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How Lyft Passenger Ratings Work [& How To Improve Yours]

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Key Takeaways

  • Lyft rider ratings, calculated on a 1 to 5-star scale, are based on driver evaluations and reflect the passenger’s behavior and etiquette.
  • Ratings are averaged over the last 100 rides; new riders with fewer than 25 rides are marked as “new” to drivers.
  • A low Lyft passenger rating can lead to longer wait times for rides and potential deactivation from the app.
  • To improve ratings, passengers should be punctual, polite, follow Lyft’s guidelines, and maintain cleanliness and good etiquette during rides.

Understanding the Lyft Rider Rating System

Like other ridesharing companies similar to Uber, Lyft allows you to rate a driver as a way of showing how much you found the service satisfactory.

The rating system goes two ways, though, as Lyft drivers also get an opportunity to rate passengers.

This two-way rating system provides a balanced review that Lyft uses to determine if riders or drivers have fallen afoul of the community guidelines.

This article goes into details of how the Lyft rider rating system works and how you can keep your average score high.

What Is the Lyft Rider Rating?

The Lyft rider rating is a mechanism that lets the driver rate you on a scale of 1-5 after a ride. While driver ratings may see more use, Lyft also supports rider ratings, which lets the service know about your conduct on rides over time.

As you’d expect, negative feedback hampers your average ratings, which, if it reaches a certain threshold, can result in your account being banned.

After each ride, Lyft calculates the aggregate score of your last 100 rides into a 5-star rating score. So, you can expect the rating to slightly change with each ride.

How to Check Your Lyft Rating as a Passenger

Checking your Lyft rider rating is easy and only takes a few steps to do so.

1. Open the Lyft app

Open the Lyft app on your smartphone.

screenshot of the process used to check a lyft passenger rating

2. Tap the menu button

Tap the hamburger menu button in the top left corner of your smartphone screen.

screenshot of the process used to check a lyft passenger rating

3. View Profile

Tap the “View Profile” text that appears below your name and picture.

screenshot of the process used to check a lyft passenger rating

4. View Your Rating

On the screen that appears, you’ll be able to then view information about your Lyft ride history, including Total Rides, your Lyft passenger rating, and how long you’ve had the Lyft app for.

screenshot of the process used to check a lyft passenger rating

While you can log in to your Lyft account using a browser, as of now, Lyft does not make your rider rating visible this way.

Understanding Your Lyft Rider Rating

Understanding what constitutes a good or bad Lyft rider rating is crucial for using the service effectively.

Good Lyft Rider Rating

A good rider rating is typically considered to be 4.8 or higher. Such a score indicates that you are a considerate and respectful passenger.

However, the threshold for deactivation can vary depending on the average score in your city. Forexample, if the average in your city is 4.5 and you’re at 4.0, you might be close to losing your account.

Generally, drivers with ratings below 4.5 may be reviewed by the Lyft community and potentially face deactivation.

Bad Lyft Rider Rating

On the other hand, a bad rating is somewhat subjective but usually defined as anything below 4.7.

While this may not seem too low on a five-point scale, most Lyft drivers prefer passengers with a rating of 4.7 or higher. Therefore, consistently having a rating below this threshold could affect your ability to secure rides promptly.

You can check your current rating in the Lyft app to see where you stand.

Why Is My Lyft Rating New?

Your Lyft rating displays as “new” due to having fewer than 100 rides. Initially, your rating is an average of all rides.

Once you exceed 100 rides, it reflects the average of your most recent 100 rides. Therefore, with fewer rides, each new ride significantly impacts your average, often updating your rating.

What Are the Implications of Lyft Rider Ratings?

Your passenger ratings have significant implications on how drivers and the Lyft platform itself see you.

Your Lyft rating is important for several reasons. It not only encourages good behavior among passengers but also helps in filtering out those who are frequently disruptive or rude.

A lower passenger rating could lead to fewer drivers accepting your ride requests, resulting in longer wait times. This could be particularly problematic during busy periods like Friday nights.

Additionally, your rating can influence how customer service handles your queries or complaints. A low rating might result in less priority or seriousness given to your concerns.

What Happens If Your Lyft Passenger Rating Gets Too Low?

If your Lyft passenger rating becomes too low, it may be harder to get rides, as drivers prefer higher-rated passengers.

Consistently low ratings can lead to frustration and might result in Lyft banning you from the app. However, there are ways to improve your rating to avoid these issues.

How to Dispute an Unfair Lyft Rating

If you feel that your ratings have been unfair, you can contact Lyft through the app and contest the situation directly:

  • Click on the hamburger icon at the top left-hand corner of the page
  • Select “Ride History”
  • Chose the ride whose rating you want to dispute
  • At the bottom of the screen, select “Get Help”
  • Choose from one of the available reasons why your argument is valid, and proceed with the on-screen prompts

Per the Lyft website, “Lyft can exclude the lowest rating received out of your last 100 rides. Requests for multiple rating exclusions aren’t guaranteed.”

While the rating system is designed to protect riders and drivers, some Lyft passengers have expressed doubt and hinted at unfairness.

One flaw is that some drivers can rate riders based on their average ratings and not due to any part of the ride experience. This means that you may get a bad rating from a driver for no good reason.

