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Instacart Referral Code: Profit From This Referral Program

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Have you enjoyed driving and shopping for Instacart? Do you know someone who would benefit from it? Consider sending them your Instacart referral code. Then, you both can make some extra cash from the platform and you don’t have to do a ton of extra work.

What Is an Instacart Referral Code?

An Instacart referral code can refer to a code for Instacart shoppers or customers. If you’re a driver, you can refer a friend with your driver referral code. The new driver will have to sign up and complete more than their first delivery before you both get the referral bonus. If your referral doesn’t complete enough deliveries in their first month, you won’t get referral bonuses. So make sure that whoever you give your shopper referral code will be an active shopper. You can also use your Instacart promo code if you know someone who needs a grocery delivery service. That way, you can make extra money even if you don’t know anyone looking to become Instacart shoppers.

How Much Are Instacart Referral Codes Worth?

You can make up to $750 by referring a new Instacart shopper. The referral bonus amounts may depend on where you live. Some places may offer more money if they need more shoppers and have enough batches for current and new independent contractors. If you live somewhere with plenty of drivers, you may not get as big of a bonus. Your referral may also need to complete more batches in one area than if you lived somewhere else. After you give someone your referral code, they have 45 days to do their first delivery. Then, they have to complete the number of deliveries your account says within a month. Otherwise, that particular referral won’t be worth anything for you or your friend. However, you can share your referral code with as many drivers as you want. As long as all of them complete the minimum number of batches, you can make a lot from the Instacart referral program.

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Customer Referral Codes

When it comes to referring someone who needs grocery deliveries, you can get a $10 credit. You can get up to $50 total, but you and whoever you refer will get $10 to spend on the Instacart platform. Unfortunately, you can only get paid to refer up to five friends. Even if you know dozens of potential customers, $50 is the maximum amount you can make.

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How Do Instacart Referral Codes Work?

When using the driver referral code, make sure whoever you refer is serious. Then, you can make sure they will make enough deliveries so that you’ll both make extra cash. After your friend makes enough deliveries, you’ll need to wait another week until your bonus payment. You can go into your earning section and look at your referral history to see how much each bonus gets you. Before you start asking people to join Instacart, you need to meet some of your own requirements. Eligibility for the code includes being in good standing and have:
  • Completed 40 hours of Instacart delivery service
  • To be an active shopper (working regularly)
  • A high shopper rating
  • Few or no complaints/issues
As long as you qualify for an Instacart driver referral code, you can give it to people. But if your area doesn’t have that many batches, it can be hard to get the bonus. New drivers may need to take as many shifts as possible if the area is competitive. Once you qualify for a referral code, you can log into your Instacart shopper app and sign in to your Shopper account. Then, go to the left-hand menu and select “Referrals.” Next, tap on “refer a shopper.” Here, you’ll get your referral code that you can then share with others. You can send a screenshot of the code or copy and paste it into a text message. That way, your friend can download the app and use the code to create their account. Your referee will need to pass an Instacart background check before they complete their first order. Then, they can sign up for shifts and accept orders in the app for both of you to receive the bonus.

Where to Get an Active Instacart Referral Code

The best way to get an Instacart referral code is by asking friends and family members for their code. As previously mentioned, new applicants aren’t always guaranteed any bonuses, but many current drivers are more than willing to give you a cut of their earnings. After all, the new drivers are the ones doing the bulk of the work, while referrers are just getting free money. If you don’t personally know an Instacart Shopper, you can also browse this helpful Reddit thread for a list of active codes, including some users who are offering a cut of their earnings. If you take this route, make sure to be cautious about what personal information you’re giving your referrer when they offer to send money to you. Of course, if you’re planning to sign up regardless of bonus earnings, you can always just do a Google search for Instacart referral codes to ensure someone gets extra money, even if it doesn’t benefit you. Here are a few referral codes and links we found just by browsing search results: If you want to earn extra money for yourself, without relying on a referrer to share their earnings with you, there are many cash back platforms that will actually pay you to sign up as an Instacart driver with their links.

How to Claim an Instacart Referral Code

Once you meet the qualifications for an Instacart shopper referral code, you can claim your code. Then, you can give the unique number to as many people as you want. No matter how you send someone your referral code, they can sign up in a couple of ways. If you want to increase signups, consider including the steps with your code. Then, people won’t have to worry about how to join. Consider how others can claim your Instacart referral code. Then, you can start making money from more than being a full service shopper.

