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Is Instacart Safe?

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You deserve to feel secure and comfortable when shopping for groceries on Instacart.

Your comfort stems from understanding the grocery shopping process.

We list some security factors for Instacart down below.

Whether a shopper or a customer, this article has ideal information to guide you.

We aim to help you get detailed education about Instacart’s loopholes and security.

We equip you to avoid common mistakes and maintain online shopping safety.

Before we dig deeper into the security details, let’s examine Instacart’s operation and notable concerns.

How Does Instacart Work?

Instacart forms partnerships with retailers in different regions.

It allows you to select a particular retailer and order any products.

Then, choose a suitable delivery time between 9:00 AM and midnight.

But, if you don’t want Instacart to deliver, select a pick-up location.

Is Instacart Safe?

Instacart is legitimate, convenient, and safe for shoppers and customers.

Nonetheless, a handful of customers have complained about Instacart’s delivery service.

Wrong, damaged, and missing items are some common issues that some customers report.

The positive note about the complaints is that room for improvement is available.

Have There Been Any Notable Issues With Instacart?

In the past few years, people have filed several lawsuits against Instacart.

The main issues that legal issues behind the suits are:

  • Deceptive service fees to customers
  • Instacart’s tipping policy
  • Allegedly misclassified shoppers as independent contractors

How Safe is Instacart for Customers?

Instacart investigates and acts against forms of violence, discrimination, or harassment.

As a result, many people shop without problems, but some report challenges.

So, when you receive your items, you might want to double-check first and report issues.

Upside for Customers

Instacart offers the below benefits to customers.

  • Availability: Instacart is available in many parts of the U.S and Canada.
  • Convenience: You don’t have to leave your home, can avoid crowds, and save time.
  • Delivery options: Instacart delivers groceries to your destination of choice or choose pick-up.

Downside for Customers

Although Instacart is a reputable company, you might often face challenges such as:

  • High Cost: Each retailer decides how much to charge for each item. Instacart prices are higher than in walk-in stores. You’ll also have to pay delivery fees unless you have subscribed to Instacart+.
  • Order Cancellation: Some customers claim that Instacart canceled their orders at the last minute. Often, the cancellation happens when shoppers don’t find the customer’s order convenient. For instance, many shoppers avoid very large or delicate deliveries.

Is Instacart Safe for Customers?

Instacart is a safe place, but customers must also be alert.

Fraudsters will come in many ways and use different techniques to get data.

So, any customer should stay updated with protective measures and reinforce their app’s security.

Besides, the proper scrutinization of orders is vital.

Customers should then report anything amiss in good time.

How Safe is Instacart for Shoppers?

Instacart takes vital measures to keep shoppers safe on the platform.

For example, the shopper safety alert feature sends notifications of critical incidents.

Then, the shoppers keep off such areas.

Also, if delivery is underway, Instacart suspends the order.

As a result, the shopper doesn’t have to go to the affected area.

Upside for Shoppers

Most shoppers deliver groceries to get money.

Instacart offers shoppers the benefits below to simplify operations.

  • Flexibility: You can choose to be a full-service or in-store shopper. Full-service contractors work whenever they want, while in-store shoppers shop at the stores but don’t deliver.
  • Manageable requirements: Instacart encourages people with prior grocery experience to apply for a shopper role. If you lack experience, Instacart doesn’t discriminate or penalize you.
  • Easy application process: First, you download the app and fill in basic personal information. Then, state whether you have regular access to a vehicle and schedule a training session.

Downside for Shoppers

If you plan to be a shopper, brace yourself for the challenges below.

  • Exhaustive: Peak hours often fall in the evenings and during weekends.
  • Mandatory in-person hiring sessions: Shoppers must attend an orientation session after the online application. If Instacart doesn’t have a session in your market, you must pause the process until an orientation schedule is available.

Is Instacart Safe for Shoppers?

Instacart is safe and strives to keep danger out of shoppers’ way.

Physical well-being is a concern, and Instacart will only employ shoppers who can lift at least 30 lbs.

Also, Instacart doesn’t need shoppers to deliver in dangerous locations.

Even if the danger arises when goods are in transit, Instacart notifies the shoppers to keep off the area.

Can You Get Scammed on Instacart?

Yes, some people have reported fraudulent activities on Instacart.

Fraudsters often pose as genuine shoppers or customer care.

If you share your login details with people online, you offer easy access to your account.

Scammers then use the information to drain your hard-earned money.

Common Instacart Scams

Most customers and shoppers on Instacart are honest.

However, Instacart scams aren’t unheard of news.

Nonetheless, fraudulent activities are a small percentage of the total transactions.

This section explores the typical cons to watch out for on Instacart.

Instacart Bots

Instacart bots are third-party apps that claim high-value jobs faster than humans.

