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Kroger Delivery: How to Order Groceries Straight From Your Store

Kroger Delivery offers a more affordable way to get groceries delivered to your house. Learn about the numerous options the service provides.

There’s no shortage of grocery delivery services these days, but if you’ve ever considered using platforms like Instacart or Amazon Fresh, you’d know that the deals are rarely as sweet as the ones you find in stores.

Since the 2018 launch of Kroger Delivery, one of the nation’s largest grocery chains is making it more convenient for you to shop and save than ever.

Consumers are getting anything and everything delivered these days, and grocery stores are taking note.

Kroger — a U.S. grocery chain headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio — has adapted to the age of on-demand services by offering its own home delivery service.

With Kroger Delivery, you can get groceries brought straight to your door in as little as an hour.

This comprehensive guide will explain exactly how Kroger Delivery works and introduce you to more grocery services offered by the brand.

How Does Kroger’s Delivery Service Work?

All Kroger customers can access Kroger Delivery just by using their smartphones or computers.

When you log in to the mobile app or website, you can start shopping for just about anything that’s in stock at the Kroger store closest to you.

Though the availability of Kroger Delivery may vary by individual stores and markets, customers in most major cities should have it as an option.

Once you schedule a delivery, Kroger differs from many other grocery delivery services by sending your order to a third-party partner, rather than to one of its own workers.

This is because Kroger does not fulfill its own delivery orders.

It actually relies on drivers from partner companies (usually Instacart drivers) to do the shopping and delivery on behalf of the Kroger brand.

With this in mind, don’t be too surprised if your courier shows up carrying a bag or wearing attire from a different brand.

Your order should still be just as accurate and carefully delivered.

Your Kroger app will notify you if there are issues with your grocery order before the delivery occurs.

How Much Does Kroger Delivery Cost?

The only major fee that you need to be aware of is the delivery fee.

For each delivery request, Kroger adds a flat $9.95-$11.95 charge.

This fee is based on your location, so luckily, you’ll never have to worry about fees increasing during busy hours.

Same-day deliveries also cost the same as next-day deliveries with Kroger Delivery.

Tipping your delivery driver at least 15% of your order total is also custom, so make sure you add gratuity to your budget.

Kroger does not take any cut of your tip, nor does the third-party company your driver works for, so you can rest assured that it’ll directly benefit the courier who serviced you.

Bag of fresh vegetables

One of the greatest benefits of the Kroger Delivery is that you can take advantage of all the deals and digital coupons offered to in-store customers.

This means the prices for your desired grocery items will usually be lower than prices you may be offered on Instacart or Shipt — often significantly so — since third-party apps offer different deals that are rarely as great.

How to Request a Kroger Delivery

Before you request a Kroger delivery, you must create an account on the website.

Simply head to kroger.com/account/create and fill in the requested personal information or tap “Continue with Google” to join the online platform.

If you’re already an in-store member, make sure to enter your Kroger Plus Card number before tapping “Create Account” to continue earning fuel points online and getting deals tailored to you.

Otherwise, the points you earn in-store will be separate from the points you earn online.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up prompts, you can log in to the app for Android or iPhone, or simply make sure you’re logged in to the Kroger site.

Then, if you’re using your smartphone, head to the “Shop” tab.

If you’re using the Kroger.com website, you can start browsing through general items on the “Start My Cart” page or search for products you need from the search bar of Kroger.com.

Kroger delivery cart screenshot

When you find an item you want, you can tap on the item, select “Delivery” as your order method, and add the item to your cart.

If the item you select is eligible for a discount, you will see a coupon that you can “clip” right under the item listing, before you tap into the item.

KIND Bar on Kroger delivery site

When you’re ready to check out, you can head to your cart, located in your app menu or on the upper right corner of the website.

Proceed with all the checkout prompts, which may include adding a delivery address, providing a payment method, and selecting a drop-off time frame.

Just like on Instacart, you’ll be able to add special instructions before checking out.

If you don’t tip at checkout, you can still do so after your delivery through the Kroger platform or in cash.

Other Kroger Grocery Services

As Kroger moves into the e-commerce space, the massive grocery chain is also offering online options beyond Kroger Delivery.

We’ll go over a few services that you can additionally take advantage of as a Kroger customer.

Kroger Pickup

Kroger Pickup was one of the first online shopping options offered by the grocery company.

