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How to Deliver Packages for Amazon as an Amazon Flex Driver

Do you want to deliver packages for Amazon, but you're unsure of what to expect? Learn how to deliver packages for Amazon using Amazon Flex.

Do you want to deliver packages for Amazon, but you’re unsure of what to expect?

You’ll get the freedom to arrange your schedule exactly as you want, earn extra money, and still enjoy life.

Think of this guide as a sort of introduction to Amazon Flex. Learn how the job works, what types of deliveries you’ll make, driver requirements, what to expect, how to become a driver, and tips for using the Amazon Flex app.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

How Amazon Flex Works

Amazon Flex outsources delivery services by hiring gig workers to deliver packages using their own cars.

Duties of an Amazon Flex driver include:

  • Packages: Flex drivers must pick up packages from a delivery station and deliver them to customers. All work has to be done within a period—typically three to six-hour blocks.
  • Amazon Fresh and Prime Now: Household goods are gathered from a delivery station for Amazon; this is done in two to four-hour blocks.
  • Store orders: Tasked with picking up items from local stores, performed in two to four-hour blocks.
  • Instant offers: This service is available in limited areas; deliveries begin near the current location and continue for 15 to 45 minutes.

Amazon Flex drivers have the freedom to schedule their work blocks by self-assigning and choosing for themselves.

Furthermore, the company will send blocks to you according to the availability you disclosed in the app.

You can take on “instant offers” outside of your conventional shift.

Instant offers are deliveries that appear in conjunction with your typical block hours; this is a perfect way to make additional cash by taking advantage of more deliveries.

Amazon Prime or Amazon Logistics?

Here are the two most popular types of Amazon Flex delivery opportunities:

vector graphic showing an amazon flex driver wearing an amazon flex vest and holding a package in a city

Amazon Logistics

Amazon Flex employees are usually assigned to Amazon Logistics.

Amazon Logistics consists of traditional Amazon packages and Amazon Prime packages packaged inside boxes.

When assigned to deliver AMZL, you complete deliveries for the regular two-day and same-day shipping options.

In this version of Flex deliveries:

  • Although the available blocks can vary in length, typically, they are three to six-hour blocks.
  • You will make deliveries anywhere from 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • There’s the possibility of either procuring many packages nearby or a smaller number of packages far away from the distribution center.
  • A computer determines the duration and volume of your deliveries.
  • Too many late deliveries can be a cause for termination.

As an Amazon Logistics delivery service partner, you are likely to perform more than 20–50 deliveries, anywhere between 30–70 packages.

Moreover, the boxes may vary in size; in most instances, an average car will suffice, but there may be instances where a larger vehicle with more room will be needed.

The overwhelming majority of the delivery blocks occur in the daytime; consequently, many customers will not be home for delivery.

If you have an inclination that the package is in danger of theft, it is up to you to take the proper precautions to ensure that the package is delivered safely.

Alternatively, there is an option to deliver the package to the back door, but this is only advised when it can be accessed easily.

If for whatever reason, you believe that the package won’t be safe, you have to deliver the package back to the distribution center at the end of your route.

Once your route is complete, you can either choose to select another block or decide to rest and carry out the rest of your day as you see fit.

It’s understood that Amazon Logistics drivers do not receive tips regularly; however, there are instances where customers may want to tip you in person—this is a rare situation—otherwise, drivers do not take time.

After signing up for Amazon Logistics, you will be assigned to a local warehouse; this will be where you retrieve packages and receive the route needed to make your deliveries.

Although every warehouse has a unique schedule, most of them will have some blocks available both in the morning and the afternoon.

Even though it’s likely that you’ll make more money doing just one block with the Flex program due to the tipping options, blocks happen to be much easier to pick up with Logistics.

If you are looking to do the Flex program on a full-time basis, you should sign up with Logistics instead, as the Flex blocks aren’t as available as Logitech blocks.

However, if you live in a bustling city with heavy traffic, delivering 50 packages and making 20–50 stops a day is virtually impossible to pull off, you may not want to drive for Amazon Logistics.

