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Play Octopus: Features, Pricing and How It Works For Drivers

Rideshare drivers want passengers to have a great trip to get impressive ratings. Play Octopus is an exciting way to have fun while you earn money.

Play Octopus aims to take ridesharing to the next level.

Have you ever seen the game show Cash Cab?

Then you have an idea of how this company works.

People still get to their destination in an affordable way, but they get to have fun while they’re doing it.

Read on to find out how rideshare drivers can take advantage of this fun feature to get improved ratings.

What Is Play Octopus?

Play Octopus is an advertising company that wants to revolutionize ridesharing.

They’ve integrated engaging trivia questions into a tablet that passengers can play during their trip.

Brief ads for major brands play between rounds of trivia to generate income for Play Octopus.

How Does Play Octopus Work?

Play Octopus sends tablets to any rideshare driver that completes 100 or more trips every month.

Passengers use the tablet to play games and win prizes.

How Does Play Octopus Make Money?

Play Octopus uses advertising on their tablets, similar to how you see ads when you play mobile game apps on your phone.

These ads pay enough to Play Octopus so they can make money, allowing them to provide tablets for free to drivers.

The company partners with major brands like Disney, Target, Red Bull, Sprint, and others.

Who Can Sign Up for Play Octopus?

Any rideshare driver can sign up for Play Octopus.

It doesn’t matter if you drive for Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare service.

As long as you’ve driven for at least two months, you’re eligible for a tablet.

Requirements to Sign Up for Play Octopus

Play Octopus sends free tablets to any driver who completes over 100 trips every month.

Because they show ads between games, ensuring at least 100 people see it monthly helps them earn money.

You must return the tablet if you drop below 100 rides a month.

How Can Play Octopus Benefit Rideshare Drivers?

Play Octopus doesn’t only provide a fun trip for the passengers—drivers can play, too!

As you and your passengers play trivia during the ride, you both earn points that you can exchange for cash prizes.

Drivers using Play Octopus in their rideshare vehicles can also earn up to $100 a month from the company.

So it’s definitely worth partnering with Play Octopus if you’re eligible because you’ll make money on top of your standard rideshare fares and tips.


You earn points while driving with a Play Octopus tablet in the vehicle.

For every 250 points you earn playing games, you can cash out for $25.

Referral Bonuses

In addition to the monthly bonus full-time drivers make using Play Octopus, you can get referral bonuses.

If you know drivers making more than 100 trips monthly, refer them to Play Octopus.

You’ll get $25 for each referral.

How Can Play Octopus Benefit Rideshare Passengers?

Play Octopus has great bonuses for drivers because you have a chance to earn game points while you’re driving, plus get a monthly bonus.

So it’s clear why a driver would want to bring Play Octopus into their rideshare vehicle.

This platform also provides benefits that positively impact passengers.


Cash Cab is a popular game show that features people hailing a taxi and getting a chance to answer trivia questions and earn money while traveling to their destination.

Play Octopus is an accessible version of this show.

Passengers book an Uber or Lyft expecting to sit back and relax as they go to their location.

When they see a Play Octopus tablet in the vehicle, they’re going to have a fun ride playing interactive games with the driver.

Better Experience During the Ride

Passengers who have a better experience are going to rate drivers highly.

Drivers with high ratings are more likely to get rides and make money.

Therefore, providing a great trip for your passengers pays off over time.

Just because you have a Play Octopus in the car doesn’t mean your passenger has to use it.

You can tell them about the nap mode, which silences the tablet so it won’t bother them.

That way, you have a fun option for passengers who like games and a quiet option for riders who want a peaceful trip.

How Much Can Drivers Earn?

Drivers can earn money with every ride they complete.

Play Octopus links to your debit card so you can get monthly rewards and cash-out points won during games.

Reward Money

Drivers earn anywhere from $25 to $100 a month just driving with Play Octopus in their car.

Since you get to play along with your passenger, you also earn points per game.

You can then redeem these points for cash.

