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How To Send Food To Someone Using A Delivery Service

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Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Choices: Various services offer different types of meals to send, including meal kits, prepared meals, and takeout.
  • Convenience: Sending food is easy and can be done from anywhere.
  • Customization: Options cater to specific dietary needs and preferences.
  • Thoughtful Gesture: Sending food is a caring way to show someone you’re thinking of them.

Can You Send Food to Someone’s House?

Yes, you can. Gifting a meal is easier than ever, thanks to the number of services available today. However, even though ordering is easy, choosing the right service is hard.

They all have various features, as well as advantages and disadvantages, depending on the meal you plan on sending. It doesn’t help that there are hundreds of options, either.

Some questions to ask yourself before ordering are:

  • Will the recipient be eating the food right away?
  • Will you send a prepared meal, takeout, a meal preparation kit, or fresh produce?
  • Are you looking to send a gourmet meal, a healthy meal, or a comfort meal?
  • Are there any dietary restrictions?
  • How many servings would satisfy your recipient?

That’s why you need to know what you want to send first. Once that’s out of the way, selecting a suitable service becomes easy.

Options for Meal Delivery Services

Below are the different services for sending meals to your loved ones. Each one tries to specialize in a niche.

Meal Preparation Kits

Some services send you the necessary ingredients to prepare a delicious meal yourself.

This option is best for those who want fresh vegetables, want to learn to cook, want to discover new recipes, or enjoy cooking but can’t make it to the store.

1. HelloFresh

1. HelloFresh

  • Best for: Meal preparation kits and healthy eating.
  • Fee: $10 for shipping, except for the first box.
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If you’re hoping to send someone a meal kit, consider sending a HelloFresh box. These boxes provide the recipient with pre-portioned ingredients they need to make a healthy meal, including the recipe. You can select specific dietary restrictions easily when ordering.

The HelloFresh boxes are great for college students, someone who can’t get ingredients to cook, or someone who wants to try new recipes. Their cost depends on the number of people and the number of meals per week. Typically, prices range from $9.99 to $11.49 per serving.

You can order HelloFresh boxes on their website. The plans are subscription-based, providing up to six meals per week, but you can skip, pause, or cancel deliveries at any time.

This service also offers a wide selection of meal plans for different lifestyles and diets, such as vegetarian, pescatarian, and fit and wholesome.

2. Green Chef

2. Green Chef

  • Best for: Meal preparation kits, healthy eating, and dietary restrictions.
  • Fee: $10 for shipping.
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Green Chef is an alternative to HelloFresh. They function in nearly identical ways, except Green Chef is more diet-sensitive. It offers a keto and gluten-free plan, as well as plans to improve your gut and brain health and increase your protein intake.

In total, you have eight lifestyle preferences to pick from. Meals cost around $11.99 to $13.49 per serving.

3. Instacart

3. Instacart

  • Best for: Groceries and fresh produce.
  • Fee: $3.99 for delivery.
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Instacart is a service that lets you order groceries online from local supermarkets and get them delivered or picked up on the same day.

You can use the app or the website to browse the products from different stores near you and add them to your cart.

A shopper will do the shopping for you, and you can chat with them as they deal with your order. If a specific item is out of stock, they can replace it with a close alternative or omit it from your list. The platform also offers contactless delivery and curbside pickup options.

Make sure you input the recipient’s address!

Prepared Meals

A good food delivery option is a tasty meal that only needs heating. This type of service is suitable if you want to send food but need to know when the recipient will eat it.

1.  Send a Meal

1. Send a Meal

  • Best for: Gourmet frozen meals, soups, occasion dinners, and vegetarian meals.
  • Fee: Varies. Free for certain meals. $18.95–$39.95+ for other meals, depending on the order total.
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Send a Meal delivers gourmet convenience right to your recipient’s door. They arrive frozen, so they can enjoy them whenever hunger strikes. Their website offers an array of dishes, from $10 desserts and comfort meals up to $150 elaborate spreads for family feasts.

To order, you need to go online to their website. They allow you to select the date you’d like the food to arrive, and you can also throw in a personalized message or a little gift to make the delivery more special.

2. Instead of Flowers

2. Instead of Flowers

  • Best for: Gourmet meals. Recipients can also choose their meal.
  • Fee: Ranges between $10 and $50 based on zip code.
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Instead of Flowers is a leading provider of gourmet meals ideal for gifting. Their standout feature is that you can let the recipient make their own selection, ensuring that the meal they receive caters to their preferences and dietary needs instead of choosing the meal yourself.

They offer a wide range of dishes, from comfort meals starting at around $20 to fine dining dishes like steak or lobster. Ordering is done through the website; you choose the meal and select a delivery date at your convenience.

Takeout Meals

If your recipient is craving a convenient, comforting meal, then takeout is your best bet.

Several on-demand services specialize in delivering restaurant food. While many of them are similar, they offer different partner restaurants in each area.

1.  DoorDash

1. DoorDash

  • Best for: Local restaurant meals and convenience store snacks
  • Fee: 15% of the total bill service fee.
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DoorDash lets you order food, alcohol, flowers, and everyday essentials from a wide range of local and national partners.

Their user-friendly app has everything you need, boasting countless restaurants across diverse cuisines and offering options ranging from pizzas and Thai curry to late-night deliveries of your favorite desserts.

To place an order, download it, create an account, and don’t forget to enter your recipient’s address to see the available options in their area!

2. Uber Eats

2. Uber Eats

  • Best for: Local restaurant meals, healthy meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
  • Fee: $0.50 to $8 for delivery, depending on the distance.
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Uber Eats is a viable alternative to DoorDash.

The service has a stronger presence in larger cities, generally has lower fees, and chiefly deals with national chains and popular brands, so you can find more familiar and convenient options on their app. That’s not to say it doesn’t offer a wide variety of cuisines from local restaurants, though!

To place an order, you’ll need to download the Uber Eats app, which is separate from the Uber app, and create an account.

3. Postmates

3. Postmates

  • Best for: Local restaurant meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert
  • Fee: Between $1.99 and $9.99, depending on the selection.
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Postmates operates as a separate entity under the same parent company, Uber Technologies.

If you’re looking for a specific food item and Uber Eats failed to deliver, checking out Postmates might be a solution. Their selections vary considerably.

To use Postmates, download the app on your phone and browse their partner options in your desired delivery area. You’ll be able to select the items you want and enter the address at checkout.

4. GoPuff

4. GoPuff

  • Best for: Snacks and dessert.
  • Fee: A flat fee of $2.95. The order minimum is $12.95.
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GoPuff delivers snacks, alcohol, and other essentials from a warehouse to your recipient’s door in as little as 20 minutes.

You can order online or through the app and choose from a variety of shelf-stable or pre-packaged items.

However, this service is available in select cities, so check their app or website to see if they deliver to your recipient’s area.

To place an order, access the app, input the address, select your items, and pay. The order will go out instantly, and your recipient will get it quickly.

Wrapping Up

Sending food is a thoughtful gesture that can brighten your recipient’s day, be it a sick friend, new parents, or someone celebrating a special occasion.

But what kind of food should you send? That depends on what they like and need.

Luckily, our suggestions cover all sorts of dietary restrictions and food preferences, so make sure you pick the most suitable one!

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