Pros of Amazon Logistics:

  • More blocks available for pickup
  • Best full-time option

Cons of Amazon Logistics:

  • You rarely receive tips.
  • You might need a bigger vehicle.
  • Not great for busy cities where it’s hard to deliver packages.

Amazon Prime Now

Prime Now is a delivery service defined by the incredible speed that Amazon provides:

  • Members of Amazon Prime can ask for delivery without one hour for an additional fee or within a two-hour block later in the day.
  • The availability of blocks is based on demand.
  • There’s much competition to try and get these kinds of blocks.
  • These deliveries are very time-sensitive, and if you are late too many times, it’s a cause for termination.

Flex drivers who choose to perform a Prime Now delivery will go to the distribution center, where they will route based on a one to two-hour time frame to complete a delivery.

Keep in mind that these deliveries are usually farther apart than Logistics deliveries in comparison.

As a result, it’s not unusual for a driver to drive over 100 miles to complete a two-hour block of deliveries and then return to the distribution center for more orders.

Moreover, Prime Now packages also include alcohol and perishable deliveries; these deliveries require a person to be there in person to receive the package.

Packages such as these are placed in disposable insulated bags for delivery; furthermore, they’re likely to have an ice pack to keep the contents cooler.

If the package is alcohol, the driver is required to check for identification.

This alcohol delivery service is available only in specific markets, but the service could increase due to a rise in demand.

One glaring difference when delivering for Prime Now when compared to the other services is that if you have more than half an hour left in your block time, there’s a chance that you can be ordered to return to the distribution center to receive an additional route.

Prime Now Drivers regularly receive tips, and they keep 100% of their tips and the hourly rate that they are paid.

The tips are auto-filled by Amazon; this happens at the time of purchase, and the customer retains the option to change the amount up to 24 hours after the package is delivered.

Since customers choose the delivery time, deliveries mostly take place when a customer is at home.

Consequently, Prime Now packages are rarely stolen.

However, if you think a parcel is in danger of theft, deliver the package to the distribution center.

Pros of Amazon Prime Now:

  • You may make more money thanks to tipping
  • Stolen packages are less likely

Cons of Amazon Prime Now:

  • Blocks are harder to get
  • Deliveries are farther apart
  • You might have to do another route if you have over 30 minutes left on your block

Requirements for Amazon Delivery Drivers

vector graphic showing a hand holding a clipboard and a driver in the background to show getting evaluated for amazon flex requirements

Be sure that you have the physical strength to carry packages of different sizes to and from your vehicle before you apply.

If you pass all of the other requirements, but you’re unable to lift standard packages, you won’t be able to keep your job with Amazon Flex.

Additionally, you’ll have to be able to carry them even when it’s snowing, heavy rain, or icy roads.

The physical component is an aspect to keep in mind since you’ll constantly be toting around packages that vary in weight.

If you don’t have any problems with moderate-to-heavy lifting, you can check in the boxes for the other requirements if you want to deliver packages for Amazon.


  • You have to live in a city where Amazon Flex is active
  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You have to possess a valid social security number
  • You have to pass the background check
  • You must own a smartphone that can download the Amazon Flex app (minimum Android 6.0 or iPhone 6S with an iOS 13 or newer version)
  • Your vehicle must be large enough to accommodate the delivery loads

Amazon Flex doesn’t require that you have a year of driving experience in addition to a valid driver’s license like Lyft, Uber, and some other ride-sharing companies.

You’re good to go as long as you have a valid license.

The vehicle requirements to deliver for Amazon depend on the type of deliveries you have to make.

If you’re making deliveries for Amazon Prime Now, you’re allowed to use any vehicle you want, no matter the condition, as long as you can safely complete the delivery routes.

Some cities will also permit bicycle deliveries.  

Additionally, you can use a borrowed or rented car for a place like Maven or HyreCar if you have the proper insurance, permits, registration, and licensing.

What to Expect

Amazon is an excellent job if you’re trying to earn money on the side doing something that isn’t overly difficult.

Having the luxury to choose your schedule is helpful for students and others that may want to supplement their income.

Another positive about Amazon Flex is that it’s easy.

You don’t have to have extraordinary customer service skills as you would for a position with DoorDash or Uber, where you’re constantly talking with people.