As the number of shoppers increases, the competition also rises.

As a result, some shoppers resort to apps, which is unfair and against Instacart’s policy.

Besides, shoppers have to refresh the page to load new orders.

Yet, Instacart bots cut the need to refresh the page.

Scam Complaints

Unhappy customers have reported three typical complaints as follows:

  • Missed items: Most missed items’ concern rose during the ‘leave at my door’ feature. The feature required that shoppers leave your goods at your door during delivery time.
  • Damaged items: A shopper should pack or ensure the goods’ conditions are safe during transit. Nonetheless, accidents may leave your products with dents or other structural damage.
  • Incorrect replacements: Instacart allows you to specify details of your preferred products. Then, the shopper lets you know when the item in question is unavailable and suggests an alternative. Yet, some customers complain that the replacements are dissimilar to the initial product.

Tip Baiting

On Instacart, customers’ tips go to the shoppers as an appreciation for work well done.

Yet, Instacart has been on the green light for theft and using customers’ tips to pay shoppers’ fees.

Since then, Instacart has developed a new policy to give shoppers a fair gratuity.

As a result, most of the complaints have reduced since then.

Shopper Theft

Whereas most shippers are honest and reliable, some steal from customers.

In most cases, the theft involves one or a few items.

So, the customer pays for a complete list but receives an incomplete order.

Any immoral acts by shoppers hurt Instacart’s smooth operations.

Besides, such cases cause the customer in question to lose trust in the company’s activities.

Order Not Delivered

Some fraudsters pose as legitimate customers, receive groceries, and later deny the receipt of goods.

Such are people who take advantage of Instacart’s generous refund policy.

Also, reports of undelivered items happen through the order rating on the app.

As a result, false claims hurt the shopper’s rating and discourage potential customers.

Account Hacking

The global pandemic caused a sharp spike in online shopping.

Unfortunately, the increased activities gave hackers a leeway to launch phishing campaigns.

Moreover, the attacks gave hackers control over customers’ accounts.

Besides, Instacart deactivates accounts with suspicious activities, which inconveniences the victims.

Wrong Items

Some shoppers buy and deliver items that aren’t on the customer’s order.

In other cases, the shopper drops a person’s order at someone else’s delivery location.

Such mistakes are often innocent, and your shopper might accept fault and contact Instacart support.

Often, Instacart redelivers such orders at no extra cost.

What To Do About Instacart Scams

You can’t protect yourself if you don’t understand what troubles may come your way.

So, your first defensive strategy is to learn about the possible scams and defensive measures.

Whether you are a shopper or a customer, the tips below are ideal for keeping you safe.

  • Upgrade and update your gadget’s systems to correct any security vulnerabilities
  • Use a credit card with solid consumer fraud security measures
  • Secure access to your mobile data to protect you from data theft and remote hackers
  • Don’t share your logins with anyone, even if the person in question claims to be an Instacart employee
  • Don’t respond to unusual payment requests and methods such as preloaded debit cards

Do Instacart Shoppers Get in Trouble for Wrong Items?

Suppose an Instacart shopper makes a mistake while shopping, like grabbing the wrong item or forgetting something.

In this case, they will not be docked pay by Instacart.

However, they can receive a bad review from the customer, which will reflect poorly on their score.

Those with lower scores will receive fewer orders than those with high ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a few commonly asked questions regarding Instacart safety for users and workers.

Do Instacart shoppers steal groceries?

Instacart shoppers don’t typically steal groceries.

Also, no incentive is available for shoppers to steal.

Instead, theft only attracts a lower rating and fewer orders.

Sometimes mistakes happen, and you may miss an item or two, but that’s no proof of theft.

Besides, Instacart investigates and refunds forgotten items.

How secure Is Instacart?

Like many other reputable businesses, Instacart ensures the highest form of security.

Security breaches have happened before, but Instacart takes corrective measures and fortifies protection.

Instacart also performs routine audits to uncover and solve any underlying threats.

Wrapping Up

Despite fraud occurrences typical in many tech companies, Instacart is a legitimate company.

Unfortunately, as Instacart works smart to prevent fraud, scammers also find ways to circumvent security.

Either way, Instacart’s customer care is always willing to resolve your problem.

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  1. There is some question about Instacart’s policy regarding at-register pricing. I recently received a high-value meat delivery that I had ordered which was openly marked by the store’s butcher counter with one price/lb and charged to my order at a higher price/lb. It took three round trips with Instacart support to get the $5+ difference refunded, with one support person trying to convince me that Instacart simply charges what the price was at order time but not able to pass through “discounts taken at the register” (i.e. if the price drops, you don’t get the diff – Instacart leaves the original charge on your card and pockets it). I have photo evidence of the meat marking and of course my Instacart receipt.

    Am I the only victim of something like this?


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