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Grubhub Background Check: How To Pass With Flying Colors

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Knowing the information included in the Grubhub background check is essential for future workers to pass with flying colors.

By being prepared ahead of time and knowing what the report will include, future employees can get ahead of the curve.

After all, there may be pertinent information in a background check that could disqualify a person from being hired by Grubhub — so knowing certain information (like past jobs, references, personal information, etc.) is key to being prepared during the interview and screening process.

Before applying for a position at Grubhub, you must know the basics regarding a background check and the hiring process.

Being educated on this information can help you be prepared before the interview, application, and further steps.

Does Grubhub Perform Background Checks?

Grubhub performs a background check on all current and future employees.

This is the only way the company can be sure that customers feel secure using this app and keep the company competitive against other delivery companies in the industry.

Why Do You Need To Pass a Grubhub Background Check?

Drivers who are interested in working with Grubhub need to pass a background check to be considered for the open position.

Grubhub drivers must have a reliable mode of transport and be over 19 years old.

They should have a valid driver’s license, car insurance, smartphone, and clean record.

Grubhub performs background checks on all future drivers to ensure they only hire trustworthy individuals with no history of violent crime or run-ins with the law that could impact a customer’s safety.

How To Qualify To Work for Grubhub

There are certain qualifications that future drivers must have before Grubhub can hire them.

Meeting these criteria ensures that Grubhub covers all of its bases when hiring reputable and trustworthy individuals with the right background for the job requirements.

Pass a Background Check

One of the main aspects of the Grubhub application and screening process is passing a background check.

The background check inspects the person’s history to see if they have any criminal convictions or issues on their driving record.

For example, multiple driving tickets, citations, and speeding tickets would disqualify a driver due to a lack of safety on the road.

Grubhub requires every individual who wants to become a Grubhub driver to provide their personal information, such as their unique social security number, date of birth, home address, and email address, before starting the background check.

The background check lookback date length depends on the specific state where the person applies.

In most states within the US, the background check goes back 7 years.

However, in other states, the lookback period expands to 10 years.

Individuals should look at the laws in their specific state to see what will be included in their local, state, and federal records.

Be at Least 19 Years Old

Grubhub requires a form of identification to prove the driver is over 19 years old.

Two Years of Driving Experience

Future Grubhub drivers must have a reliable mode of transport (i.e., working car or bicycle) and have two years of driving experience.

This minimum experience level helps Grubhub keep accidents and traffic-based law violations at bay.

Have a Smartphone

Grubhub drivers need a smartphone to use the app and accept mobile orders.

Their smartphone must have a widespread mobile data connection to accept orders, use the app, check the order status, and connect with customers during their work shift.

Have Car Insurance

Grubhub drivers must have automotive accident insurance to protect themselves in case of any incident or accident while on the road as a hired driver.

Have a Valid Driver’s License

Like any other driver on the road, Grubhub workers must have a valid driver’s license to legally be allowed to operate a vehicle.

The driver’s license must be a government-issued photo ID and not be expired.

Have a Valid Checking Account for Payments

Since Grubhub drivers are considered freelancers and independent workers, they must have their own bank account with their names on it.

This makes it possible for gig workers to file their own taxes at the end of every tax year and avoid any issues with the IRS.

How Does the Background Check Process Work?

Future Grubhub drivers should look into how the background check process works so they can be prepared with the information, timeline, and hiring process ahead of time.

Background Check Overview

The Grubhub background check is a key part of the application process and hiring steps.

Most companies, including other delivery businesses, use a background check to choose reputable workers.

Grubhub uses the background check to find any issues on a person’s record, such as “red flags” that could indicate a dangerous or untrustworthy person.

The hiring team will look at any crimes on a person’s record, such as assault or theft, driving record issues, such as DUIs, and minor driving infractions, such as dozens of parking fines.

How Long Does Grubhub Take To Review Background Check?

Just because your Grubhub background check hasn’t been returned in 24 hours doesn’t mean you haven’t been hired.

The average turnaround time for a Grubhub background check is 3-7 business days.

Applicants can check their background check status by logging into the online portal.

If you have not heard back from the company within one week, consider contacting customer support.

What Does Grubhub Look for in a Background Check?

Does Grubhub care about your taxes and your speeding tickets?

Find out the most important information that can influence your hiring process.

Criminal History

The Grubhub hiring staff will look at a person’s past criminal history, including serious criminal charges such as assault, sexual assault, manslaughter, murder, or theft.

These charges indicate a potentially dangerous individual who may not be trusted within the company.

Compared to misdemeanors, criminal convictions are a much more serious matter that can immediately disqualify a person.

Driving History

In addition, the Grubhub team will analyze a person’s driving history that could indicate a lack of safety, trustworthiness, and reliability.

Multiple minor infractions, like parking tickets or speeding tickets, or a few major violations, such as driving while intoxicated or vehicular manslaughter charges, can disqualify a candidate.

How To Pass the Grubhub Background Check

So, is it impossible to pass the background check?

No, it is not impossible to pass a Grubhub background check.

However, applicants must avoid a few things that may immediately disqualify them from moving on during the hiring process.

What Will Disqualify You From Driving?

Criminal convictions and major violations on your DMV record can disqualify an applicant from being accepted by Grubhub.

Individuals with felonies, sex offenders, dangerous criminals, or those with major driving violations will be automatically disqualified.

How To Check on the Status of Your Grubhub Background Check

Curious if Grubhub has accepted you?

Follow these steps to check the status of your background check:

  • Step 1: Check Your Email or Smartphone
  • Step 2: Click on the action button
  • Step 3: View the Percentage Wheel to see your application status

This process has a few steps: “Set up Your Profile, Authorize Your Background Check, New Driver Paperwork, Driver Onboarding, Set UP Direct Deposit, and Equipment Pickup.

If you have been accepted, you will see a checkmark next to Fill Out Your Paperwork.

Can You Dispute an Unfair Background Check Report From Grubhub?

Applicants can dispute an unfair background check if it has misinformation or includes information that it should not have (i.e., information that has been sealed or incorrect criminal history/driving records).

How To Dispute a Grubhub Background Check

There are a few steps an individual should take to dispute a Grubhub background check:

  1. File a dispute with Checkr
  2. Contact the customer service team for GrubHub regarding a specific complaint or question
  3. File a dispute after the final hiring decision

Frequently Asked Questions

Drivers who are thinking of applying for Grubhub should be aware of what may appear on their background check by reading the most frequently asked question from current or past Grubhub employees.

Is Grubhub strict on background checks?

Grubhub performs background checks for all drivers who wish to work for their business.

However, this type of background check is typical for delivery companies, including inspecting the person’s criminal history and driving records.

What does consideration mean on Grubhub background check?

If a person’s Grubhub background check comes back with a “Consider” reply, this means that the company is spending more time evaluating the information included on the background check.

Wrapping Up

Are you considering applying for a Grubhub open position as a delivery driver?

If so, you need to know what this company includes on its background check.

Grubhub runs a criminal check and analyzes the driving record of all applicants to see if they are safe hires for their company.

Not sure if you will pass a Grubhub background check?

Comment here if you have any more questions!

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