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The Lyft Pet Policy Explained [& How To Bring One Along]

Not sure what the Lyft pet policy is? We've got you covered. While some drivers will let you bring your pet, there are some rules and tips to know.

Key Takeaways

  • Service animals are always allowed in Lyft vehicles, following the ADA guidelines.
  • Non-service pets are at the discretion of the Lyft driver and may be refused.
  • Drivers must be informed if a ride request involves a non-service pet.
  • Lyft’s policy requires drivers to accommodate service animals without exceptions.

What is Lyft’s Pet Policy?

Lyft’s Pet Policy explicitly allows service animals in vehicles at all times, adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities.

This means drivers must accommodate riders with service dogs or emotional support animals without exception, as part of both federal law and Lyft’s policies.

For non-service pets, however, the policy is different. Drivers have the discretion to refuse rides to passengers with non-service pets and must notify Lyft if they cancel a ride for this reason.

Pets in carriers are not guaranteed acceptance, and the decision to accept them is up to the driver. Lyft’s vehicle requirements focus on standard specifications, and not all vehicles may accommodate pet carriers.

If a driver cannot accommodate a pet carrier, they may request the passenger to find an alternative ride.

This policy ensures that while service animals are always welcomed, the accommodation of non-service pets depends on the driver’s ability and willingness to transport them.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Since I started driving, I have been surprised at the amount of riders that try to casually bring a pet with them in their ride.

I personally don’t allow big dogs in my vehicle because they make too big of a mess.

Most riders are considerate with their pets, but I’ve had riders who sort of just let their dogs do whatever they wanted to.

I’ll tell you… there’s nothing more surprising than driving down the interstate in rush-hour traffic and feeling a dog start licking your ear while changing lanes.

However, most Lyft drivers that I know don’t mind transporting pets as long as they’re kept under control during the ride.

My Suggestion: I cannot stress this enough – communicate with your driver before they pick you up about having a pet.

This is not only considerate, but helps them prepare their vehicle for the ride. They might have seat covers to put down, or some other types of protection that they might not pull out with humans.

Also, try to do your best to be proactive and let the driver know the animal won’t damage the vehicle. They’ll appreciate it, trust me.

Does Lyft Have a Pet Service?

Lyft does not offer a specific pet service in its ridesharing options.

The decision to allow pets in the vehicle is left to the discretion of the driver, who can determine the types of pets they are willing to accommodate, including considerations for pet size or breed.

This policy acknowledges that Lyft drivers use their personal vehicles and may have concerns about pets causing messes, especially when they have subsequent passengers.

Riders are encouraged to be considerate of drivers’ preferences to ensure a pleasant rideshare experience.

How Do I Let My Lyft Driver Know I Have a Pet?

When bringing your pet along on a Lyft ride, the best practice you can have is to call your driver before pickup.

When you request the ride, you should see a phone number associated with the driver coming to get you. Call that phone number and let the driver know that you have a pet with you.

Because Lyft drivers are always out on the road, they cannot respond to text messages or emails. Placing a phone call is the fastest way to contact a driver and let them know what’s going on.

By doing this, you give the driver a heads up and provide them with the chance to decide if they want to pick up you and your pet or not.

If a driver decides not to do the pickup, the Lyft app will go about finding a new driver for you.

Call your drivers as they are assigned to you so you can let them know what’s going on until you find a driver that’ll take your pet along with you.

Tips for Bringing a Pet in a Lyft

While you might go out of your way to be considerate while in someone else’s car, your pet may not do the same.

Lyft vehicle with a clipboard next to it - items are checked off because the vehicle has met lyft car requirements

Here are some tips to help make sure your pet doesn’t interfere with the driver too much:

  • Have your pet sit or lie down for as much of the drive as possible.
  • If you bring a carrier with you, have the pet stay in the carrier as much as possible, so they aren’t tempted to wander around during the ride.
  • Have your pets relieve themselves before you get them to the car, so there are no accidents during the trip.

By doing these three things, you’ll show your driver that you appreciate what they’re doing and that you’re not trying to make their life difficult.

1. No Means No

When you call the driver to let them know that you have a pet, there’s a chance they’ll say no to your pickup.

Whatever reason the driver has doesn’t change the fact that you won’t be getting into their car for that trip.

Lyft’s official policy on nonservice animals is that the driver can refuse to take the pet if they desire.

Don’t make a scene, don’t yell at the driver, and don’t try to report the driver because they told you no.

It’s their right to choose, and unfortunately, that’s something you have to accept.

2. Don’t Lie About Service Animals

Be honest about whether your pet is a service animal or not.

If you get matched with a driver that doesn’t normally take pets, they might want to see proof of service before letting you into the car.

If you don’t have that proof because you lied, you’ll have wasted both your and your driver’s time.

3. Tip Well

When the ride is done, show your driver your appreciation by tipping them as well as you can.

Pets can be a lot to handle, especially for those not used to them.

Plus, they can be a distraction on the road.

A nice tip will show your driver I appreciate what they’ve done for you and possibly motivate them to pick up others with pets in the future.

Suggested Read: Do you tip Lyft drivers? How much is best practice?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my dog as a Lyft driver?

According to Lyft’s nonservice animal policy, it is not okay for Lyft drivers to have their pets in the car while working.

Lyft drivers should leave their pets at home or in the care of someone I trust before working with Lyft for the day.

Wrapping Up

While Lyft does not have any pet-friendly options as part of its main features, you can bring your pet along for a ride.

When you match with the driver, let the driver know that you have a pet with you and see if they will pick it up with you.

Make sure that you make the ride as easy as possible for the driver and tip them well when you reach your destination.

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