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5 Monthly Car Rental Options For 2023 and How They Work

Learn about options when renting a vehicle long term. Find out the reasons for getting a monthly car rental and the average prices involved!

Whether for leisure or work, monthly car rental options enhance convenience for many drivers.

It lets you skip the confusion of dealing with unfamiliar public transportation in foreign countries.

You can also rent a ride to maintain a regular schedule if your current car needs servicing.

These are some reasons why long-term car renting is popular among various users.

Below is more information about monthly rentals.

It can help you understand this long-term deal and know when it is the best option for your needs.  

Can You Rent a Car By the Month?

Gone are the days when not owning a car automatically meant you strictly moved via public transportation.

Monthly car rentals let you navigate without losing the comfort of a personal vehicle.

You can rent a vehicle by the month from several rental companies.

They have different policies regulating the renting terms.

For instance, you may find some beginning the long-term rent from 28 or 30 days.

You may find others limiting the duration to 120 days, while some may reach up to 11 months.

Why Get a Monthly Car Rental?

Renting a vehicle by the month offers several advantages.

You can access flexibility and supportive customer service to ensure a smooth road trip.

Some reasons to get a car rental monthly include:

  1. Rideshare Driving

Rideshare driving is increasingly popular among full-time and part-time drivers.

This option lets you rent a vehicle and use it to provide services like Uber.

It is a convenient option when purchasing a car is not possible. Ridesharing drivers can also get the monthly rentals when working part-time.

Some people may have an “All or nothing” approach to life.

A monthly vehicle rental provides a quality option for people who fall between the extremes.

  1. You Don’t Want to Use Your Personal Car

Frequent usage increases mileage while gradually lowering your ride’s quality.

A car rental provides an opportunity to protect your vehicle for a while.

You can also rent using a car subscription service when you wish to experience something different.

It means you can drive various models within the rent duration.

You can adjust the vehicle type according to your requirements.

For example, you have a project running in the city and remote locations.

What can you do when you do not want to use your personal vehicle?

You can rent a luxury sedan to address your duties within the city at the start.

After that, you can switch to a standard SUV to navigate the remote areas.

  1. Better Option Than Leasing

You may know the stress that comes when needing temporary transportation.

It is common to consider a monthly car rental and a short-term vehicle lease.

The former is a better option due to its various advantages.

Leasing requires a credit check, whereas it is unnecessary in car rentals.

You also need fees for leasing and ownership, making renting cheaper.

Another advantage of getting a rental vehicle is access to unlimited mileage.

A car lease often provides limited terms, including a minimum number of days.

  1. Discount Rate

Renting a car per month has cheaper rates than daily or weekly borrowing.

Long-term rentals offer an excellent opportunity to save costs via great discount rates.

Renting companies have specific discount programs to suit long-term renters’ pockets.

For instance, Enterprise has a “Month or more program” with discounts for durations exceeding 30 days.

You can get cheaper deals via the Avis Flex program when renting for more than 60 days.

The budget has the “Budget by the Month program,” giving up to 10% discounts.

Hertz also offers a “Hertz Multi-Month program.”

It gives you savings exceeding 50% when renting for over 63 days.

Who Offers Monthly Car Rentals

You probably know or heard of various companies offering monthly car rentals.

Understanding their policies is essential to finding the perfect vehicle for your needs.

Here, we look at five of the major car rental companies.

  1. Enterprise

Enterprise offers unlimited mileage on most vehicle classes.

It also has limited mileage on larger or specialty car types such as high-end SUVs.

You can incur around $0.10 to $0.25 for each additional mile over the given limit.

Enterprise also has a car subscription service, letting you enjoy additional flexibility.

You can use it to rent different car models during your rental period.

It merges the costs of vehicle utility into a single bundle.

You only pay once a month to cover the vehicle maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance.

  1. Budget

Budget offers monthly vehicle rentals in two ways.

It allows you to get the car for multiple months.

You can also renew your contract every month.

This car rental company has long-term contracts, enabling you to rent a vehicle for 11 months.  

  1. Hertz

You can access flexibility and freedom via Hertz car rentals.

The company provides rentals with no mileage limits or penalties.

It also has a unique low multi-month discount rate via the Hertz Multi-Month program.

It applies to a wide selection of cars, including SUVs, Hybrids, and Minivans.

You can get a multi-month rental if your duration totals at least 63 days.

  1. Avis

Avis allows long-term renters to swap cars periodically.

This flexible system is ideal when you are uncertain about what car type you want.

You can use it to test drive the models and find the perfect fit.

You can get a monthly car rental from Avis for up to 11 months.

The available month-to-month agreement means you can conveniently extend your rental plan according to your needs.

  1. SIXT

SIXT is another car rental company that provides long-term car rental deals.

You can rent a vehicle for a month, beginning at 28 days or more.

SIXT also allows prolonged renting, where you can use the car for up to 120 days.

How Much Are Monthly Car Rentals?

Long-term car rental typically features cheaper rates than short-term options, adding to its attractiveness.

You can learn more about the costs involved by looking at the average prices.

The monthly rate discount is another means to aid your budget planning.

Average Prices

The average prices vary according to your preferred duration.

You can expect a different fee when renting for a month or multi-month basis.

Some companies also offer one-way monthly rentals with varying price tags.

You can get rentals with and without a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), altering the average costs.

The vehicle class and rental location are other factors that influence the average monthly rates.

Sometimes you may get discounts when booking your vehicle online.

Notably, booking online and in advance offers access to high-quality vehicles.

You risk getting leftover cars when relying on in-person reservations.

Booking at the counter generally costs more than online.  

Monthly Rate Discount

You can enjoy great rates when using a rental vehicle for a month.

A long-term rental incorporates discounts that help you save money the longer you use the car.

For instance, SIXT lets you get significant savings when renting a vehicle for 28 days or more.

It presents a suitable option if you need a car for a project that lasts for a month or more.

The monthly discounts are ideal even when you may not necessarily drive daily.

It might be tempting to rent a vehicle for less than a month since you do not ride every day.

The different rental companies have varying discount offers.

You want to examine them to find the most suitable offer for your wallet.

For instance, Budget includes an LDW in its services.

Monthly Car Rental FAQs

Do you need insurance for a monthly car rental?

You do not require full coverage when renting a vehicle monthly.

Most rental companies have an optional insurance requirement.

Typically, you can use their services if you have liability coverage.

The companies also present the option of purchasing insurance.

This daily insurance covers damage to the car during your usage.

How far can you drive with a monthly car rental?

Many car rental providers include unlimited mileage on most vehicle classes.

You can drive as much as you require without concerns about penalty fees.

Specialty or larger cars like exotic cars or large SUVs have limited mileage.

You incur incremental costs for each extra mile over the permitted limit.

It is critical to verify the mileage details in the Terms and Conditions.

Can you extend a monthly car rental?

You can extend your rental period by renewing your contract.

You can also pay for a more extended period, covering several months.

You can rent a vehicle by the month, with deals letting you use it for a month or more.

We present five of the most popular providers you may choose when considering car rentals.

In addition, we looked at the reasons to rent a car monthly.

They show the benefits you can enjoy and when a monthly car rental might be best.

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