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Does Uber Hire Felons in? Second Chance Policy Explained

Would you like to apply do Uber but have something on your record holding you back? We'll break down the answer to "Does Uber hire felons" today, walking you through step-by-step.

Key Takeaways

  • Background Check Policy: Uber disqualifies candidates with severe criminal convictions in the past seven years, focusing on serious crimes like violent offenses and DUIs.
  • Second Chance Policy: This initiative helps eligible felons reduce certain convictions to misdemeanors, aligning with Uber’s commitment to fair hiring practices.
  • Policy Limits: Despite the Second Chance Policy, individuals with significant criminal backgrounds, especially recent felonies, are generally not hired.
  • Misdemeanor Hiring: Uber may employ individuals with minor misdemeanors, provided they meet specific criteria regarding the nature and recency of these offenses.

Does Uber Hire Felons?

Uber generally does not hire felons, as their background check policy disqualifies applicants with serious criminal convictions within the last seven years, including violent crimes, DUIs, sexual offenses, and felonies.

However, they offer a Second Chance Policy, supporting felons in reducing certain convictions to misdemeanors under specific legal provisions.


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What Is Uber’s Second Chance Policy?

Uber’s Second Chance Policy reflects their belief in providing opportunities to individuals with criminal records, aiming to reduce employment barriers.

They support programs that help people with criminal records reenter the workforce, such as notifying drivers about adjusting felonies under Proposition 47 and referring ineligible applicants to organizations like Defy Ventures.

In 2016, Uber signed the White House Fair Chance Business Pledge, committing to fair hiring practices. This policy is part of Uber’s broader approach to offer economic opportunities and support community initiatives.

Understanding the Uber Background Check Process

The Uber background check, conducted over 3-5 business days, examines your past seven years’ records (lifetime in California) for serious motor or criminal convictions like murder, sexual assault, terrorism, and felonies.

Major offenses or pending severe charges within the last seven years can disqualify you from driving for Uber.

Application status is tracked via the Uber candidate portal with labels like ‘Complete,’ ‘Pending,’ ‘Clear,’ ‘Consider,’ or ‘Dispute,’ indicating your application’s progress and outcome.

Your status will reveal whether or not something from your record is holding you back from getting approved. If this is the case, you’ll likely see your status as “Dispute” or a complete rejection.

Does a Background Check Mean You Shouldn’t Apply for Uber?

The fact that Uber runs a background check doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t apply for Uber. Uber offers opportunities even to those who might not pass the background check initially.

Under Proposition 47, certain felonies can be reduced to misdemeanors, potentially qualifying individuals for driving with Uber.

This includes felonies like shoplifting, possession of controlled substances, or grand theft involving amounts less than $950.

Individuals concerned about their background can petition for a reduction in their felony charges. However, bypassing the background check isn’t an option, as it is a mandatory part of Uber’s application process.

Does Uber Hire Misdemeanors?

Yes, Uber may hire individuals with misdemeanors, as long as they haven’t committed more than three minor driving violations or any major motor violations in the past three years.

However, any criminal misdemeanors in the past seven years, including serious traffic offenses, violent crimes, or drug-related crimes, disqualify applicants.

Does Uber Drug Test Drivers?

Uber does not require drug testing for drivers upon hiring. However, drivers must undergo a drug test within 24 hours of any accident, regardless of fault. Failure to pass this test can result in job loss.

Some states have additional drug testing requirements for employees, but Uber’s policy is universal for all drivers post-accident.

1 thought on “Does Uber Hire Felons in? Second Chance Policy Explained”

  1. I have a non violent felony conviction over 15 years old. Uber disqualified me. Here is what was said: “ Hi Terry,

    This is James, one of the supervisors from Uber. We’ve received the results of your background check report from Checkr and have determined that you are not eligible to access the app based on the criminal portion of your report.
    Checkr should have sent you an email regarding this decision with a copy of your background check report. This email also contains instructions on how to dispute the results so be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders.

    Please note that Checkr does not determine the standards used to evaluate eligibility to drive with Uber and is not involved in this decision.
    Uber makes a decision based on the report (or amended report) that Checkr provides. If you haven’t received a copy of your background check report, you can request one by signing into the Checkr Candidate Portal.”


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