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Off The Record Review: App Lets You Fight Traffic Tickets From Home

Wondering how to get rid of that pricey speeding ticket and avoid insurance premium hikes? Read our Off the Record review—the app helps you contest tickets with a real attorney right from home.

Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket and felt like you didn’t deserve it?

Well, with new app Off the Record, you can literally take these infractions off your record!

In this article, we will go over our Off the Record review to show you what Off the Record is and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is Off the Record?

Let’s first get you acquainted with the Off the Record app before we delve into its usefulness.

Basically, Off the Record helps you fight your traffic tickets in court without you ever having to leave the couch.

The iPhone and web app touts an impressive average success rate of 97% when it comes to fighting users’ speeding tickets.

So, what does that mean for you?

Say you get a speeding ticket for $150.

Not only is the cost a punch to the wallet, but the bigger issue Off the Record tries to fight is the fact that your speeding ticket can increase your insurance premiums, which ends up being an even bigger cost in the long run.

Thus, the app fights to get the ticket off your record so your insurance doesn’t take a hit.

How Does Off the Record Work?

Here’s how it works.

When you get a ticket, you’ll submit a photo of your ticket, answer a few questions, then pay a fee.

The fee can range anywhere from $59 to $599 depending on the state and county you live in.

Though it might seem pricey at first, understand that your fee will be fully refunded if for some reason your ticket cannot be contested.

With the fee, the app assigns a successful traffic attorney to your case (lawyers are vetted via success rate on the app).

From there, you are able to message and get updates from your attorney without you having to meet in person or even leave the comfort of your home.

off the record review

Off the Record Review: Why We Like It

Everyone has the right to fight traffic tickets, but only 5% of people actually do it—probably because it’s an immense pain to mail in your ticket, show up in court, and deal with the other annoying proceedings.

The only other way to lower your insurance rates after receiving a ticket is going to traffic school.

Although Off the Record currently only handles small infractions such as minor speeding tickets or running a stop sign, the creators say using the app will still be worth it.

The ticket prices for those types of infractions usually run at about $150, so a similar price to the actual ticket, you get the chance to wipe the infraction from your insurance.

It will be much more helpful down the road. And, if you know anything about auto insurance companies, you know they’re waiting for you to make any small mistake so they can bump up your premium.

One of our favorite things about the Off the Record app is that they assign you to a real, vetted lawyer.

They also show you your stats based on your fee, the projected cost of your heightened insurance premium without the ticket being taken off your record, and the estimated success rate of your case.

Showing you all the numbers at once really helps you visualize why paying the fee to fight the ticket is worth it.

Plus, if for some reason the infraction can’t be wiped from your record, the app will refund you the fee as long as you live in any other state than New Jersey (sorry, NJ.).

That refund promise is a big reason why we trust this app.

Of course, some small tickets might not be worth contesting.

It’s up to you to decide if the cost is worth it—call your insurance company to see whether or not your rates would rise with certain minor speeding tickets.

Lastly, some statistics. According to the Off the Record app, here are your chances of saving money:

  • 81% of the time, the attorney gets the ticket waived
  • 16% of the time, the ticket is reduced to a non-moving violation, which means your insurance rate will not increase, but you will still have to pay the fine
  • Though other apps offer the service of hiring a lawyer to fight tickets, Off the Record claims to match any lower prices you find for the same service

Off the Record is currently available in “most states and cities,” but to find out for sure if you’re, just submit your area of residence here.

There’s a lot to be excited about with Off the Record, and hopefully it will help you feel more comfortable fighting traffic tickets!

Of course, one way to consistently save money is to just be a better driver altogether, and that way you won’t get hit with any tickets.

We hope our Off the Record review has been helpful—let us know your thoughts in the comments.

You can also download the app right here if you’re ready to start fighting tickets!

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