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How Lyft Delivery Works & How To Use It As A Customer

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Key Takeaways

  • Lyft offers a same-day package delivery service for local communities.
  • Users can schedule deliveries directly through the Lyft app, without needing a separate app.
  • Delivery service is available in select cities, with availability and policies varying by location.
  • Lyft delivery offers benefits for both customers and drivers, including upfront cost estimates and potential for extra earnings for drivers.

Does Lyft Have a Delivery Service?

Yes! Lyft has package delivery services where you can arrange same-day deliveries around the community. The feature works the same way as getting car rides through the app.

Once you schedule a delivery, a driver will come to the pick-up location and take your package. The driver will deliver it to your chosen drop-off point without stopping anywhere else.

Through Lyft, you can get someone to bring you medical supplies, packages, and groceries. Lyft also has a partnership where businesses use Olo’s Dispatch to bring food to customers.

Lyft Delivery is accessible in select cities across North America, such as San Francisco and San Diego. You can check your app to see if it’s available in your area.

Is There a Separate Lyft Package Delivery App?

No, there’s no separate app.

Unlike other platforms, you can book packages and food deliveries through the Lyft app. This means you can use Lyft Delivery right away without having to download anything.

The only downside is you can’t buy food from the app. You have to order directly from restaurant brands. The restaurant then hires a Lyft driver to get your order through Olo.

Download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

What Can You Get Delivered From Lyft?

With Lyft Delivery, you can have a wide range of items delivered, as long as they weigh 50 pounds or less. This includes:

  1. Retail Items: Clothing, cosmetics, technology accessories, and other products from Lyft’s trusted retail partners.
  2. Specific Smaller Items: Toiletries, auto parts, grocery items, and medical supplies.
  3. Food From Restaurants: Hot meals from various restaurants in each market, facilitated through a partnership with Olo Dispatch, which allows for lower delivery fees compared to other food delivery services.
  4. Prescriptions: Pickup and delivery of prescriptions from your chosen pharmacy.

Did you know?

Great alternatives to this program are Instacart prescription delivery and Uber pharmacy.

How Much Does Lyft Delivery Cost?

The cost of a Lyft Delivery varies depending on a few factors.

  • Distance: The further your delivery is, the more it will cost.
  • Weight of the item: Heavier items will also cost more to deliver.
  • Value of the item: If you’re ordering a valuable item, you’ll pay a little more for insurance purposes.

In addition to these other factors, there is also a delivery fee. The delivery fee helps to cover the cost of the driver’s time and vehicle expenses.

To get an estimate of how much your Lyft Delivery will cost, open the app and enter your delivery address.

Once you’ve selected what you want to have delivered, you can view an estimate for the total cost.

How Lyft Delivery Works for Customers

Using Lyft Delivery is easy. Below is a step-by-step guide.

1. Select Delivery and Enter Details

First, open the app, and click the delivery button. The app will redirect you to the Lyft Delivery interface.

Enter your pick-up location and drop-off point. You’ll have to include details on your item, as well as the receiver’s contact information. Doing this will help the driver locate the drop-off location.

Finally, view your estimate, select your payment method, and confirm the order. Lyft Cash applies even for package deliveries.

2. Track the Order

Watch where the driver is in real-time through the Lyft app.

If you encounter an issue, contact the driver through the app’s contact button. You may also cancel the order before the Lyft driver arrives.

To do this, click on the delivery tab and select the cancel order button.

3. Meet the Driver

Wait for your driver, then hand them the package as soon as they arrive. Don’t forget to mention any special instructions they should know to avoid damaging your item.

Note that it’s your responsibility to ensure the package is secure. For instance, if the item contains liquids, make sure that it won’t spill during the delivery.

4. Receive the Package

Inform the receiver when the driver is close to the delivery address. The driver will bring them the package and take a photo of the delivery.

After this, the receiver must provide their signature to confirm the delivery is complete. Getting a receipt for this order is no issue, as you can review previous orders in the Lyft app.

How to Cancel a Lyft Delivery Order

To cancel a Lyft Delivery order, follow these steps:

  1. You have up to 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival of your driver to cancel the order.
  2. Open the Lyft app and navigate to the ‘Delivery’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Cancel Order’ and then confirm your decision to cancel.

Communication with your driver is crucial for a smooth delivery process. If you have specific instructions or need to inform them about potential delivery challenges (e.g., parking restrictions, access to your apartment, or delivering to a specific floor without an elevator), it’s best to communicate these details directly to the driver.

If you’re not able to receive the delivery personally, you can provide instructions for a safe and accessible drop-off location.

If you encounter any issues while attempting to cancel your order, Lyft customer support is available to assist you.

The Benefits of Using Lyft Delivery for Customers

Lyft Delivery has several benefits and unique features that make it useful for customers and businesses!

