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How to Become an Instacart Shopper

Key Information

Why Shop for Instacart?

Earn extra money, enjoy a flexible schedule, and develop a new skill set by shopping for others’ groceries.

Key Requirements:

Must be 18+, eligible to work in the US or Canada, possess a smartphone, and for full-service shoppers, own a registered and insured vehicle.

Application Process:

A simple online application including a background check via Checkr. Approval may be delayed due to high volume or other factors.

Roles & Opportunities:

hoose between in-store shopping or full-service (shop & deliver). Instacart also offers roles in customer service for those looking for desk job alternatives.

During your regular grocery store visits, you might have spotted individuals donning green shirts, using their phones, and scanning items as they add them to their carts.

These are Instacart Shoppers, part-time employees who provide a valuable grocery delivery service for those who either lack the time or ability to shop on their own.

In today’s thriving gig economy, with platforms like Postmates, Uber, and Lyft on the rise, becoming an Instacart shopper has never been more enticing.

Interested in joining their ranks? We’ve detailed everything you need to know about the application process and what to anticipate below.

Become a Shopper
Become an Instacart Shopper Now

Applying as an Instacart Shopper is a legitimate way to earn extra money, while working a flexible schedule.

  • Two types of Shopper options are available - Shop and deliver, or shop only.
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule, working whenever is most convenient for you.
  • Develop a new skill set by fresh groceries and become a master of the grocery store.

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