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The Comprehensive Guide to the OnMyWay App

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Every single day, there are over 1,000 injuries and about nine deaths in the United States that directly result from distracted driving.

But despite the well-known dangers of using mobile phones behind the wheel, the majority of U.S. drivers aged 18-64 report doing just that.

The OnMyWay app is taking a new approach to curtail texting and driving by rewarding the safest drivers on the road with cash.

If you’re already a great driver, or you’re looking to kick your bad smartphone habits aside, OnMyWay is a great opportunity to earn.

The app recognizes when you’re driving and allows you to rack up rewards for doing your part in keeping yourself, your riders, and everyone around you safe.

We’ll guide you on how the OnMyWay app works, how you can start earning on the platform, and whether or not it’s worth the download.

What Is the OnMyWay App?

OnMyWay app homepage

The OnMyWay app is a free app specifically aimed to reduce the amount of distracted driving that happens on the road.

It does so in two primary ways.

First, it automatically sets your phone on Do Not Disturb mode when it detects that you’re moving at a pace of over 10 miles per hour.

Second, it lets you earn OnMyWay Cash, which you can trade in for real rewards, for every mile you drive without touching your phone.

Don’t worry if you’re a frequent user of navigation apps like Apple Maps or Google Maps, or always have music apps like Spotify or Pandora playing during your drives.

OnMyWay still allows you to use these services, as long as you activate them when you’re stopped and don’t play around with the apps while you’re driving.

As long as you have an eligible smartphone (iOS 9.0, Android 4.4, or later), you’ll be able to fully utilize the app and earn extra money or prizes.

Benefits of the OnMyWay App

Now that you know the basics of what the OnMyWay is, we’ll dive deeper into the three main benefits you can get by downloading the app.

1. Helps You Prevent Car Accidents

Woman watching car being towed

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, using your phone while driving can decrease the level of brain activity you’re using to navigate the roads by as much as 37%.

By disabling all text and app alerts — and giving you incentives to keep away from your phone — the OnMyWay app limits distractions to keep your eyes ahead of you.

The homepage claims that the platform successfully helped prevent over 8,000 accidents, saving over 50 lives, in its first six months of operation.

2. Lets You Earn Free Cash Rewards

One of the most attractive aspects of the OnMyWay app is the fact that you can earn cash and other deals just by practicing safe driving (as you already should).

For every mile you drive without texting or using your apps, you’ll receive 5 cents in your OnMyWay app balance.

You can even earn money as a passenger, since OnMyWay tracks how fast you’re going rather than if you’re behind the wheel or not.

The more OnMyWay Cash you earn, the more frequently you can trade it in for actual payouts, which can take the form of gift cards or cash.

3. Sends Automated Texts

We’re often tempted to pick up our phones while driving to keep up with conversations or, ironically, to let our friends know we’re driving.

OnMyWay notifies your friends that you’re driving on your behalf, so neither of you feel the need to keep texting until you’re free to respond.

This automated text can be disabled in your settings if you’d prefer to just catch up with your messages once you’re stopped.

In case of emergencies, you and your friends or family members can still make phone calls, as long as you connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth system.

Getting Started With the OnMyWay App

Taking advantage of the OnMyWay app is easy once you download it from the Google Play store or App Store.

Once the platform is installed on your Android or iPhone, open the OnMyWay app and tap “Get Started.”

OnMyWay app phone screenshot

Type in your email and phone number, then tap “Next.”

Re-enter the last four digits of your phone number as verification if prompted.

OnMyWay app registration screen

Scan your driver’s license barcode by tapping “Scan Back of License.”

This will help OnMyWay verify that they are rewarding a licensed driver.

If you’re having issues with this tool, you can alternatively tap “Scan Not Working?” and gain temporary access by filling in the full name, age, gender, state, and driver’s license number, as accurately displayed on your license.

You’ll need to verify your information again later if you choose this latter option.

Driver's license scan

When prompted, enable the OnMyWay app to gain access to your location and to turn on Do Not Disturb mode when you’re driving.

