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OnMyWay App: How It Works, Pricing, Review and Download Link

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We’ve all heard it before.

Texting and driving aren’t safe and can cause major accidents and even death.

Texting and driving are considered distracted driving, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), distracted driving claimed more than 3,000 lives in 2020 alone.

Using the OnMyWay app is a great incentive to encourage people of all ages, especially young adults who admit to using their phones while driving, to stay off their phones while driving.

When you download the app, you’ll earn cash for every mile on the road but not using your phone.

If you’re interested in how this works and whether the OnMyWay app is legitimate, we’ve got the answers for you and the link where you can download it to find out for yourself.

What is the OnMyWay App?

The founders initially launched the OnMyWay app in 2019 to encourage people to stay off their phones and keep their focus on the road when they’re behind the wheel.

This South Carolina based company’s overall mission is to incentivize people to practice safe driving habits.

screenshot of the onmyway app

As of 2023, it’s still the only mobile driving app that pays you for staying off your phone.

Others out there track to see how often you are, but without incentives to stay off of it.

You’ll earn a certain amount of cash for every mile your phone stays locked when you’re behind the wheel.

According to the OnMyWay app, since its launch in 2019, the platform’s users have helped save 189 lives and prevent 29,052 accidents.

How Does OnMyWay App Work?

If you’ve heard of this platform before, you might have also heard about potential scams associated with the company.

It’s an entirely legitimate platform, but you may want to judge for yourself.

To see how you can get paid from the OnMyWay app, all you have to do is the two following steps.  

1. Download the App

The first thing you need to do is download the mobile app.

You can use this link for the Google Play Store for Android users and Apple iPhones, this link.

You can also use your phone to go directly into the app store to download it to your device.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll create your account.

It involves entering your name, email, creating a password, and other details, but it’s an easy process.

2. Get Paid for Every Mile You Don’t Use Your Phone

Now the fun part is getting paid.

You’ll need to enable location services so that the app can track your driving and see whether your phone is locked or not.

You don’t need to open it and let it know you’re driving to use the app.

It uses location services to see when you’re on the phone and automatically begins tracking how far your drive without using your phone.

How Much Does OnMyWay App Pay?

We’re sure you’re wondering how much the OnMyWay app pays.

It may not be as much as you think, but it’s worth trying for those who drive a lot or simply want to be more accountable for safe driving.

For each safe mile you drive, you’ll earn five cents.

While this doesn’t sound like much, it will add up, especially if you drive a lot for work or pleasure.

This is the standard rate each user will earn each time they drive safely.

Once you hit a certain amount, you can cash your incentives for rewards like gift cards.

They offer gas cards, gift cards, cash cards, and travel raffles.

You can choose which route you want to go when you’re able to cash out at a minimum of $10, but you can wait until you have more if you want a larger gift card.

You’ll also earn an additional two cents for every safe mile someone you refer to the app drives and $2 when they initially sign up.

The OnMyWay app also runs what they call marathon deals.

A marathon deal is where they deposit a more considerable amount of money into your account for a certain number of referrals, having a certain amount of cash in your account, etc.

It’s a great way to earn passive income, and they provide you with a custom link they can use to sign up.

Does OnMyWay App Cost Anything?


Downloading and using this app doesn’t cost the user anything.

If you are prompted to pay at any time, this is a scam, and you shouldn’t enter any payment information.

Who Pays for OnMyWay?

You’re probably wondering how this platform can pay out drivers.

They work closely with their rewards retailers to ensure that they can pay their safe drivers for their diligence on the road.

The OnMyWay app can pay users thanks to their retail partners.

When you receive a gift card or other reward for your safe driving and then use it wherever applicable, that retailer will pay OnMyWay.

This allows them to put money back into their users and ensure that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

Is OnMyWay App Worth It?

The OnMyWay app is a great way to earn passive income for something you already do.

Or if you’re trying to be safer on the road for yourself, passengers, and other drivers.

Pros of the OnMyWay App

There are several pros to using this platform.

The main benefits you should think about include:

  • You earn money for safe driving
  • It can keep you accountable for staying off your phone
  • It’s passive income
  • It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and use
  • You earn gift cards to popular retailers, gas cards, etc

Cons Pros of the OnMyWay App

As with everything, there are some cons you need to think about. Here are the cons to consider with this platform:

  • You don’t earn a lot per mile
  • You need to hit a minimum dollar amount before cashing out
  • You can’t get physical cash or a bank deposit

Remember that these are generalized cons.

Some people might think of these as reasons not to use the app, but you might not find an issue with any of them.

Small improvements are needed to the platform to draw more people in, but as a newer company, they’re still evolving.

Conclusions: Is OnMyWay Worth It?

Whether you think trying out the OnMyWay app is worth it will ultimately be a decision you make for yourself.

