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What Your Uber Rider Rating Means [& How To Improve It]

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber implements a 2-way rating system for quality control, affecting drivers’ willingness to accept riders.
  • Rider ratings reflect behavior and experience; ratings below 4.7 may lead to ride refusals.
  • Improving your rating involves punctuality, respect, cleanliness, and adherence to Uber’s Community Guidelines.
  • Persistent low ratings can lead to account deactivation; high ratings indicate respectful and compliant behavior.

Did you know that as an Uber rider, you get evaluated too? Yes, after every trip, drivers and riders can rate their experience and leave feedback.

Just like riders who view drivers’ ratings before booking their ride, drivers do that, too. They want to know they’re not traveling with someone likely to cause problems or an unpleasant experience.

But how does the Uber rider rating work? What is a good rating, and can you improve yours? Read this article to find out.

How Uber Rider Ratings Work

Uber drivers and riders have a 2-way rating system to improve the platform’s experience.

So, if you check the app, you’ll see a number between 1 and 5 under your name. This is your rider’s rating and it ensures quality control.

At the end of each trip, you and the driver can rate each other. You press the stars to give a value between 1 and 5, and the rating is calculated based on the average of 500 trips.

The driver will do the same, giving you a rating that other drivers can see before they accept your request.

Ratings are anonymous for riders and drivers, so you won’t know who gave you a particular rating.

Yet, the app asks drivers, and riders, to include an explanation if the rating is below 5 stars. There’s a set of predetermined phrases to choose from, or the driver can write something that reflects their opinion.

The Importance of Rider Ratings

Rider ratings don’t affect the price, but some drivers might refuse to give you a ride if you have a bad rating.

Drivers join Uber because they want to make money and they don’t want to end up with a bad experience.

They leave feedback to warn other drivers and highlight the problems they’ve encountered. When you realize what you’ve done wrong, you might avoid doing it in the future.

With extremely low ratings, you might lose your Uber VIP status and be denied access to the service.

Drivers might not accept giving you a ride because they want to avoid an unpleasant experience.

How To See Your Uber Rating

Checking your Uber rider rating is very simple, and takes very little time.

1. Open Uber

Open the Uber app, then tap the “Account” button at the bottom of the screen.

2. View Your Rating

In your profile screen, you will see your rider rating at the top of the screen.

As you’ll see above in the example of my profile, I have a very high rating – close to 5 stars.

At some point in time, a driver gave me a low rating for some reason. This could have been intentional or accidental – I don’t know.

What Different Uber Ratings Mean

vector graphic of a hand holding a phone and showing Uber rider ratings on the screen

Uber ratings give insight into a rider’s behavior and experience with drivers. Here’s a breakdown of what different scores suggest:

  • Stellar Ratings (5 stars): Every new rider starts with a perfect score. However, maintaining it can be challenging, even if you believe you’ve had flawless rides.
  • Near-Perfect Ratings (4.94-4.99): Indicates a seasoned rider with consistent positive feedback.
  • Great Ratings (4.80-4.93): Suggests a regular user who might have received a couple of ratings below five, emphasizing that perfect scores are tough as drivers have varying perspectives.
  • Good Ratings (4.7-4.79): You’ve predominantly received positive feedback, but there were instances where you might have gotten three stars or below. It’s an opportunity to remind oneself of being respectful during rides.
  • Fair Ratings (4.6-4.69): If you frequently use Uber and have this score, there have been instances where drivers were displeased. Such a score can make drivers more selective about matching with you.
  • Below Average Ratings (4.5-4.59: Often associated with riders who may have had inappropriate behavior, possibly under the influence of alcohol. If your score persists at this level, Uber might consider deactivating your account.
  • Risky Ratings (Below 4.59): Very rare and can lead to account removal. Long wait times for ride matches can be an indication of this rating.

What is a Good Uber Rider Rating?

Any rating above 4.7 is good to excellent. While a 5 star rating is the best you can get, it is virtually impossible to maintain.

Drivers try to rate honestly, but sometimes you get the short end of the stick and catch them on a bad day, or do something they might not like.

As such, don’t be bothered when your rating drops below 5.0 – it’s normal for that to hover a bit below a perfect rating.

What is a Bad Uber Rider Rating?

Bad would be a score below 4.7. Some drivers may consider 4.7 to be bad as well depending on their own personal preference.

If you have a score below 4.7, consider your past few Uber experiences. Unless you take only a few trips and somehow always have drivers that rate very harshly, you may be ignoring common courtesies and receiving a low score.

A low score tells drivers that you’ve done things in the past that have caused drivers to give you a few 1 to 3-star ratings. While you may never do them again, a driver has to consider that before they match with you.

Interpreting Different Ratings

Uber wants to improve the users’ experience by incorporating feedback into the service.

The comments and ratings you leave drivers help highlight the problems other riders are likely to encounter. The company usually talks to the driver or completely removes them from the app if they don’t comply.

The same applies to riders. Riders who cause damage, don’t follow the rules, or subject the drivers and their vehicles to danger are highlighted with negative feedback.

This system serves as an educational tool to teach riders what isn’t acceptable and can get them banned from the app.

A 5-star rating indicates that you’re a good rider and drivers won’t have a hard time giving you a ride. You’re a pleasant person who won’t cause a scene or make their day harder.

Drivers can deduct one, two, three, or four points if something goes wrong. This is subject to the driver’s interpretation and how your actions affected them. The app allows drivers to write comments about their experience and explain exactly what went wrong, so you can read it and avoid it in the future.