  • Pricing Transparency: Lyft shows you the delivery costs based on demand and distance. You’ll know upfront how much the delivery fee is before confirming the order.
  • Efficient Delivery: With Lyft Delivery, you can have your package delivered within an hour. Plus, you may select ride types and monitor your package’s location.
  • Competent Customer Service: It’s easy to contact Lyft’s customer service with the app!

How Lyft Delivery Works for Drivers

The Lyft delivery process is also simple for drivers.

1. Opt-In for the Delivery Program

Before you receive orders, you must first opt-in to Lyft Delivery. To do this, open the driver app and check if you have a button for deliveries.

Note that not all cities will have this option. If you can access deliveries, you take a short course through the learning center and accept the terms and conditions.

You should be an existing Lyft driver before you become eligible for this feature. If you’re new, you have to be at least 21 years old. You’ll also submit your license and car registration, plus, pass a background check.

2. Accept a Delivery Request

Once you successfully opt for Lyft Delivery, you can start receiving orders alongside the usual ride requests. You’ll know you received a delivery request when you see a little bag icon.

After accepting a delivery request, you’ll receive the pick-up location and delivery address.

Remember to review the delivery instructions for any special request from the customer. For better tips, it’s a good idea to send a friendly message to the customer confirming the order!

3. Pick an Item Up

The difference between passenger rides and deliveries is you have to park your car and enter an establishment.

As a food delivery driver, this means you may have to wait for the item to be ready. Expect to navigate marketplaces for groceries as well.

Always inspect retail items for damage. If you encounter any problems, you should call the customer to inform them of the issue. You may have to cancel the order depending on the damages.

Once you receive the item, confirm the pick-up through the app and start your delivery trip.

4. Drop the Package Off

Drive to the drop-off location and hand the package off to the recipient. Take a photo of the item to confirm the delivery, but avoid including the recipient’s details in the picture.

In case you can’t complete the delivery due to unresponsiveness or safety risks, click on the red triangle in the app to report it.

After this, drive back to the pickup location to return the item!

The Benefits of Using Lyft Delivery for Drivers

Here are a few reasons why you should consider opting in for Lyft Delivery!

  • Upfront Earnings: With Lyft, you can see the upfront earnings before you accept an order. The rate is based on the ETA, market conditions, toll fees, and traffic.
  • Tipping Potential: As a bonus, customers may tip you for completing a delivery.
  • Driver Protection: If you encounter an issue during the delivery, you may need to return the package to the sender. Lyft will still pay you when this happens.

Advantages and Considerations

Lyft is one of the top delivery service providers in the country, but there are a few considerations to note.

Lyft Delivery For Customers

Customers can look forward to reliable, convenient, and speedy deliveries. This is because Lyft has a large network of drivers that ensure you receive the best service.

With Lyft, package deliveries are a frictionless process. There are relaxed cancellations and a wide delivery coverage.

However, pay attention to Lyft’s prices as they may be more expensive than Uber’s. You can remedy this by getting exclusive savings and complimentary upgrades through Lyft Pink.

Once you have Lyft Pink, the low cost of using Lyft’s services means it’s ideal for helping your business!

Lyft Delivery For Drivers

For drivers, taking delivery requests is a great way to earn extra money on top of the regular rides. Lyft grants you flexibility, and you can accept or decline orders.

There’s also a high earning potential when you opt-in for the package delivery platform. Tipping is optional yet suggested, so you may receive tips per delivery!

We like that Lyft has a solid system to support drivers in case of delivery issues. You can report problems through the delivery app and still receive payment if the client fails to receive an item.

Alternatives to Lyft Delivery

If you want food, groceries or other goods delivered to your door, here are your current best alternative options:

  • Uber Eats — Get food delivered from local restaurants. Tends to focus more on chain restaurants, but you’ll find some independent restaurants as well.
  • Postmates — Get food (or just about anything else that’s legal) delivered.
  • DoorDash — Offers food delivery, plain and simple.
  • Grubhub — Similar to DoorDash but with a larger reach, Grubhub offers food delivery.
  • Instacart — If you need groceries delivered, this is an excellent option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Lyft to Deliver a Package?

Yes. You can use Lyft to deliver packages. These include retail items, auto parts, medicine, and even food!

The process is the same as other services offered by Lyft. You pin a pickup and drop-off location, and a driver will get your item.

Is Uber Better Than Lyft?

Uber is better than Lyft in terms of food deliveries. The former has a separate app where you can view restaurants.

For Lyft, you order directly from the restaurant, and they’ll book the delivery for you. Still, as a package delivery app, Lyft is similar to Uber. Both offer the same prices and delivery times.

Conclusion: Is Lyft Delivery Right for You?

Lyft lives up to its top rank as a transportation-focused company. It offers faster delivery times, insurance coverage, and exclusive benefits.

The Lyft Delivery feature is useful for restaurant owners. Lyft handles last-mile deliveries at competitive pricing, so it may lower your costs.

Drivers may also want to consider using Lyft for its flexibility and support. We believe Lyft is ideal for drivers and customers seeking a robust package delivery platform!

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