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How Play Octopus Helps Increase Rideshare Ratings & Income

Learn how to use Play Octopus to increase rideshare ratings and income as a driver.

Key Takeaways

  • Integrates trivia games on a tablet for passenger entertainment during rides.
  • Offers a blend of fun and advertising, with ads playing between trivia rounds.
  • Benefits include potential earnings and improved passenger ratings for drivers.
  • Available to any rideshare driver completing over 100 trips monthly.

What Is Play Octopus?

Play Octopus is an advertising company innovating the rideshare industry by providing free tablets with trivia games for passengers.

These tablets display ads from brands like Disney, Target, and Red Bull between trivia rounds, generating revenue for Play Octopus.

Offered to rideshare drivers who complete over 100 trips monthly, the tablets engage passengers with games and the opportunity to win prizes, while the integrated ads finance the platform, enabling the service to be free for drivers.

How Can Play Octopus Benefit Rideshare Drivers?

Play Octopus enhances rideshare drivers’ earning potential and passenger experiences by offering interactive trivia games on tablets installed in vehicles.

Drivers can earn additional income through gameplay points, with the ability to cash out $25 for every 250 points, and up to $100 monthly as a bonus.

Additionally, drivers benefit from a referral program, receiving $25 for every new driver who completes more than 100 trips per month.

This innovative platform not only offers an engaging experience reminiscent of the “Cash Cab” game show, making rides more enjoyable for passengers but also contributes to higher driver ratings. Higher ratings can lead to more rides and increased earnings.

Play Octopus accommodates all passenger preferences by including a nap mode to silence the tablet, ensuring a customizable ride experience.

This dual approach of enhancing passenger satisfaction and providing multiple revenue streams makes Play Octopus a valuable addition to any rideshare vehicle.

How Much Can Drivers Earn With Play Octopus?

With Play Octopus, drivers can increase their regular rideshare earnings through monthly rewards and game points redeemable for cash, directly linked to their debit cards.

Earnings range from $25 to $100 monthly by simply having a Play Octopus tablet in the vehicle. Additionally, drivers accumulate points by playing games alongside passengers, which can be converted into cash.

Referring new drivers who complete at least 100 trips a month to Play Octopus also benefits the referrer with a $25 bonus per referral.

Beyond these direct earnings, the presence of Play Octopus tablets tends to improve passengers’ rideshare experience, potentially leading to higher ratings and better tips for drivers.

Since rideshare companies pass 100% of tips to drivers, the enhanced service provided by Play Octopus can significantly increase a driver’s overall income per trip.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

I think Play Octopus is a great idea. While most users only earn an extra $25-100 per month, this modest amount is a great supplementary source of income for doing virtually nothing.

Passengers seem to be very curious about the tablet, and spend a good amount of time interacting with it. This serves as a great ice breaker.

The downside to the program is the strict eligibility. If you’re unable to continue giving 100 rides per month, the company actually asks for the tablet back.

I also don’t really know where the data within my Lyft and Uber driver account is going.

While this is necessary to track rides and calculate earnings, there’s something a little bit off-putting about having to share my income and data openly with another company.

My Suggestion: As long as you’re eligible for Play Octopus, I highly suggest trying it out.

There are few downsides yet a lot of upsides. If you don’t like it, simply ship the tablet back and continue what you were doing before.

How To Sign Up for Play Octopus

Eligibility is open to any rideshare driver from services like Uber and Lyft, provided they have at least two months of driving experience.

Play Octopus offers free tablets to drivers who consistently complete more than 100 trips each month, leveraging ad revenue generated from the games.

However, drivers need to maintain this trip threshold. Falling below 100 rides a month necessitates the return of the tablet.

How to Sign Up

To sign up for Play Octopus, simply visit the Octopus website signup page.

A screenshot of the play octopus signup screen

Uber drivers have the convenience of linking their accounts directly for expedited approval.

For others, the sign-up requires basic information: name, email address, phone number, and weekly ride completion rate.

How To Activate Play Octopus Tablet

Activate your Play Octopus tablet in minutes with a few simple steps:

  • Mounting: Securely mount the tablet on your passenger seat headrest for easy access.
  • Power Supply: Connect the tablet to your car outlet. Ensure it remains connected for continuous operation.
  • Turning On: Press and hold the power button to turn on the tablet. Once on, you’re set to begin playing games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a catch with Play Octopus?

Play Octopus offers rideshare drivers a free tablet for completing 100 trips a month, allowing them to earn $100 monthly.

The only requirement is viewing ads between trivia rounds, which is generally unobtrusive and similar to typical mobile content, making it a straightforward opportunity with no significant catch.

What if the tablet Play Octopus provides me with is stolen?

Play Octopus notes that tablet theft is rare. However, if it happens, you need to file a police report first. Then submit that police report to Play Octopus, and they won’t make you pay for the lost tablet.

How Do Drivers Get Paid by Play Octopus?

Drivers accepted by Play Octopus will input their debit card information for payment. Then, the company pays you with direct deposit, so you’ll get the monthly payments in your checking account.

1 thought on “How Play Octopus Helps Increase Rideshare Ratings & Income”

  1. Your app is a great idea!!! I cannot wait until it’s my turn to get the tablet up and running so my customers can enjoy the Octopus play app and a nice ride.


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