Referral Bonuses

For each driver you refer to Play Octopus, you’ll earn $25.

Think of all the rideshare drivers you know and see if they complete at least 100 trips a month.

Then have them sign up for Play Octopus and put your name as the referrer so you’ll get paid.

Increased Tips Due to Experience

As previously mentioned, Play Octopus interactive tablets give passengers a better rideshare experience.

Your riders are not only more likely to rate you higher, but they’re also inclined to give you a better tip.

Since rideshare companies give 100% of the tip amount to drivers, this positive experience means you have a chance to earn more money per trip.

How Do Drivers Get Paid by Play Octopus?

Drivers accepted by Play Octopus will input their debit card information for payment.

Then, the company pays you with direct deposit, so you’ll get the monthly payments in your checking account.

Are Octopus Tablets Worth It?

You’ve learned the basic premise of Play Octopus and its benefits for drivers and passengers.

So, are Octopus tablets worth it?

Play Octopus Pros

You can drive for any rideshare company and use Play Octopus.

There’s no charge to get a Play Octopus tablet.

If you give 100 or more rides a month, you’re eligible.

Having a Play Octopus tablet in your vehicle helps you earn more money.

Drivers can earn $25 to $100 monthly, along with bonuses from winning games.

If you stop driving for a rideshare company, you can return the tablet without consequences.

Play Octopus Cons

If you complete fewer than 100 trips a month, you’re not eligible for Play Octopus.

Eligible drivers who fall short will have to give back their tablets.

You might worry that a passenger will steal your tablet.

It doesn’t happen often, but there’s always a risk.

Conclusion: Is Play Octopus Worth It?

You don’t have to pay anything to get a Play Octopus tablet, so it’s worth it if you’re eligible.

You and your passengers will have fun, and you’ll have a chance to earn extra money.

How To Sign Up for Play Octopus

You can sign up for Play Octopus online.

If you drive with Uber, you can link your account with a simple click to speed up the approval process.

Otherwise, you’ll fill out the online form with your name, email address, phone number, and the number of rides you complete each week.

How To Activate Play Octopus Tablet

Activate your Play Octopus tablet in minutes with a few simple steps.

You can mount it on your passenger seat headrest, so it’s easy to access.

It plugs into your car outlet and must stay connected at all times to work correctly.

Hold down the power button to turn on the tablet, and you’re ready to start playing games while you drive.

Play Octopus FAQs

You’ve learned how Play Octopus works and what you need to do to get a tablet for your vehicle.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, read on to find out more information about this company.

Is there a catch with Play Octopus?

There’s no catch with Play Octopus!

If you’re a rideshare driver who completes 100 trips a month, you’ll get a free tablet.

As long as you keep up that level of service, you can earn $100 monthly from Play Octopus.

If there’s any “catch” with the tablets, it’s that users have to watch ads between rounds of trivia.

But it’s so similar to mobile content that it’s not bothersome.

What if the tablet Play Octopus provides me with is stolen?

Play Octopus notes that tablet theft is rare.

However, if it happens, you need to file a police report first.

Then submit that police report to Play Octopus, and they won’t make you pay for the lost tablet.

What do riders say about Play Octopus?

Riders have positive responses to Play Octopus.

They love having something engaging to do during a trip.

Even a short trip allows plenty of time to answer a few questions and have a chance to win prizes.

If a passenger doesn’t want to interact with the tablet, you can put it in nap mode so that it doesn’t disturb them.

Wrapping Up

Many rideshare drivers work hard to give customers a positive experience.

They keep their vehicles clean, are kind to passengers, and take efficient routes.

Adding the fun element of Play Octopus is a great way to boost your rideshare app ratings.

The interactive trivia games are exciting and offer big payouts for drivers and passengers.

Got any questions about Play Octopus?

Sound off in the comments, and we’ll share more information about this unique opportunity.

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  1. Your app is a great idea!!! I cannot wait until it’s my turn to get the tablet up and running so my customers can enjoy the Octopus play app and a nice ride.


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