Tips to Improve Your Lyft Rider Ratings

The best way to improve your Lyft rating is to consider your behavior once your ride has been booked. Here are a few tips for raising your ratings and getting back on track.

1. Meet at the Correct Pick-Up Point

We know meetups in unfamiliar locations can be tricky, but try your best to be waiting at the specified pick-up point to avoid confusion between you and your driver.

Kindly offer the driver directions if you think they’re having a hard time finding you.

2. Don’t Waste the Driver’s Time

As far as ratings are concerned, your trip begins when the driver accepts your Lyft order. So, the last thing you want to do is to keep them waiting for too long.

Order the ride only when you’re ready and not too far in advance. Ensure to check the map from time to time to see where the driver is in relation to your location.

Lyft’s waiting time of 5 minutes is there for your’s and the driver’s convenience, and unnecessarily lengthy delays on your part won’t be good for your rider ratings.

If there has to be a delay, it’s best to call the driver as soon as you can to inform them. This way, they won’t burn gas and spend money heading to your location only to find a no-show.

3. Be Polite

Another surefire way to get docked a few stars on your Lyft rider rating is by being rude, arrogant, and altogether ill-mannered during a ride.

Lyft’s community guidelines are a clear guide on rider conduct during rides. Some of the guidelines include:

  • Respecting personal boundaries and keeping your hands to yourself
  • Keeping rowdy behavior and romantic antics out of the car
  • Respecting personal differences and keeping judgments to yourself

This applies to everything in life, but especially when you enter a Lyft vehicle. No one wants to share a vehicle with a rude person. Be polite and friendly to your driver.

It doesn’t hurt to be kind, and a simple “hello,” a genuine smile, or even a formal greeting gets you off with the driver on the right note. Also remember to thank them once you’ve arrived at your destination.

5. Respect Rules and Regulations

Follow the rules Lyft has put in place — it’s that simple.

To ensure safety for yourself and your driver, be sure to follow the rules outlined by Lyft’s Community Guidelines as well as the law.

Wear your seatbelt, refrain from consuming drugs and alcohol in the vehicle, and respect your driver.

You should also avoid trying to cram too many people into the vehicle. This won’t go over well with your driver.

Remember that guideline violations can not only lower your rating but can also put your account at risk of deactivation.

4. Present Good Passenger Etiquette

Basic etiquette can do a lot for your score.

First avoid slamming the door. Slamming the door is a rude gesture that’s bound to get any driver angry. So, be careful when closing and opening the car doors.

Next, take careful care to be considerate during the ride. Avoid smoking, eating, or drinking during your ride.

If you have long legs and prefer to sit in the front, be sure to ask your driver first. Also, make sure that you don’t dirty your driver’s vehicle.

Don’t just hop in the vehicle if you have muddy shoes or leave behind garbage from your late-night snack. The little things go a long way.

5. Garbage In, Garbage Out

One of the surest ways to get a poor rating from a driver is to leave litter in the cabin. If you’re getting on board with snacks or other wrapped items, ensure that you clean up afterward and leave the car clean just like you found it.

Doing so leaves the car interior in good condition for the next passenger, and your rider ratings will likely be bumped up for it.

6. Practice Safety Measures

Lyft rides are meant to be safe for everyone involved, and unfortunate incidents linked to safety can result in low ratings for you at the end of the ride.

To keep on the right side of things and keep your ratings high:

  • Don’t take tobacco products, alcohol, or weapons along on rides
  • Make sure that you use your correct name on the Lyft app. Your photo should also be clear and easily recognizable
  • If you’re traveling with kids, bring an appropriate car seat

7. Tip Well

Tips make up a substantial portion of a rideshare driver’s income.

While it’s certainly not a requirement, tipping your driver is always an excellent way to bring your score up. Stingy tippers risk receiving a low rating.

Drivers are able to edit passenger ratings within 24 hours of the drop-off. Although this is unlikely, drivers could look at their ride receipts and connect the dots as to who tipped what for each ride during their shift.

We’re sure you have a dollar or two to spare, and a little can go a long way.

If you don’t know how much to tip, check out out Lyft tipping suggestions so that you tip the correct amount on your next ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is not rating a Lyft driver the same as giving them 5 stars?

No, not rating a Lyft driver is not the same as giving them 5 stars. Lyft automatically assigns a 5-star rating if you don’t rate within two hours, but you have the option to change this by selecting the ride in your history and providing feedback.

Why do I have a higher Lyft passenger rating than Uber?

Your higher Lyft passenger rating compared to Uber could be due to Lyft’s practice of automatically assigning a 5-star rating for unrated trips and calculating the average rating based on the last 100 rides.

In contrast, Uber calculates the average rating over your last 500 rides and does not automatically assign 5-star ratings for unrated trips.

Final Thoughts

The importance of having a good rating for both drivers and riders cannot be underestimated.

Your rider ratings are what will determine if you can continue to take rides with Lyft, so it’s important that your efforts don’t go unnoticed by the company.

You may need some help at times, but as long as you maintain a polite and pleasant attitude during rides, improving your ratings should not be hard!

What is one thing you do when driving passengers around town in order to maintain a high rider rating? Let us know in the comments below!

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