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Is Instacart Down? How to Find Out Right Now

It can be a pain when you get the error that indicates Instacart down. Here is why this happens, how to troubleshoot errors with Instacart, and how to fix it.

Instacart is a flexible platform for full-service shoppers and customers alike.

However, its reliance on the internet means it can go down a lot.

So, why is Instacart down, and can you do anything about it?

Whether you’re a personal shopper or a customer, you need to know the app will work when using it.

Then, you can place or fulfill orders successfully.

Read on to learn why Instacart may be down and how you can try to get it back up.

Common Instacart Errors

Some of the most common Instacart errors may cause Instacart to go down for you and not anyone else.

The two main reasons for Instacart going down are:

  1. You need to update the app
  2. You don’t have an internet connection

Fortunately, both of these issues are easy to solve.

If you don’t have an internet connection, you will need to get that with WiFi or a cell network.

After doing so, you can make sure Instacart’s platform is up to date on your device.

Sometimes, bugs can happen, but updates can fix those problems.

Go to the Apple store or Android Play Store to see if there are any updates available.

If you’re a customer, you might also need to change your payment method.

Instacart can give error code 1369a.

When that pops up, all you need to do is change your payment information and place your order for groceries again.

Ways to Troubleshoot on Your Own

How you’ll troubleshoot Instacart errors depends on the issue at hand.

Aside from checking your internet connection and updating your app, you can do a few things.

1. Restart Instacart

First, you may want to restart your phone, especially if other apps are having issues.

You might also need to update the iOS or Android software.

After resetting or updating the phone, tap the Instacart shopper app to see if it works.

2. Check Your Mobile Browser

If that still doesn’t work, you can try accessing Instacart or another website in your mobile browser.

Clear your cookies in your browser as well.

Then, you can confirm the problem isn’t with your device.

3. Physically Move to Better Connection

Shoppers may also need to physically move to a different area to access the internet.

If your signal isn’t powerful, you might have issues doing anything on your phone.

How to Confirm Instacart Is Down

image showing the app of instacart down

If you’re having problems with the Instacart app, you can check the server status of either the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device.

You can also look at the server status of the Instacart website if you can’t access it.

Tools like Down Detector can show you if a website or server isn’t working.

You can look at the Instacart page to see its history over the past 24 hours.

The same is true of the servers for both iOS and Android.

Another option is to look at an outage map.

There, you can see what issues are the most common.

The map will give you an idea of whether you’re the only one having problems or not.

The last option is to ask yourself if other delivery apps are down.

For example, is DoorDash down?

If you check the other apps and are seeing that those are, then you likely have a bigger issue to address, such as internet connection or your cell network.

What to Do If Instacart Is Down

If Instacart is down, it can be annoying at best and stressful at worst.

An outage can keep you from making money as an Instacart shopper.

It can also keep you from ordering essential groceries.

Here are a few things to try if you need to place or fulfill orders when Instacart has issues.

1. Wait It Out

If possible, you can wait until Instacart comes back up before you take or place orders.

Then, you’ll have a stable connection to the app, and you can complete the order process.

Independent contractors at Instacart have the benefit of changing their schedules as necessary.

So don’t be afraid to take advantage of that if you can’t use the platform.

As a customer, you can also place your order later when the app works again.

Doing this should work unless you wait until the last minute to order food for the next few days.

2. Change Locations

For those who work for Instacart as a personal shopper, you may be in a location that doesn’t offer a good signal.

Select retailer locations may offer fantastic WiFi that store shoppers can use when on-site.

Once you finish an order, you can return to that location to wait for your next one.

However, some retailers don’t have WiFi, and you might have a poor cell signal.

In that case, you may decide to move to a different location.

Perhaps you choose to hang out at home where you have WiFi.

Of course, you want to stay fairly central in your district to improve your response time.

You may not want to do this step if it means not accessing Instacart at all.

3. Contact Instacart

You may also want to email or call Instacart to report the problem.

When doing this, Instacart can collect issue reports from you and anyone else who may experience the same thing.

The more people that report the issue, the more Instacart will know it’s a problem.

Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about it happening a ton in the coming months.

4. Use an Alternative

You may need to switch to another platform to make money or order food if worst comes to worst.

You can use other platforms, such as DoorDash or Postmates, to order a quick meal.

Some grocery stores such as Walmart also offer grocery delivery in some areas.

If transportation to the store is an issue, you may also want to call an Uber.

With an Uber, you can go to Aldi, Kroger, or any other grocery store yourself.

That way, you won’t have to wait on grocery delivery to get the food you need.

A final option that you could try is grocery pickup.

This service allows you to order your groceries online through the grocery store’s website or an app like Uber Eats and pick up the food in your car at a predetermined time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have questions about Instacart going down, so here are a couple of common queries.

What should I do if the Instacart app goes down when I’m shopping for an order?

First, try to restart your device and internet connection.

If your device isn’t the issue, you should contact Instacart customer service as soon as possible.

Log into your account on the Instacart website to get the contact information.

Why does Instacart go down so often?

Instacart can go down if you need to update the app or if you don’t have a consistent internet connection.

As demand for the app grows, more people may use it at once, overloading the app’s servers.

Making Instacart Work

Whether you’re looking to start a shift or order groceries, you should know whether or not the app will work.

The app can go down for many reasons, and it’s not always the same problem.

Consider updating your app and device regularly.

Make sure you have a good cellular connection so that you can access the app when shopping.

In doing so, you can have an excellent Instacart experience as a shopper or customer.

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