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How to Get Groceries to Your Doorstep With Kroger Delivery

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Key Takeaways

  • You need a registered Kroger account on their site to shop online.
  • Kroger has both shipping and delivery services that offer a different selection of items.
  • You choose your delivery time, ranging from 30 minutes to a week in advance.
  • Kroger is partnered with third-party delivery apps like Instacart and Shipt.

Kroger Grocery launched a grocery delivery service in 2017 to help customers get their groceries without needing to visit the store. It’s a convenient service that’s easy to use once you sign up.

You can shop from the comfort of your home and get groceries to your door in as little as 30 minutes. There are a few different options offered by Kroger’s delivery service. Learn more about each one to ensure you pick the best one for your needs.

Kroger Delivery Options

Kroger offers two ways to get groceries to your doorstep: delivery and shipped groceries.

These two vary in the time that items take to receive, as well as where they come from. Shipped groceries come from a warehouse with a wide selection, while delivered ones come from your local store.

Shipped Option

Ordering items via shipping provides you access to different items than the ones you could get delivered from your local store. This is the best option for items like pantry staples, bulk buys, beauty essentials, and specialty items that your local store doesn’t carry.

This service, called Ship, is located in a different area of their site. The orders take between one and three days to arrive at your door.

Delivered Option

You can also order a list of items directly from your local store. They will fulfill the order and have someone drive it to your doorstep. With this option, you can choose how quickly you need your order dropped off.

There are three delivery deadline options, and all of them are fulfilled slightly differently. Kroger partners with third parties to fulfill some of these orders.

When you make your order online, you’ll be asked to select your delivery time. Keep these key points in mind when you make this choice.

  • Next Day or Later: It’ll be fulfilled in-store by a trained Kroger employee. Items will be delivered for free in a Kroger refrigerated truck for guaranteed freshness. You must select a 1-hour time slot when you’d like them to be at your door.
  • 2 Hours or Same Day: Instacart or Shipt, both third-party services, will fulfill your order for you. It costs $9.95 to get your order delivered.
  • 30 Minutes or Less: If you need your order immediately, you can select urgent delivery. To do this, you must shop on the Instacart-Kroger portal instead. Instacart will fulfill this order. It must be a purchase worth a minimum of $10 and the delivery fees will vary.

Get Started on Your First Order

Follow these steps to get started with your Kroger delivery order.

Step 1: Find Your Location

Ensure that your local Kroger store participates in Kroger delivery and your home is within its delivery range. You’ll need to select your town from a list or directly put your address in.

Step 2: Create an Account

You’ll need a Kroger account to make an order. Beside your basic information, they’ll also request your Plus Card or Alt ID if you have one. Connecting them to your account will help you receive better deals and coupons for your purchases.

Step 3: Fill Your Cart and Order

Now you’re able to build your order! Your local store’s offerings will consist of everything you can see while browsing. You can search for items by category.

When you’re done, you can send your order off. You’ll need to enter your card information and address, and then select your shipping time frame. They only accept debit and credit cards.

Step 4: Track Your Orders

After you put your order through, you can always check on its status by going into your Kroger account information. It’ll inform you if it’s being fulfilled, out for delivery, or delivered.

Step 5: Get Your Groceries

Once you get the notification by email or text that your groceries have arrived, you can go to your doorstep and start loading up the kitchen.

Tips for Ordering Your Groceries

To make your experience smoother, consider a few things before ordering.

Know the Service that Fulfills Your Order

If you have a stronger preference between a third-party app or Kroger itself fulfilling your order, you’ll need to select the appropriate delivery time. The benefit of Kroger delivery is the refrigerated truck, but it’ll take longer. Instacart or Shipt fulfillment is faster but may offer lower-quality service.

If, after ordering, you’re still confused which service is fulfilling the order, go to your order summary. The blue truck icon next to your order confirms it’s the Kroger refrigerated truck.

Connect Your Shopper Card

By connecting your Kroger shopping card to your online account, you’ll be able to see deals and coupons online that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

It also allows Kroger to remember your previous order data, and they’ll adapt their user interface to be more convenient for eventual reorders.

Wrapping It Up

Grocery shopping has never been easier. The convenient service from Kroger can save you hours of valuable time. To best utilize the service, ensure you understand all of your options for delivery type and timing.

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