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Uber Pet: Pricing, Availability, & More

Need to hitch a ride with your dog or cat? Uber Pet is a fast-growing, convenient solution for getting to the airport, the vet, or anywhere else.

Uber has many well-known services, such as Uber Eats for food delivery.

The company continues to innovate in the realm of convenience and catering, producing helpful new services.

One of these innovations is Uber Pet, also known as Pet-Friendly Rides.

Keep reading to discover what you can expect with Uber Pet.

What Is Uber Pet?

Uber Pet is a toggleable option for your transit, allowing riders to bring a pet along with them.

For the courtesy of the driver, a small extra fee applies.

Pet owners should bring a towel and any other equipment that helps to keep the driver’s car clean.

This service is limited to one pet, although you are free to negotiate with Uber drivers to accommodate more animals.

The driver always has the right to deny transit in situations they deem unsafe, such as in the presence of badly-behaved pets.

What Types of Pets Are Allowed in Uber Pet?

The Pet-Friendly Ride service is primarily for dogs and cats.

However, you can still use this program to travel with your reptiles, birds, and other animals.

You must discuss your needs with your driver beforehand.

If they are uncomfortable transporting atypical pets, they can refuse service.

Is Uber Pet for Service Animals, Too?

Uber is required by law not to charge extra for service animals, which are critical to a client’s navigation, mental health, and more.

Because of this, you don’t need to pay for Uber Pet when accompanied by a service animal.

Riders who require them must simply pay the standard transit fee.

Under no circumstances are service animal passengers required to pay cleaning fees.

Do All Uber Drivers Allow Pets in Their Cars?

When requesting a Pet-Friendly Ride, you must toggle the option at the bottom of the order screen.

Once you do, a driver who tolerates a pet will take care of your transit order.

There are some stipulations that the driver will decide, however.

For instance, Uber Pet only accounts for one dog or cat.

The driver reserves the right to deny passage to more than one animal or any non-standard pet species.

They can also refuse any animals that seem untrained, poorly behaved, or any that are not harnessed or leashed.

Respect any further requests by your driver.

They may designate a specific place for your pet to sit or ask that you keep them contained.

All riders are responsible for ensuring that their transit car is left clean.

Otherwise, you may incur additional cleaning fees.

Where Is Uber Pet Available?

Uber Pet is available in most US cities and anywhere that standard rides are purchased.

The app will tell you if a driver meeting your conditions is not available at that time.

Your pickup and dropoff locations determine the availability of Uber Pet services.

Rides are much easier to find in urban areas.

How Much Does Uber Pet Cost?

An Uber Pet trip costs between three to six dollars on average.

Prices vary by location.

If your pet is a service animal, you do not need to pay more than the standard fare.

A driver reserves the right to charge additional fees for cleaning or in exchange for more than one pet.

vector graphic illustrating different elements of how much does Uber cost

Does It Cost Extra to Bring a Pet on an Uber Ride?

Yes, as long as your pet is not a registered service animal.

The driver can refuse anyone who attempts to bring a pet into an Uber without paying for a Pet-Friendly Ride.

Cleaning fees may apply if your pet leaves excessive hair or waste.

How to Get an Uber Pet Estimate

The easiest way to obtain an Uber Pet estimate is through the company website or the app.

Once you enter your pickup and dropoff information, a drop-down menu will provide every service available for your area.

This menu will let you know whether or not Uber Pet rides are possible in your location.

When the options in the drop-down menu arrive, simply click the Uber Pet tab.

You will see a fully-calculated estimate of the base fare and additional fees.

Note that it is only an estimate and may change depending on circumstances between the driver and your pet’s behavior.

The fee does not include tips or potential housekeeping costs.

How to Request an Uber Pet Ride

Let’s discuss how easy it is to request an Uber Pet ride.

vector graphic showing a woman sitting alongside her dog in an Uber Pet branded vehicle

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Requesting an Uber Pet ride on the website or app is as simple as getting an estimate.

You can either log in or request services as a guest.

Enter your pickup and dropoff location info on either the app or website.

Uber will then provide a list of all the riding services available in your area.

Once that is done, simply select Uber Pet.

A price estimate will be available as well as the possible payment methods.

Some cities allow cash payments, which you must select beforehand.

Otherwise, you must pay a charge after or during the ride.

After choosing the right option, all you need to do is click the “request a ride” button.

Once you do, a driver will be notified, and you can track their location on a map on the website or app.

Upon arrival, verify that they are your Uber driver before transit.

