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The Definitive Guide to Lyft Concierge

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Looking for a reliable way to get your patients to and from your medical office?

Need an affordable way to get your employees or clients to and from hotels, offices, and airports?

Want to provide courtesy transportation for your best customers or VIP guests?

If your business is looking for a better way to get people from place to place, it’s time to consider Lyft Concierge.

But what exactly is Lyft Concierge?

How is it different from having a regular Lyft account and booking a normal ride request through the Lyft app?

How can it help your business?

Keep reading for our definitive guide to Lyft Concierge.

What is Lyft Concierge?

Lyft Concierge offers a unique service for businesses looking to book rides for patients, clients, or employees.

With a Lyft business account, you can access the concierge service to provide Lyft rides for anyone you need to move from place to place.

Lyft’s concierge service started in 2016, specifically geared toward the healthcare industry.

In 2017, Lyft made the service available to all types of businesses in all different sectors.

For healthcare professionals who prefer Uber instead, Uber offers a similar service called Uber Health.

At this point, Uber Health is available for those who need rides to and from medical appointments and doctor visits.

But with the expansion of Lyft Concierge to accommodate all industries, there’s a good chance we might see Uber Health evolve as well.

What Types of Businesses Use Lyft Concierge?

People love Lyft for its affordable rates and ease of getting safe rides to and from wherever they have to go.

So it comes as no surprise that many businesses want to provide the service as a courtesy to customers, clients, and patients.

But what types of companies are actually using Lyft Concierge?

Car dealerships:

The Lyft Concierge service is ideal for car dealerships, garages, and auto repair shops.

It makes perfect sense because once a customer drops their vehicle off for repairs, they’re usually left with no transportation.

Don’t make your customer take public transit or have to find a friend to drive them home.

Instead, request rides for them.

With Concierge, garages can make sure their customers have a reliable method of transportation.

Some businesses even offer a Lyft back to the shop to pick up the car when the work is done.

Hospitals and medical facilities:

Get patients everywhere their care take them

To keep your office or facility running smoothly, you need your patients to arrive on time for their doctor’s appointments.

Many hospitals and doctors use the service to provide reliable rides to and from appointments.

It’s perfect for patients who don’t have reliable transportation as well as those who need a ride home at the end of their procedure or visit.

Keep in mind, Lyft Concierge if for non-emergency situations, like regularly scheduled medical care visits.

Senior care centers:

Considering that many seniors don’t drive, senior care centers often employ the services of Lyft Concierge.

It’s a way to provide transportation to older adults who need to get out to do their errands or be more active in the community.

Tour companies:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a major city or a small island town – local tour companies everywhere that rely on the business of out of town travelers.

With Lyft Concierge, tour companies can provide transportation for tourists so that they can get to and from their hotel with ease.

There are a lot of major companies that have embraced the services of Lyft Concierge.

Some of them include JetBlue, CareMore, and City Toyota.

Visit the Lyft blog for more details and examples of other companies that use the service.

How Does Lyft Concierge Work?

Screenshot of the Lyft Concierge app

To use Lyft Concierge you need to create a Lyft business account.

To sign up for a Lyft business account, click here.

Once your Lyft business account is set up, you’ll be ready to start scheduling rides for customers, patients, clients, or employees.

The service works much like the regular rideshare version of Lyft – you can request rides and track real-time ride progress.

Ride tracking is especially helpful when a patient is running late since you can see if they are on the way instead of canceling the appointment.

There are a few differences between regular Lyft and Concierge.

For one, the business or organization covers the cost of the ride and allows the passenger to travel for free.

As an added bonus for medical providers, some insurance companies will actually cover the cost of their patient’s trips.

It’s a great way to keep your business running smoothly and show courtesy and appreciation for your clients and patients.

To schedule a ride, you’ll need the passenger’s info, including location and contact details.

There are several ways that you can schedule rides through Lyft Concierge.

On-Demand Rides

Just like regular Lyft, you can schedule immediate rides.

If you need to request an on-demand ride, simply log in to Concierge and click on “new request.”

Enter the passenger’s name, phone number, and pick-up and drop-off address.

Lyft will notify the passenger directly via text message when they have arrived.

You also have the option to choose whether you want to pick Classic, Lyft XL, or Lux services.

You’ll be given an estimated price for the ride, depending on the distance, ride type, and the estimated time it will take to get there.

That way, you’ll have an idea of how much the ride will cost before you book it.

When you’re ready to send the ride to the passenger, just click on “request Lyft.”

Flexible Rides

Flexible ride requests are perfect for businesses that want to provide free transport but aren’t sure what time the customer needs the ride.

With a flexible ride request, customers have the option to book the ride themselves.

With a flexible ride request, a patient can decide how early they may want to arrive at an appointment.

A client can decide how early they want to arrive at an important meeting.