Tap “Next Step” when complete.

Allow Do Not Disturb mode

Finally, enable OnMyWay to have access to your SMS application, so they can send an automatic text to friends who message you when you’re driving.

Allow OnMyWay app access to text messages

Once you finish this process, the app will automatically add your first $10 in OnMyWay Cash to your app balance.

This is a great reason to sign up today, before the deal goes away.

How to Earn Cash on the OnMyWay App

After receiving your initial $10 in OnMyWay cash for signing up, you can continue your earnings streak by getting on the road.

There’s no need to activate the app.

Because of the permissions you gave OnMyWay, the platform will be able to use your location to track when and how far you’re driving.

This means your earnings will automatically rise when the OnMyWay app turns on your Do Not Disturb mode.

How to Cash Out

Unlike many cash back apps, OnMyway doesn’t allow you to cash out directly to your bank account, Venmo account, or PayPal account.

Instead, you must trade in your OnMyWay Cash in exchange for a store card or cash card of your choice.

To do so, simply scroll through the “OnMyWay Cash Offers” section on your app’s home screen, tap “View” on the offer you want to claim, and tap “Get Deal.”

Offers on the OnMyWay app

The downside of cashing out on the OnMyWay app is the fact that you likely won’t find the best deals on the platform.

Store cards usually have strict limitations, often down to the specific items you can buy.

Most gift cards are also for lesser known brands, not well-known retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

Real cash rewards are also incredibly difficult to attain.

To get a cash card instead of a store card, your only options are to:

  • Refer 250 users for a $250 cash
  • Refer 50 users and trade in $5,000 OnMyWay Cash for $500 cash
  • Trade in $10,000 OnMyWay Cash for $1,000 cash

This means that, without referrals, you’ll need to drive 200,000 miles to actually get cash — which could take over a decade for the average driver.

The company isn’t trying to scam you out of rewards, but they do make the best rewards nearly impossible unless you’re willing to wait years to cash out.

Claiming OnMyWay Perks

While the OnMyWay app doesn’t make it easy to get real cash, it does offer free perks to anyone who commits to safe driving by downloading the app.

On your app’s homepage, you can scroll down to the “OnMyWay Perks” section to view and claim great discounts, free trials, and OnMyWay Cash back offers.

Many of these perks are for well-known brands and services like Claire’s, Warby Parker, Rover, and CBS All Access.

OnMyWay Referral Program

Referral program cashout

If you want to speed up your earnings, instead of waiting a decade to get real cash, the best thing you can do is refer friends and family members to the OnMyWay app.

You earn $2 OnMyWay Cash for every friend who uses your referral link to join, plus 2 cents per mile they drive safely in the future.

All you need to do is tap “Refer Friends” toward the top of your homepage, give OnMyWay access to your contacts, and start selecting the friends you want to refer.

You can also head to your settings, using your app menu, to grab your referral link or referral code and manually share these with your network.

OnMyWay App Pros and Cons

With an average 4.3 star rating from over 26,000 users, OnMyWay is a trusted app that encourages you to drive safely and do your part to prevent accidents on the road.

One of the main downsides is the large amount of personal information and permissions you need to share with the app to get going.

If you’re uncomfortable with OnMyWay storing your driver’s license data and having access to your location and text messages, this may not be the perfect app for you.

Despite this, and the fact that it can be hard to get real cash, the platform’s benefits still outweigh this downsides.

It’s a hands-free earning opportunity that allows your smartphone to help you earn when you shouldn’t be using it anyway.

Plus, you’ll be able to safely inform your friends when you’re driving and never get tempted to text and drive again.

Stay Safe on Every Trip

The OnMyWay app is an innovative tool that’s helping prevent thousands of distracted driving accidents throughout the United States.

As long as you’re a licensed driver with a compatible smartphone, you can start making a passive income for your good habits.

However, when most of your time on the road is spent driving for a rideshare or food delivery app, it can be difficult to earn with OnMyWay.

Luckily, you can still commit to safety without locking down your phone.

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