Can You Request Uber Pet on an UberX?

In this case, you can only request one ride option: either Uber Pet or UberX.

If an UberX passenger arrives with a pet in tow, it is up to the driver to decide whether or not they would still like to transport them.

The driver reserves the right to cancel the arrangement and politely ask the client to purchase an Uber Pet escort instead.

What Are the Uber Pet Rules?

When you agree to Uber’s terms and conditions, you state that you understand and will follow specific rules regarding all services, including Uber Pet.

Here are some of the regulations and stipulations of the program.

How Many Pets Can Travel in an Uber Pet Trip at Once?

The Uber Pet service only accounts for a single pet.

If a passenger brings more than one, the driver has every right to refuse or allow the transit.

Note that pets that are properly secured or caged are more likely to be allowed by most drivers.

Do Pet Needs to Be Caged for an Uber Pet Ride?

Pets do not necessarily need to be caged if they are cats or dogs.

However, keeping them on a leash or harness is strongly encouraged for everyone’s safety.

An atypical pet such as a bird or reptile, for example, has a much higher chance of causing an unsafe disturbance when not kept secure.

How Many Riders Can Ride With an Uber Pet?

The Uber Pet service allows up to two riders to accompany the animal.

If more than two people attempt to ride, the driver may exercise the right to refuse the client.

Car space limits vary by driver, so a seat for your animal is not guaranteed.

In these situations, keep the pet caged on a rider’s lap.

Tips for Bringing Your Pet on an Uber Ride

Here are some suggestions that can keep your Uber Pet ride smooth and enjoyable.

1. Come Prepared

Uber recommends that you bring a cage, leash, or harness for your Pet-Friendly Ride.

Some drivers are okay with your animal being uncontained, and in that case, have a blanket or towel to cover the seat.

Do not bring any food or toys for your pet as they may cause unwanted distractions.

2. Listen to the Driver

Your Uber Pet driver will suggest or mandate a specific seat for your pet.

They may also come with a mat or blanket in advance to preserve the cleanliness of their vehicle.

If your driver has suggestions or requires you to restrain or hold your pet, you must do so.

Work with them for safe, smooth transit.

After all, they’re in charge of Uber rider ratings, so a good rating from them depends on your behavior.

3. Do Not Take Sick or Upset Animals

The driver may refuse poorly-behaved, irritable, and sick animals.

They can pose a threat to both the vehicle and the passengers.

Before taking your animal on an Uber Pet ride, make sure it is as calm as possible and doesn’t show obvious irritation or sickness symptoms.

Troubleshooting: Uber Pet Not Showing Up

Sometimes, the Uber Pet option does not appear when requesting a ride.

Let’s quickly discuss why this happens and how best to fix it.

vector graphic showing a person in the process of order uber for someone else

Reasons for This Error

Uber is a dynamic service that fluctuates based on availability.

Uber Pet is no different.

In some cities, you cannot request this service, and in others, it comes and goes.

If the app or website isn’t showing an Uber Pet price estimate, it is not currently available.

Perhaps there is a lack of drivers, or maybe there was a company policy change in your city.

How to Fix the Error

While there’s nothing you can do to fix a lack of availability, there are some workarounds.

If an UberX ride is available, you can include a note saying that you will be bringing a pet.

Any driver that does not allow this will refuse your request, although there will undoubtedly be some who do not mind.

The next best workaround is trying an alternative service.

Alternative: Check out a Pet-Friendly Shuttle Service

Uber is most prominent in cities, and thankfully, many urban areas also have pet-friendly shuttle services.

Look to local transit options like subways and city buses for pet policies.

For instance, Metro services in several cities allow pets as long as they do not take up seating or obstruct passageways.

Many shuttle services offering transport to and from airports allow pets as well, including Super Shuttle, which is available all across North America.

Does Lyft Have an Uber Pet Equivalent?

Lyft does not have a service that mirrors Uber Pet exactly.

Like Uber, you should notify Lyft drivers if you intend to bring a pet.

They reserve the right to refuse to transport you under those conditions.

Since no program allows a single pet, there is no way to guarantee that any Lyft driver will allow a dog or cat.

Still, if you can negotiate with your driver, this can work as an Uber Pet alternative.

Suggested Read: Learn more about the Lyft pet policy

Wrapping Up

Uber Pet is a convenient service for urban passengers who need to include their pets.

Just remember to abide by the driver’s discretion and the program rules to keep the ride safe and secure for everyone.

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