Uber Eats ratings can also affect your overall rating. If you ordered an Uber for somebody else and they caused an issue, the rating will affect your profile.

When Can You Get a 5-Star Rating?

When you’re left with a 5-star rating, you’ve probably done the following.

  • You don’t usually cancel rides after requesting them. Uber reimburses drivers with a cancellation fee, but it might not amount to the money they’ve already lost by turning down other offers or driving to your pickup point. This is especially true in a busy city, where changing direction can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • You’re on time. Drivers get charged when they wait for you, but waiting for you on a busy road can be challenging and sometimes impossible.
  • You’re respectful towards your driver. Some drivers don’t like talking, and they won’t start a conversation with a rider. But if you choose to start a conversation, you should be respectful and understanding because these people spend hours in their vehicles every day trying to make a decent living.
  • You’re considerate and keep the vehicle clean. Drivers clean their cars but might not be able to clean them after every trip. So, if you litter or cause a mess in the car, the driver will probably give you a bad rating.
  • You left a good tip. Drivers expect a tip, but they aren’t mandatory. Drivers will leave you good feedback and a high rating if you always tip after your rides, and this will encourage other drivers to accept your requests.

Tips for Improving Your Uber Rider Rating

You don’t want to have a reputation as a troublemaker or an unwanted rider. It might result in having many requests denied by drivers who don’t want to offer you a ride.

Drivers can leave bad feedback if you do something wrong, even if you’re not aware of it.

So, you should check your rating regularly. If you notice that your rating is low, you can do the following to improve it.

1. Be Ready

Make sure you are ready to get in the vehicle when your Uber driver arrives. This is especially true if you are taking an UberX Share.

Time is money for drivers, and if you will be a minute or two later than you thought, reach out to them and let them know.

Make sure your pickup location is at the correct spot, and keep your phone close by to check for any changes in the time until they arrive.

2. Be Friendly

You don’t have to talk about personal stuff with the driver, and they might not be open to a conversation. But you can greet the driver once you enter the car and see if they want to talk.

It’s recommended not to talk about a controversial topic that might make either of you uncomfortable. Even if you start a hot conversation, you should be respectful of the driver’s opinion.

3. Be Mindful

Remember that the driver has been driving the vehicle for hours, and the last thing they need is a loud person taking a ride.

You might want to blast some music, but use your headphones or ask the driver if they don’t mind switching on the radio.

If you ride the car with another passenger, keep your voice low and save any conversations until you reach your destination. Your driver might not be comfortable listening to a private exchange.

4. Keep the Car Clean

Make sure you pick up all your belongings, food, and anything you’ve used before leaving the car. The driver won’t appreciate you leaving stuff you don’t need in the car.

5. Don’t Slam the Door

If you’re not paying attention, you might accidentally slam the car’s door, and this will make your driver upset.

Drivers will deduct stars if you don’t show respect to their property and might even comment that you always slam the door.

Other drivers might refuse your requests because they don’t want to spend money fixing their cars’ doors.

6. Follow the Guidelines

Revise Uber’s Community Guidelines and stick to them, so your rating might not be the same when compared to Lyft.

Remember that the driver will give you a bad rating if you don’t tighten your seat belt or try to get into the car with prohibited items.

Riders aren’t supposed to ride with open alcohol containers or while they’re under the influence of drugs.

7. Drinking and Uber

When you are very intoxicated, you may want to call a taxi instead of an Uber to help preserve your rider rating.

Aggression, vomiting, and just being a nasty person will harm your score because no driver should have to be uncomfortable with their passengers or their actions.

Uber drivers know that some of their passengers may have been at a party or had a few drinks at a bar, and that’s okay.

However, being so drunk that you can no longer be respectful to the person taking you home, is too much.

Being too intoxicated or being the “drunk friend” is a quick way to get a bad rider rating for you or whoever requested the car.

Addressing Concerns and Disputes with Ratings

Uber won’t change a rating regardless of the reason. But a single low rating won’t affect your overall rating or result in a serious issue.

Yet, you should pay attention if you keep receiving low ratings because this probably means you’re doing something wrong. This might result in several request cancellations that eventually push you to use another car-sharing service.

However, a very low rating shows that you aren’t complying with the rules.

As a result, your account might get deactivated. If you think you aren’t receiving fair ratings, you can contact customer support to explain your issue.

Conclusion: Maintaining a Good Uber Rider Rating

The Uber rider rating is part of the company’s dual feedback system that aims at improving the experience of drivers and riders.

At the end of each ride, the driver will give you a rating to evaluate their experience while driving you to your destination.

As an Uber rider, you should study the Community Guidelines and make sure you aren’t breaking any of them, or drivers will keep giving you low ratings.

Being respectful, on time, and mindful of the driver and their vehicle guarantees a high rating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Good Uber Rating for a Rider?

A 5-star rating is an indication that you aren’t a troublemaker and drivers won’t mind picking you up. This rating shows that you comply with the Community Guidelines and won’t make them uncomfortable.

Why is My Uber Rating Not a 5?

A driver might leave a low rating if you don’t show them respect while on the ride, you’re loud, litter the car, or slam the door. Yet, one review won’t have a huge impact, but try to avoid causing trouble, as too many bad ratings can get your account deactivated.

Have you looked at your uber rider rating lately? Does it reflect how you think you are as a passenger? Leave a comment and let us know.

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