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How To Bring Your Pets On Rides Using Uber Pet

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber Pet allows travel with pets for an additional fee.
  • Service animals ride at no extra cost, following ADA guidelines.
  • One pet per trip is allowed, more with driver’s consent.
  • Pets should be controlled, preferably in carriers, for safety.
  • Drivers voluntarily opt in to Uber Pet, ensuring pet-friendly service.

An Overview of Uber Pet Policies

Uber generally caters to animals and has no policy explicitly banning pets from rides. Before the official launch of Uber Pet, the ride-hailing giant initially left the discretion to accept riders with pets or not to its drivers.

For instance, drivers with allergies or phobias to certain animals can lawfully reject a lift request. They can also refuse riders with pets if they’re concerned about their belongings.

Uber drivers are independent contractors. It means they own the vehicles they’re using and can decide whether or not to let animals in their cars. They can impose additional costs to compensate for maintenance and cleaning fees as well.

There’s one exception to this rule, though.

As mandated by law, service animals should always accompany their person. Protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), no driver can deny customers with service animals a ride.

If you have a service dog to help with your daily life, you can bring that pup anywhere, whether on the bus, a train, or an Uber. As long as it’s certified, there’s no additional fee or cleaning fee attached to a service animal.

What is Uber Pet?

Uber Pet is a new ride option for customers who want to travel with their pets. This service comes at an additional cost on top of the normal Uber fare pricing.

A screenshot of the Uber Pet service on various phone screens on the Uber app
Image Credit: Uber

Pets are distinct from service animals. As such, having an option without guessing whether or not the driver will let your furry friend in the car is a superb advantage.

If you’re a pet owner, you know how difficult it is to find animal-friendly transportation. Uber Pet makes it easier with a simple tap on the application.

It’s safer both for the animal and the driver, too! By implementing safety policies and travel guidelines, Uber Pet ensures a hassle-free and comfortable lift for pet owners and drivers.

How Uber Pet Works

Are you curious about how the pet ride option works? Here’s how you request a ride, pet requirements, and how the service works for drivers:

How to Request a Ride

Follow these steps to request an Uber trip with your pet:

  1. Download and install the Uber app and sign up.
  2. After creating your account, open the app and choose a drop-off and pickup location.
  3. Once done, tap “Choose a ride” and select “Uber Pet” on the list of options.
  4. Select the “Choose Uber Pet” to confirm your request.
  5. Lastly, wait for your driver to arrive at the pickup location.

As a quick reminder, passengers with service animals don’t need to choose Uber Pet. Following local and state laws, individuals with animal helpers won’t have to pay more for transport.

Uber policy also doesn’t require assistance animals to wear tags or proof. Drivers who knowingly refuse service to disabled individuals with pets can lose their access to the platform.

This exemption applies to Uber’s various vehicle types, whether riding a standard, comfort, or luxury lift.

How Many Pets You Can Bring

Uber only allows one pet per trip. If you have more than one animal to transport, the company recommends contacting your driver to let them decide before proceeding.

No formal regulations limit the size or type of animal you can bring on board. However, Uber did note that this lift option caters primarily to cat and dog owners.

But what types of animals can you bring?

If you own exotic animals, such as snakes, scorpions, or spiders, communicate the fact to your driver beforehand. This step ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride for all parties.

You can directly communicate with your Uber driver through the app. Open the application, locate your upcoming ride, tap the “Contact” button, and compose your message.

How Uber Regulates Animals

Controlling their pets for the whole duration of the trip will be the riders’ sole responsibility. So, to avoid unwanted accidents, Uber promotes using a leash, harness, or pet carrier.

Uber also recommends bringing additional towels or blankets to minimize the risk of damage to car seats. It helps maintain cleanliness in the vehicle and prevents cleaning fees.

How Drivers Participate in Uber Pet

How does Uber guarantee their drivers are pet-friendly? Well, the platform doesn’t choose animal drivers randomly.

To become an Uber Pet participant, the driver must volunteer, explicitly stating that they’re okay with having animals in their cars.

These are the only drivers they employ, so the chances of matching up with a disagreeable Uber driver are significantly low.

Where is Uber Pet Available?

Uber Pet’s availability can vary greatly depending on the region.

In urban areas, the service is widely available as there is a higher demand and a larger pool of drivers. Rural areas may have limited availability due to fewer drivers and lower demand.