An employee or customer can determine precisely what time they want to arrive on site.

A client flying in from out of town can request a ride once they’ve landed and gotten their baggage.

Flexible ride requests are precisely that – flexible.

Passengers have the flexibility to book the ride when they want and arrive at their destination at the time they want to get there.

To book a “flexible ride request” just log in and click “new request.”

As with all rides you’ll need to enter the passenger’s name, phone number, and pick-up and drop-off locations.

Click on “select flexible ride” from the dropdown menu, and Lyft will send your passenger a link that they can use to book the ride when they want it.

Each link is valid for 24 hours.

Keep in mind, passengers will need to have a mobile phone with internet access to use the link.

Rides Scheduled In Advance

You can also choose to schedule a ride in advance.

If you know ahead of time when a ride will be needed, this is a good option.

To schedule a Concierge ride for a later date, begin by entering the passenger’s name, phone number, and pick-up and drop-off address.

Select “schedule for later” from the drop-down menu and select the date and time.

Then click “submit,” and the passenger will get a text message from Lyft knowing the time and date of their scheduled ride.

This option is ideal for medical facilities and businesses that want to ensure travel arrangements for clients ahead of time.

If you know when someone needs to travel, you can create the ride request a day early and not have to worry about booking an on-demand ride.

How Can Lyft Concierge Help My Business?

Lyft Concierge can help your business in a variety of different ways.

Available to all types of companies, the concierge service offers a smoother, more effective way to run your business.

But how can paying up front for transportation help my bottom line?

There are three main ways that the cost of the Lyft Concierge service can increase your overall productivity.

reasons to use Lyft Concierge

1. Increase Mobility

Lyft Concierge is designed to provide an affordable and effective way to increase mobility.

You can use the service to transport clients, employees, or patients.

It’s a way to ensure that the people you need are where they need to be.

And, most importantly, they’re there when you need them.

2. Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

If you’re running a business, you have to take care of your clients.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a small start-up or a major corporation.

If you need to bring clients to your offices, you have to provide them with the means to get to you.

You can use Lyft Concierge to get a potential client across town.

You can use it to pick clients up at the airport and bring them to your office.

You can use it to take clients to and from their hotel.

And you can use it to shuttle your clients all around town.

With Lyft Concierge, you can make sure your clients are on time for those oh-so-important meetings.

For doctors and medical facilities, Lyft Concierge makes it easy to extend care beyond the end of the appointment.

Many providers offer round trip transportation for patients so they can get home safely when their appointment is over.

It’s also great people companies looking to take better care of their employees.

Do you have employees that frequently travel for business?

Are you looking for a way to provide hardworking employees who work late into the night a safe way to get home?

With Lyft Concierge you can make sure your most valuable employees are taken care of at all times.

3. Easy Way To Track Travel Expenses

Lyft Concierge also makes it easy to track your travel expenses.

Without the service, you may need to collect hundreds of employee travel receipts and tally them at the end of each month in your expense reports.

But with the concierge service, it’s much easier.

You can track travel costs up front so you’ll always be one step ahead.

And when the task of tracking expenses is more manageable, you might even be able to reduce and cut back on travel costs.

How to Sign Up For a Lyft Business Account?

To get started with Lyft Concierge you have to sign up for a Lyft business account.

Fill out this form on the Lyft website to get started.

You’ll need to include some basic details about your company, including the company size and the industry you’re in.

Let's get your people moving

Once you’re signed up and ready to go, the service is easy to use.

As we mentioned above, you can book three different types of rides:

On-demand, scheduled in advance, or flexible.

Determine which type of ride is right for a particular passenger.

Decide what type of ride is best for that particular situation.

When you know what kind of ride you need you can easily book it following the directions provided above.

This variety of ride options makes it easy for businesses of all types to provide reliable transportation when needed.

It’s also geared specifically toward businesses, so each ride request includes an “internal memo” field.

You can use that field to keep track of what the purpose of the ride is for, who booked it, or who authorized it.

You can also use the “history” tab to view all prior rides or the “upcoming” tab to view rides that you have scheduled in advance.

These make it easy to keep track of prior travel expenses as well as future travel expenses.

For more details on how to use the Lyft Concierge service, visit the Lyft Concierge support center.

Lyft Concierge is a great way to provide reliable transportation to clients, patients, or employees.

Doctors and healthcare facilities can use it to get patients to and from appointments and procedures.

Businesses, retailers, and service providers can use it to get clients and customers to and from their store or office.

And companies of all sorts can use it as a way to provide employees with safe rides to and from their home, office, or airport.

You can limit the service to VIP clients and guests.

You can provide the service for elderly patients or clients with special needs.

You can use it as a way to reward hard-working employees who come in early or leave the office late.

Lyft Concierge offers options – and it’s an easy way to create trust and establish loyalty with the people you need to keep your business going strong.

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