Instead of getting your groceries delivered to your home by a third-party shopper, Kroger Pickup allows you to simply order online and have a store employee put together your order for free.

At your selected pick-up time, which can be scheduled up to seven days ahead, you’ll just need to park at one of your store’s designated pick-up spots and call the phone number provided on the sign.

A store associate will then bring your order to your vehicle.

Kroger Pickup is a perfect option for anyone who just wants to save time on grocery shopping, while avoiding the hefty fees that come with Kroger Delivery.

It’s also the only convenient online shopping option that’s EBT card-friendly (all others require credit or debit card).

Kroger Ship

Cardboard packages on doorstep

If all you have in your cart is non-perishable items, you can save money while still getting your groceries delivered by using Kroger Ship instead of Kroger Delivery.

Through the shipping service, you can get free deliveries for all orders of $35 or over. Smaller orders will come with a $4.99 shipping fee.

When using Kroger Ship, your items are not filled at a grocery store, but rather put together at a local fulfillment center and delivered by Kroger (not a third-party service) as a package.

This is similar to how you receive your typical Amazon.com packages and means that you can skip on tipping.

Still, be aware that Kroger Ship is not available for any meat, produce, frozen items, or other perishables that are part of a standard grocery run.

Nuro Delivery

Nuro Delivery is a delivery service that uses self-driving cars to help you save.

After a store employee loads groceries into the Nuro car, the vehicle will drive itself to your house and you’ll need to enter a code to unlock your groceries.

Nuro Delivery only comes with a $5.95 fee because it eliminates the need for a third-party driver, though this does mean you’ll need to unload groceries yourself.

This service is still a pilot program, so you still may interact with a vehicle operator behind the wheel or a driver who’s following the Nuro car, but the plan is for the self-driving vehicles to become self-sufficient.

Currently, Nuro Delivery is only an option in parts of Houston, Texas and some surrounding cities covered by these ZIP codes: 77401, 77096, 77035, 77025, and 77005.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kroger delivery: Canvas bag of groceries

Now that you know all about Kroger’s grocery delivery service and how it compares to alternatives, you can start taking advantage of the most convenient services for you.

Here are our answers to a few frequently asked questions to help you learn more about your options with Kroger:

Is delivery available from all grocery chains that are owned by Kroger?

Most grocery chains under the Kroger Co. Family of Stores do offer delivery at some capacity.

These Kroger stores include Food 4 Less, Fry’s, Harris Teeter, King Scoopers, QFC, Ralphs, and Smith’s Food and Drug.

What is the difference between Kroger Pickup and Clicklist?

There is no difference.

If you were a frequent Kroger Clicklist user in the past, you should have the same pick-up experience with Kroger Pickup, which is simply a rebrand of the same service.

Clicklist no longer exists and is not a separate service.

Can I still order from Kroger through third-party apps?


Kroger is still available to order from on both Instacart and Shipt, so if you already have a membership with either platform and prefer the experience there, you can continue to use your third-party app.

Frequent grocery delivery service users may even be able to save money on these platforms, as delivery fees tend to be lower, although Kroger Delivery has better deals on individual items.

Can I sign up to earn money as a Kroger delivery driver?


While the grocery company doesn’t directly hire drivers for its delivery service, which third-party partners fulfill, it does hire drivers for its shipping service.

In this gig, you’ll typically be required to start your work day at a local fulfillment center and drive along assigned routes on a full-time basis.

You can find driver job openings by heading to jobs.kroger.com and searching for “Fulfillment Center Delivery Driver” roles.

If you have a Class A commercial driver’s license, you may also be interested in longer distance truck driving jobs that Kroger offers.

The local driver gig is a traditional job, so it won’t provide as much flexibility as becoming an Instacart Shopper or Shipt Shopper, but you’ll get more stability with guaranteed pay and benefits.

Get More From Your Local Grocery Store

These days, grocery retailers across the nation — including Kroger, Walmart, Safeway, and more — are looking to capitalize on the success that many third-party delivery services have found.

Kroger Delivery is a rising service from a major grocery chain that makes getting the food you need much easier, without causing you to miss out on in-store sales.

Beyond this delivery service, Kroger is continuing to expand to other service areas and modernizing their traditional grocery store, all for your convenience.

Of course, if you want the convenience of ordering from all of your favorite grocery stores all on one mobile app or website, third-party services are your best option.

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