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What Comes In The Shipt Welcome Package? [Detailed Guide]

Discover what's included in the Shipt welcome package, a starter kit for new personal shoppers that helps you hit the ground running in the grocery delivery service.

Key Takeaways

  • New Shipt shoppers receive a welcome package with essentials for starting their gig.
  • The package includes a Shipt shopper debit card, a Shipt t-shirt, and a welcome letter.
  • Shipt’s application process includes a video submission and answers to work history questions.
  • After 30 successful shops, Shipt sends a Graduation Pack with additional shirts and a cooler bag.

What Is a Shipt Welcome Package?

A Shipt Welcome Package is a kit sent by Shipt to all new shoppers at no cost, containing essentials such as a welcome letter and a debit card for shopping assignments.

This package is similar to the activation kits provided by companies like DoorDash to their drivers.

New Shipt Shoppers receive this package shortly after signing up, usually within a few days.

However, the timing of when you apply to Shipt can greatly impact the speed at which you receive the welcome pack. If you join during particularly busy seasons like holiday seasons, you should expect it to arrive at little later than usual.

If the package does not arrive within this timeframe, I suggest contacting Shipt customer service.

The package kick-starts the process for shoppers to begin earning, with Shipt shoppers making an average of $15-25 per hour on a per-order basis.

What Comes in the Shipt Welcome Package?

The Shipt Welcome Package contains:

  1. Shopping Card: For purchasing groceries, with instructions for use and receipt handling. It’s limited to specific merchants and cannot be used for cash withdrawals or online purchases.
  2. T-Shirt: A black t-shirt with the Shipt logo, intended for wear while working.
  3. Welcome Letter and Instructions: Offers guidance on starting with Shipt, including app setup, background check, educational resources, scheduling, and accessing shopper support.

Alternatively, you can also purchase tons of Shipt-branded merchandise directly from the Shipt store online.

Much of this is very inexpensive and priced at a price point that makes it affordable to most shoppers.

shipt store merchandise

I personally get my insulated food delivery bags and high-vis vests online, but the store does have a few inexpensive gems that you should consider.

For example, the driver sunglasses are only $5, which is a steal for even the cheapest pair you’ll find in a store like Walmart.

The t-shirts are only $8, which, again, is a very inexpensive piece of clothing. They’re super soft and fit really well too.

If you don’t mind spending a little more money, the heavy duty collapsible wagon is also a pretty good deal as well.

It seems a bit expensive at $85, but when you consider what you’re getting, it’s a good deal. I struggled to find a good alternative on Amazon for a comparable price point.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Don’t overlook the importance of insulated bags! Unlike Instacart, who heavily discounts insulated grocery bags, Shipt shoppers don’t always get them initially.

Although the initial welcome package may not include insulated bags, having them handy while shopping is crucial for maintaining food quality during deliveries.

In my experience, you’re better off just buying the gear from third-party retailers who design it specifically to last for the long-term.

I highly suggest proactively equipping yourself for success, even if it means purchasing your own bags initially.

I also highly suggest wearing the Shipt-branded shirts while shopping.

There are many benefits to doing so, including easily getting help while shopping in-store, as well as quickly identifying yourself to customers when arriving at their location.

What About the Shipt Graduation Package?

In the past, Shipt would send shoppers that completed a certain amount of shops a second package that they called a “Graduation Package” (“grad pack” for short), filled with various contents that seemed to vary over time.

Typically, these items would be things to help in day-to-day shopping, such as t-shirts or insulated bags.

Getting a package after meeting certain milestones served as a way to motivate shoppers and boost morale among the community.

The idea was cool but a lot of shoppers complained about the quality of the insulated bags or the shirt designs – many seem to now use these shirts as pajamas.

However, this initiative seems to have been recently discontinued.

When I try to visit the link on the Shipt website, it appears that it has been removed:

a screenshot of the Shipt grad pack removed from the Shipt website

Additionally, I found a post within a popular online Shipt shopper community that confirms that it appears to have been removed:

Wrapping Up

If you’ve already signed up as a Shipt shopper, simply wait for your welcome package to arrive.

Be sure to go through the course we gave you above so you’re ready to drive the moment the welcome package arrives.

If you haven’t signed up yet as a new shopper, go ahead and do so. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get accepted to start making money on the Shipt platform.

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