Most people think it’s well worth it because while you don’t earn a whole lot of cash per mile, it’s easy money that you don’t have to think to earn.

You can try out the app for yourself to see how you like it and whether you think it’s worth it for you.

Overall, it’s a great deal.

You get paid for something you’re already doing, and the company is working towards its mission of making the roads safer for everyone.

How to Sign Up for OnMyWay App

Signing up for the OnMyWay app is very easy.

You’ll go to the Google Play store or your Apple App Store to download the app.

Once the platform is installed on your Android or iPhone, open the OnMyWay app and tap “Get Started.”

screenshot of the process of how to download the onmyway app

Type in your email and phone number, then tap “Next.”

Re-enter the last four digits of your phone number as verification if prompted.

screenshot of the process of how to download the onmyway app

Scan your driver’s license barcode by tapping “Scan Back of License.”

This will help OnMyWay verify that they are rewarding a licensed driver.

If you’re having issues with this tool, you can alternatively tap “Scan Not Working?” and gain temporary access by filling in the full name, age, gender, state, and driver’s license number, as accurately displayed on your license.

You’ll need to verify your information again later if you choose this latter option.

screenshot of the process of how to download the onmyway app

When prompted, enable the OnMyWay app to gain access to your location and to turn on Do Not Disturb mode when you’re driving.

Tap “Next Step” when complete.

screenshot of the process of how to download the onmyway app

Finally, enable OnMyWay to have access to your SMS application, so they can send an automatic text to friends who message you when you’re driving.

screenshot of the process of how to download the onmyway app

Once you finish this process, the app will automatically add your first $10 in OnMyWay Cash to your app balance.

This is a great reason to sign up today, before the deal goes away.

Here’s how to sign up for the app, step by step.

How to Earn Cash on the OnMyWay App

After receiving your initial $10 in OnMyWay cash for signing up, you can continue your earnings streak by getting on the road.

There’s no need to activate the app.

Because of the permissions you gave OnMyWay, the platform will be able to use your location to track when and how far you’re driving.

This means your earnings will automatically rise when the OnMyWay app turns on your Do Not Disturb mode.

How to Cash Out On The OnMyWay App

Unlike many cash back apps, OnMyway doesn’t allow you to cash out directly to your bank account, Venmo account, or PayPal account.

Instead, you must trade in your OnMyWay Cash in exchange for a store card or cash card of your choice.

To do so, simply scroll through the “OnMyWay Cash Offers” section on your app’s home screen, tap “View” on the offer you want to claim, and tap “Get Deal.”

screenshot of how to cash out on the onmyway app

The downside of cashing out on the OnMyWay app is the fact that you likely won’t find the best deals on the platform.

Store cards usually have strict limitations, often down to the specific items you can buy.

Most gift cards are also for lesser known brands, not well-known retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

Real cash rewards are also incredibly difficult to attain.

To get a cash card instead of a store card, your only options are to:

  • Refer 250 users for a $250 cash
  • Refer 50 users and trade in $5,000 OnMyWay Cash for $500 cash
  • Trade in $10,000 OnMyWay Cash for $1,000 cash

This means that, without referrals, you’ll need to drive 200,000 miles to actually get cash — which could take over a decade for the average driver.

The company isn’t trying to scam you out of rewards, but they do make the best rewards nearly impossible unless you’re willing to wait years to cash out.

Claiming OnMyWay Perks

While the OnMyWay app doesn’t make it easy to get real cash, it does offer free perks to anyone who commits to safe driving by downloading the app.

On your app’s homepage, you can scroll down to the “OnMyWay Perks” section to view and claim great discounts, free trials, and OnMyWay Cash back offers.

Many of these perks are for well-known brands and services like Claire’s, Warby Parker, Rover, and CBS All Access.

OnMyWay Referral Program

screenshot of the onmyway app referral program

If you want to speed up your earnings, instead of waiting a decade to get real cash, the best thing you can do is refer friends and family members to the OnMyWay app.

You earn $2 OnMyWay Cash for every friend who uses your referral link to join, plus 2 cents per mile they drive safely in the future.

All you need to do is tap “Refer Friends” toward the top of your homepage, give OnMyWay access to your contacts, and start selecting the friends you want to refer.

You can also head to your settings, using your app menu, to grab your referral link or referral code and manually share these with your network.

Final Thoughts

OnMyWay’s mission is simple.

They want to incentivize people to avoid distracted driving, which can save lives.

The app uses your data to track every mile you drive without unlocking your phone and pays you five cents per safe mile.

You’ll earn rewards like cash cards, gas cards, and more to keep yourself and others safe while behind the wheel.

While it’s not a lot of money, it’s a great way to earn passive income and help make our roads a little safer for everyone.

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