1. Using the Website

If you have a laptop or desktop, you can create your account on the Instacart website to get your code. Using your browser of choice, navigate to, then do the following:
  • Input your name, email, and other required information
  • Complete each page of the form
  • Grab the referral code someone sent you and enter it on the last page
  • Click “Continue”
  • Add your mobile phone number
  • Check your phone for texts with a link to download the app
If you want to refer someone, make sure to give them the code before they join. They won’t be able to add your code after the signup process, even while they wait on the results of their background check.

2. Using Your Mobile Phone

Going straight to the Instacart app is another great way to sign up as a shopper. Make sure you use your phone and that you have a good data connection. That way, you’ll be able to handle orders without using WiFi.
  • Download the Instacart app
  • Open the app and select “Getting Started”
  • Sign up with your Google or Facebook account, or enter your email address
  • Complete the signup steps on the screen
  • Make sure you have a referral code on hand and paste it when the screen prompts you to
  • Tap on “Continue”
  • Add your email and create a password
  • Enter your zip code to access local stores
Once you sign up, you can explore the app. Then, you can request a background check, and you can start shopping when the check comes back.

Profit by Sharing Your Referral Code With Potential Shoppers

vector graphics showing people carrying boxes around that have the words "instacart referral code" on them Grocery delivery can be an excellent way to make money in the gig economy. Whether you want to make it your full-time gig or do it on the side, you can make a decent income. Once you get the hang of shopping, using your shopper referral code can help you increase your earnings. If you can recruit enough active shoppers, you may make just as much from referrals as shopping. But you may still have a few questions as to how Instacart referrals work. Here are a few common questions and their answers. How Much Can I Make? The amount you can make from referring new shoppers depends on many factors, including:
  • Your location
  • The requirements in your area
  • How many successful referrals you make
Different cities may require new drivers to complete more orders. Some cities also pay more per referral bonus, so it can be hard to predict your income. Of course, referring more people can increase your earnings. They need to complete enough deliveries, but the more people you refer, the greater your chances of making more money. If you also want to refer customers, you can make up to $50. It’s not much, but it can be a nice boost to your paycheck. Where Do I Find My Instacart Referral Code? You can find your Instacart referral code in your Shopper app. Go to the menu on the left side of the screen and tap where it says “Referrals.” In the app, you can also click on the menu and tap “Invite friends” to become customers. You can also find contacts, or you can find and share your referral link. If you want to refer customers, you can also go to the Instacart website. Go to the menu on the left side and click on “invite friends, get $50.” How Can I Share My Code With Others? Once you pull up the code, you can tap “Send Invites” and send the code to others. You can send it to one person or more, depending on how many people want to join the service. Another option is to copy and paste the code into a text message. If you have a big social media following, you can paste the code into a social post. Or you can share it in the description of a YouTube video or on your website. You can also screenshot your code and send the image to a friend. Then, they can use the code to sign up on their mobile device or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding how Instacart referrals work can help you maximize your earnings right from the start of your gig. Read our answers to frequently asked questions to learn more about making money with Instacart referral codes: 1. Can I make money with Instacart referral codes if I am an Instacart In-Store Shopper? In-Store Shoppers cannot take advantage of referral links or codes to earn more. The driver referral program is exclusively designed for Full-Service Shoppers to recruit other Full-Service Shoppers. This is largely because people who perform the in-store gig are part-time employees with Instacart, so they earn with a more traditional pay structure that doesn’t involve any bonuses. You cannot make money by recruiting In-Store Shoppers either, even if you are a Full-Service Shopper. Because the in-store role limits workers to shopping in their assigned stores (with no driving involved), they wouldn’t be able to meet batch requirements for you to get your bonus anyway. 2. Can I earn money by referring new customers, instead of Instacart drivers? No. Instacart Shopper referral codes will only work for referring other drivers. If you are a member on the Instacart app, you can find your personal Instacart promo code to share with first-time customers there. However, instead of getting a cash bonus, you’ll usually get Instacart credits for free delivery or discounted groceries. The person you refer will just also get money off their first order. 3. Do I get discounts on Instacart for becoming an Instacart Shopper? Instacart currently does not offer Shoppers any discounts on its grocery delivery service. If you choose to become a customer, you can expect to pay the same delivery fees, service fees, and grocery prices as everyone else.

Make Bonuses a Part of Your Ongoing Earnings

The Instacart referral program is unique in that it focuses on offering huge bonuses to current drivers, just for recruiting people to complete a set amount of deliveries. This is an ongoing opportunity for active Instacart Shoppers, so you can continue earning as much as $1,000 per successful referral over time.

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