose of the hoverboard.

Purchasing a hoverboard of the correct weight is beneficial for optimum power, maximizing the life span of the hoverboard, and increasing your safety.

Check out Amazon Prime for free two-day delivery and a great selection of hoverboards.

If you have questions or comments not covered in our article, please feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below.

We would love to hear from you.

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