You’ll need to have basic communication skills and standard customer service when delivering a package if the person is home.

Generally, a simple, “Here’s your package, have a great day!” will suffice.

A drawback to working for Amazon Flex is that your blocks are not guaranteed from day to day.

If you combine this job with other side hustles that can help you earn extra cash here and there, it’s a good option for when you have spare time to ride around.

You will typically make $18-$25 per hour, so that’s a massive upside to working for this company.

According to current drivers, if you decide to do this job full-time, be realistic with your expectations, understanding that you won’t be making a lot of money per week.

You don’t have the choice to switch your app on and have shifts waiting; you’re competing with pools of other drivers vying for the same blocks in your area.

Essentially, this is a part-time, not full-time job.

How Much Money Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

vector graphic showing various elements of amazon flex payment, including a driver jumping because he just got paid

Though higher in certain regions, the base pay rate per hour is $18 if employed at Amazon Flex.

It can get as high as $25, depending on how difficult the delivery route is for the driver.

Additional factors that might cause your payment to be higher are inclement weather conditions, high demand, and holiday blocks.

You also have a chance to earn tips if you deliver for Amazon Prime Now.

The average annual wage for an Amazon Flex driver is $39,002.

The top earners make around $50,500, while the less active workers earn $31,000.

You’ll be able to get by on your earnings from Amazon, depending on your lifestyle and where you live.

In a city like NYC, you may not make enough to consider it a livable wage, but if you were somewhere where the cost of living was lower, you could fare well if you picked up as many blocks as possible.

The hourly rate is higher than the minimum wage in the United States and more than what similar delivery service jobs pay.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to factor in expenses like gas, insurance, and possible car repairs when you do the math to determine if the job is worth it to become an independent contractor.

How to Become an Amazon Delivery Driver

To deliver packages for Amazon, you must follow these steps:

1. Download the Amazon Flex App

Go to the Apple store or the Google Play store to download the Amazon Flex app on your smartphone.

You could also go to their official website and click “Let’s Drive.”

It will allow you to download the app manually from your browser.

2. Sign-In/Create an Account

After the app is on your phone, you may sign in to your current Amazon account or opt to create a new account.

If you’re making a new account, provide your email address, name, and a secure password.

2. Enable App Permissions

Once you have signed in or created an account, the app will ask you to grant permissions related to the mobile device.

Before you can continue, you have to allow your camera and GPS access.

3. Questionnaire

You’ll proceed to answer quick questions such as when you’re available to work, your zip code, the type of vehicle you have, and so on.

Amazon Flex uses your answers to these questions to assign you to a specific area and position that suits you best.

4. Background Check

There are also questions related to your education background, work history, any criminal convictions, etc., so they can perform a background check.

5. Additional Documentation

At this point, you’ll enter your payment information and banking details.

The bank info is for direct deposit setup, and you have to complete a few tax forms accurately.

6. Watch Videos

While you’re waiting to hear back from the company, seize the opportunity to watch training videos to familiarize yourself with how things work.

After you’ve been informed and received an offer to work, you can start reserving blocks, delivering packages, and earning extra cash.

Tips for Using the Amazon Flex App

Here are a few tips to help you stay afloat when using the Amazon Flex app:

  • Get a reliable smartphone with upgraded software so that you don’t have to worry about it crashing during your shift.
  • Be sure that you keep your phone charged since you’ll constantly be working from it.
  • Invest in a car charger so that your phone doesn’t die while en route.
  • Purchase a car mount for safety purposes to see the directions while driving without looking down.
  • Be strategic and accept blocks that fit seamlessly into your schedule  
  • Remember to use the app to view new shifts
  • Check your routes
  • Keep the app updated

Final Word

Based on current and previous drivers for Amazon Flex, it’s worth it to join the team if you understand that you won’t make a ton of money or work a lot of hours.

This delivery service is pretty new and has not become available in all 50 states yet, so it’s not the most lucrative or readily accessible gig.

Aside from that, it’s still something to keep an eye on because it’ll likely continue to expand, and knowing how it works ahead of time will be helpful if it becomes available in your city.

Go to their site to check the job postings where Amazon Flex is currently hiring, and download the app today to get started!

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