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Kroger Delivery Driver Requirements, Pay, and Tips for Success

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Key Takeaways

  • Kroger delivery drivers transport groceries to customers’ homes, focusing on safety and efficiency.
  • Average pay is around $18.45/hour, with additional benefits like health insurance and employee discounts.
  • Drivers need to be over 21, have good communication, a valid license, a clean record, and the ability to lift 50 pounds.
  • New drivers receive paid training on Kroger’s procedures, delivery routes, and customer service.

Overview of Kroger Delivery Driving

As the largest supermarket operator by revenue in the United States, and with over 2,700 stores in 35 states and D.C., Kroger is constantly looking for dependable delivery drivers for hire.

The core responsibility of a Kroger delivery driver is to get orders from Kroger’s delivery service directly to customer’s homes as safely and efficiently as possible.

This involves loading up your vehicle at one of Kroger’s fulfillment centers and following a carefully planned route consisting of several stops.

At each stop, you’ll verify the order with the customer and unload groceries at their door.

You’re also expected to address any customer concerns, as you’re essentially a Kroger brand ambassador. This is why a friendly, helpful attitude is a must to succeed at this job.

How Much You Can Make Driving for Kroger

According to ZipRecruiter, as of December 2023, you can make an average of $18.45 an hour as a delivery driver for Kroger.

Bear in mind that pay will differ based on your experience, location, and performance. We’ve seen reports of Kroger drivers making more than $20 an hour.

Pay aside, Kroger offers its employees an impressive range of benefits, which includes health and dental insurance, as well as preventative care and wellness programs like well-child visits and free flu shots.

The grocery delivery service also offers several financial benefits, such as 401(k) and pension plans, in addition to financial planning tools that will help you save for a rainy day.

As a Kroger associate, you also get to enjoy exclusive discounts on household and Our Brands products and year-round access to a variety of deals.

Other benefits include ongoing education, growth opportunities, and emotional wellness counseling. You can learn about these benefits in detail by visiting the Life at Kroger page.

Kroger Driver Requirements: Skills & Qualifications

Kroger seeks delivery drivers who:

  • Are at least 21 years of age.
  • Have strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.
  • Have a customer service mindset and a friendly attitude.
  • Are able to lift up to 50 pounds of groceries.
  • Can pass a background check and drug screening.

Of course, prior delivery or customer service experience is preferred, but it’s not a requirement.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to work as a Kroger delivery driver.

The Training and Onboarding Process

When hired as a delivery driver, Kroger provides paid onboarding and training.

The process helps cover things like company guidelines, HR paperwork, and general introductions.

The training process is provided both in the classroom and on the road with a supervisor, and it focuses on:

  • Learning the Kroger culture and values.
  • Grocery loading procedures.
  • Delivery route mapping and optimization.
  • Driving safely in all conditions.
  • Providing exceptional customer service.
  • Using delivery apps and devices.
  • Collecting payments in a secure way.

The training goes on until you’re ready for independent deliveries, which could take roughly two weeks.

Note also that you may go through more training whenever Kroger rolls out new technologies or processes.

This YouTube video talks about the Kroger delivery driver orientation process in detail. We suggest watching it if you want to learn all the ins and outs of the process:

Typical Work Day for a Kroger Delivery Driver

While every shift may vary to some extent, all of Kroger’s delivery drivers start their day at their assigned fulfillment center or spoke facility. Ideally, the driver should be there at least 15 minutes before it’s time to check-in.

Once that happens, each driver will load up their vehicle and review their manifest. They’ll then review the delivery addresses and map out the most logical and efficient route.

At each address, Kroger drivers must verify the order with the customer and unload it from their vehicle, then take a photo of the delivered order and a signature from the customer. They’ll then update the delivery status on their app.

Finally, Kroger drivers return to the fulfillment center after completing the last delivery to check out.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Based on conversations that I’ve had with Kroger delivery drivers, the job appears relatively easy and straightforward.

Unlike Amazon Flex, where you have to grab blocks before other drivers get them, Kroger Delivery will assign the blocks for you. All you really have to do is clock in, grab a route, delivery the food, and then clock out.

However, the position is physically demanding and can ask a lot of drivers. After all, it is pretty stressful delivering groceries, especially if you’re up against a timeline, traffic, or customer expectations.

Additionally, I suggest driving very carefully. Avoid hard braking, following other vehicles closely, and speeding.

Kroger vehicles are monitored, so your performance as a driver is very carefully monitored by the company.

Other than that, the job is a pretty good one.

Tips for Success as a Kroger Delivery Drivers

Here are a few simple yet effective tips that will help you succeed as a Kroger delivery driver:

  • Your top priority should always be safe driving, so you have to obey traffic laws, avoid distractions (like food and phones), and report any vehicle issues to dispatch.
  • Be friendly and thoughtful with every customer interaction. This can be challenging when you’re under a lot of stress, but you must keep in mind that you’re a brand ambassador, not just a delivery driver. This means the way you interact with customers will influence how they perceive your brand.
  • Double-checking your orders is crucial in any delivery gig. This is important both when handing the order to the customer and at the fulfillment site before you hit the road.
  • Prioritize being organized and prepared. After all, you’re responsible for keeping your vehicle tidy, stacking orders appropriately, and preparing your route plan with maximum efficiency in mind.

Also Consider: Kroger In-Store Shopping

If driving doesn’t seem like it’s worth your while, you can become a Kroger personal shopper.

They work inside the company’s fulfillment centers, fulfilling and preparing orders for delivery and pickup. The position involves working on your feet in a fast-paced warehouse environment.

The skills and qualifications required for this position are virtually the same as for delivery driving but with two main differences.

First, there isn’t a set minimum age that you need to meet. Second, you must be willing and able to juggle different job assignments.

According to Glassdoor, Kroger shoppers make an average of $14-$17 an hour. A little less than Shipt shoppers, but not bad at all considering the many benefits that come with the gig.

In Summary

From the flexibility and social opportunities to the ever-changing scenery, delivery driving is an enjoyable blend of freedom, cash, and entertainment—a blend that’s hard to find in a typical desk job.

Driving for Kroger, in particular, makes the job even more fulfilling with the numerous employee benefits you get to enjoy and the set schedule that ensures consistent pay.

To apply, visit the Kroger Careers page and choose a nearby location to view open positions.

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