LocationService Operation
Urban AreasWidely Available
Rural AreasLimited Availability

Users should check their local Uber app for the most current information regarding service availability.

How Much Do Uber Pet Rides Cost?

Uber Pet rides typically cost an additional $6 to $7 pet fee per trip on top of the standard fare. This fare can fluctuate based on trip time, distance, and route.

In cases where a pet causes mess or damage, such as waste, feces, urine, vomit, or property damage, a cleaning fee or reimbursement of up to $40 may be charged.

However, minor issues like animal odor, pet hair, or typical wear-and-tear don’t incur extra charges.

Using Uber Pet: Tips and Recommendations

Here are some practical tips to secure a smooth trip for your prized pets before you schedule rides:

1. Prepare Your Pet

Prepare your animal for the bumpy ride before tapping on that confirm button. Ensure they’re wearing a leash or snuggled inside an animal transporter.

If it’s their first time traveling in a vehicle, pack a favorite toy, pillow, or blanket to give the animal a sense of familiarity. This trick will make them feel secure throughout the journey.

Feed your pet a light meal before your trip. Avoid feeding your furry friend in a moving vehicle to prevent them from defecating or urinating.

Most importantly, attend to your animal companion at all times. Never leave your furry friend alone inside the vehicle!

2. Communicate with Your Driver

Communication is the name of the game. When booking rides in advance, share crucial details about your pet, such as its kind, size, and condition.

Ask your driver where they want animals to be when inside the vehicle. More than courtesy, some drivers could have allergies triggered by fur and other debris brought in by your pet.

There are rare cases when drivers must decline passengers for personal reasons. In these scenarios, stay calm and understand that they own the vehicle and the final say is theirs.

3. Leave Uber Car Clean

Bring an extra mat or towel to cover the car seats, especially if they’ve been playing outside and bringing in dirt and debris. For shedding pets, use a shedding tool to reduce the hair remains.

Carry waste bags to clean up after your furry friend. You’re only paying for the ride, so everything your pet does in the car is still your responsibility.

That said, choosing other forms of travel could be best if your pet isn’t ready for long drives or has behavioral issues.

Mindfulness is vital to maintaining a respectful and pleasant experience in any service. These easy extra steps keep your pet vehicles clean and go a long way to save you a few bucks!

4. Tip Your Uber Driver

As in any service, it’s crucial to acknowledge your driver’s effort and hard work. Tip your driver well and foster a positive relationship for the future.

When tipping, follow the 15% to 30% rule to support a fair income for drivers. Offering gratuity in cash also ensures that 100% of your tip reaches your favorite Uber driver.

Rating your driver after the ride is good practice, too. Your rating will let Uber and other riders know about your experience with that person and help boost their earnings.

Unique Takes on Uber Pet

To some furry creatures, car rides aren’t the most fun experience. Motion sickness, unfamiliarity with the environment, and anxiety are typical struggles causing stress to many pets.

On top of that, as the owner, seeing your animal companion suffer must be upsetting. Much more if you plan on traveling long distances or heights.

Uber Pet is a terrific ally in such a hitch. You can gradually build your pet’s confidence by using the service for quick errands like driving to the vet or trips to the park.

More than convenience, these pet-friendly lifts ensure you reach your destinations safely. As a passenger, you can watch your pet the entire trip and protect them if needed.

No more dangerous and potentially illegal driving with your vulnerable pets on your lap!

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is an Uber Pet vehicle?

Uber Pet deploys similar vehicles they use on regular trips. It means they’re the same size as other ride options, which should have at least four doors and five seats.

Is Uber Pet available in NYC?

Unfortunately, the Uber Pet service is not yet available for NYC passengers. Whether or not you can commute with your furry friend in the city depends on the individual driver.

Is Bolt pet-friendly?

Like Uber, Bolt offers a pet-friendly policy for its passengers. The platform doesn’t prohibit carrying animals in their vehicles but leaves the decision to accept pet rides to their drivers.

Final Thoughts

Rideshares like Uber Pet offer convenient and stress-free travel options for pet owners. These services are a game changer, whether or not commuting with your beloved furry friends is a part of your daily life.

With Uber Pet, you can now forget about leaving your best friends at home and alone. Can you think of any service that’s more convenient for pet owners? Neither can we.

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