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How To Get More Postmates Deliveries In 2023

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Are you a part of the Postmates Fleet and looking to get more work?

Are you interested in learning how to get more Postmates deliveries to make some extra money?

If so, this guide is the right one for you!

Here, we will outline the Postmates delivery service and the different types of items you can have delivered.

You’ll also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of working as a Postmates courier.

Further, you’ll find out about the average amount of money you can make as a Postmates delivery driver as well as how to get more Postmates deliveries.

Does Postmates Only Deliver Food?

Postmates can deliver both restaurant take-out food as well as groceries.

Also, you can order items from pharmacies, appliance shops, and liquor stores.

For example, if customers prefer someone else to pick up their medicine because they’re not feeling well enough to go out, then they can use a Postmates courier.

Customers can even get someone to deliver cameras, electronics, or other equipment.

How to Get More Postmates Deliveries

Do you want to learn how to get more Postmates deliveries?

If so, you can pick the best times to deliver, auto-accept deliveries through the app, and use incentives like Blitz pricing.

You should also consider stacking your orders and boosting your customer service skills.

Even a bright smile and a friendly ‘hello’ can make customers more likely to give you a good tip.

vector graphic showing smartphones and on the screen methods on how to get more postmates deliveries

Drive During Peak Hours

Try to drive for Postmates during their peak hours.

This usually entails delivering take-out and groceries when people need them the most.

What times are most busy in your area?

Peak hours are usually around lunchtime and dinnertime.

You should try anytime from 5 PM to 9 PM if you’re trying to catch those dinner hours.

You can even get Blitz bonuses when delivering during those busy peak hours.

What Are the Best Times to Make Deliveries?

You will find that some of the best times to make deliveries through Postmates are from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM as well as 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Usually, people look to have groceries delivered in the late mornings and people make restaurant orders around noon and in the evening.

Auto-Accept Deliveries

The auto-accept feature on the Postmates Fleet app can streamline the entire process of accepting delivery orders.

This allows you to quickly add deliveries to your driving route automatically.

As such, you’ll get more deliveries as part of your schedule, which will allow you to earn more money.

The orders should all take place in nearby locations with restaurant orders from the same place or close by.

Take Advantage of Blitz Pricing

When you are already driving and delivering items during peak hours, you can also benefit from Blitz bonus pricing.

When you get to take advantage of Blitz pricing, your delivery fee is doubled.

This can greatly improve your earnings.

Blitz pricing is usually in place during peak hours, which is in the late morning, early afternoon, and evenings.

Enjoy the bonuses!

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Stacking Deliveries

Stacking deliveries is all about accepting more than one delivery at a time.

You can pick up deliveries in the same area and complete a few per hour.

For example, often, multiple take-out orders may show up in Postmates from the same restaurant.

By picking up several orders from this restaurant, you’ll take part in stacking deliveries.

This will help boost your earnings.

What Does It Mean to Stack Your Deliveries?

Essentially, when stacking deliveries, you can choose to add multiple orders to deliver before you complete the original delivery.

You need to understand that Postmates requires you to complete each order in a specific fashion when you stack your deliveries.

This means delivering the first order you picked up before the second and third one.

Improve Customer Service Skills

You should also look to boost your customer service skills so that you can get more tips your way.

For example, you can let your customers know by messaging through the app that the cooks are still completing the take-out order.

Also, when delivering the items, act friendly and smile.

Say a kind phrase like “Have a nice day!” when handing over the order.

Great customer service skills can help you get a rise in tips.

Familiarize With Popular Postmates Locations  

Another great way for you to get more Postmates deliveries this year is to familiarize yourself with some of the most popular Postmates locations.

Set up your Postmates app to include those locations, so that you can always deliver food and other items in those popular areas.

Popular spots tend to include the best restaurants, downtown areas, and bustling cities with large populations.

Driving for Postmates

It’s relatively easy to go through the Postmates driver sign up process and become one of the many who perform food delivery and transport other items to customers’ homes.

This job is similar to others in the gig economy, as you can pick your own hours and set up the schedule you want.

Actually, gig workers for Postmates don’t even need to meet a minimum number of hours delivering food and other products.

Delivery drivers working for Postmates are independent contractors and are not employed as full-time workers through the company.

You won’t need any higher education for this job.

vector graphic showing a man getting evaluated for the postmates driver requirements that every driver must meet to drive for the service

How Much Money Do Postmates Drivers Make?

Delivering for Postmates can make you a good amount of extra money.

According to one reviewer, you can make anywhere from $8 to $12 per hour delivering food or other items through the Postmates delivery app.

On average, this particular driver made an average of $9.50 per hour after 10 hours of work.

However, Postmates CEO Bastian Lehman has stated that couriers who deliver during the most in-demand hours can make as much as $19 per hour on average.

It greatly differs how much Postmates earnings couriers can make depending on the location they live and work in.

Often, drivers can make anywhere from $12 to $15 or $16 per hour, especially when delivering during peak hours.

How Many Deliveries Do Postmates Drivers Make per Shift?

You can make as many deliveries as you prefer when working as a Postmates driver.

There is no minimum or maximum number of deliveries drivers need to meet.

However, if you can take on 25 or more deliveries per month, then you can get a subscription to Postmates Unlimited.

You can also get the PerkSpot benefits if you deliver at least 10 deliveries in one week.

On average, delivery drivers working through the Postmates platform tend to complete two or three deliveries per hour.

Wrapping Up

This overview should have provided plenty of information to help you get more Postmates deliveries over the next year.

Make sure to pick the busiest hours to work, find Blitz pricing offers, and auto-accept orders.

Before you know it, you’ll make great money on the side and have the chance to make your own schedule.

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