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What Comes In The Shipt Welcome Package? How To Apply For Your Own

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If you’re a new personal shopper with the Shipt delivery service, you know that there’s a lot to understand.

It can easily become confusing as you navigate through what you need to learn about the grocery delivery opportunity, how to get started, and how to make money from it.

One of the biggest things you might wonder about is what comes in the Shipt welcome package.

In this article, we will tell you all about it.

We’ll also provide information on how to sign up for your own Shipt welcome package.

What Is a Shipt Welcome Package?

A Shipt welcome package is a box of items that Shipt sends to new shoppers.

The contents of the package include things like a welcome letter and debit card.

This is very similar to the DoorDash activation kit that drivers have come to know and love.

Who Gets a Shipt Welcome Package?

Every new Shipt Shopper receives a welcome package in the mail.

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up as a personal shopper.

Your independent contractor costs begin once you start working.

You’re responsible for your cell phone, gas, and car repair costs.

The good thing is that you can deduct these costs from your taxes.

As a shopper, you’re paid on a per-order basis.

The average order takes about an hour to complete, and Shipt shoppers make an average of $15-25 per hour.

You can cash out your earnings at any time with the Shipt app.

There’s no minimum amount you have to earn before cashing out, and there are no fees to do so.

When Do You Get Your Shipt Welcome Package?

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to start making money as soon as you sign up as a new shopper.

However, you need to first understand how the process works with getting your welcome package and beginning your shopping gig.

How Long it Takes to Arrive

You should receive your Shipt welcome package within a few days of signing up.

If you don’t receive it within that time frame, you can contact Shipt customer service.

Can You Start Shopping Without a Shipt Welcome Package?

You need to wait until the welcome package arrives to begin working.

The best thing to do while waiting for your welcome package is to take the New Shopper Welcome course online.

It teaches you everything you need to know about the opportunity.

Log in here by providing your email address, first name, and last name to go through the course.

Once you get the welcome package, you can then start delivering groceries for cash.

After you receive the welcome package and begin shopping, keep these tips in mind.

You can choose select areas you want to deliver in.

Inside the Shipt app, select the “Metro” area you prefer.

Inside each “Metro” area, Shipt allows you to choose different “Zones” that you would like to deliver within.

You can take breaks or vacations whenever you want to.

Remember, you’re an independent contractor while working for Shipt.

Shipt doesn’t force you to do any minimum number of orders per week.

You can do as many as you want to throughout each week.

What Comes in the Shipt Welcome Package?

As you open up your mailed welcome package, you’ll notice three main items to go through.

Shopping Card

You’ll use your Shipt shopper debit card when checking out at grocery stores.

It’s the way you pay for qualifying items during shopping runs and helps you avoid using your personal funds to checkout.

Your Shipt welcome package will include a letter with tips for using the shopper card.

  • Swipe the credit card and select “credit” when you’re ready to check out.
  • After you complete the purchase, process the order by typing the total in the app and taking a picture of your receipt.
  • Make sure the barcode and total appear in the picture. if the receipt is too long, cut it in half.
  • You can throw away the receipt once you’ve taken the picture.
  • Do not give the store receipt to your customer. They will get an email copy.
  • If you need help, contact us at Shopper Support at 888-807-5537.
  • You’ll likely won’t use your card to obtain cash from an ATM, point of sale (POS) device, or by any other means.
  • You can’t use this card at every location accepting VISA debit cards. Shipt limits the list of merchants where you can make a purchase. The card is valid only in the United States. You can’t use it for online orders.


You’ll get a black Shipt t-shirt with the green and white Shipt logo on the front.

You will wear your shirt while working and shopping.  


You’ll also get a Shipt welcome letter, along with instructions for getting started with your shopping journey.

The letter says, “On behalf of all of us at Shipt headquarters, we’re thrilled to welcome you to our Shipt family!

You are now a part of a select, exclusive group of Shipt Shopper nationwide.

We are confident that you are exactly what we’ve been looking for – an expert product selector and an excellent experience provider, willing to go above and beyond for your members.

“There are so many platforms out there.

We know you have a choice when selecting where to begin.

Whether Shipt is a side hustle, career change, or a way to meet your personal financial goals, we are thankful that you have chosen to shop with Shipt.

We are proud to support you throughout your journey.

“So, get out there and bring the magic! We’re behind you every step of the way.”

Your letter then provides you with six steps to follow.

  1. Finish applying in the app. Download and open the app. Create a password and then sign in to initiate your background check.
  2. Check your email inbox. Keep an eye out for emails from Shipt, which will contain educational resources to help you get started.
  3. Find answers to your questions. Visit the Shopper Hub to access valuable information on a range of shopper topics and app features.
  4. Create your own schedule. Decide when you’d like to work and schedule your availability in the app to begin receiving order offers.
  5. Begin planning ahead. Once you claim an offered order, review its details and get excited about your first stop.
  6. Get support 24/7. If you ever need assistance, visit the Help section in the app for quick access to Shopper Support.

Once you begin delivering for Shipt, you should make it a goal to get to 30 trips as quickly as possible.

After completing your first 30 shops, Shipt then sends you a Graduation Pack.

A Graduation Pack includes two more shirts and a cooler bag.

Shipt will give you a promo code after your 30th shop.

Use that code in the Shipt app to order the Graduation Pack.

How to Sign Up for a Shipt Welcome Package

Signing up or Shipt is the most involved process when compared with any other side hustle gig.

It’s more of an interview process.

Keep in mind that Shipt only accepts 8-10% of all applicants.

How to Apply for Shipt

It’s simple to begin the Shipt application process.

Start the process here.

Fill in your first name, last name, email address, phone number, and zip code.

At the bottom of the page, Shipt asks if you want to get updates via texts to your cell phone.

It’s a good idea to tick that off with “yes” so that you don’t ever miss important information throughout the application process.

Step by Step Instructions

As mentioned earlier, Shipt takes you through a more formal interview process than other side hustle apps.

On most apps, such as Uber, DoorDash, or Lyft, you simply sign up and can get started almost immediately.

With Shipt, they want to know more information about you.

Shipt asks you to submit a video.

You don’t need to make a long video.

They want you to state your name and verify that you’re a real person.

You might want to simply say, “My name is Jill, nice to meet you.”

As part of the application, Shipt asks you to answer questions about your work history.

For example, they will ask you, “Write about a time back when you had a bad customer.

How did you handle that situation to make it better?”

Another question is “When did you go above and beyond for a customer? How did that turn out”?

After completing your application, you’ll typically wait about 7-10 days to find out if you’re accepted.

Shipt checks on your background during this period.

If you get accepted to drive for the shopping app, you’ll receive a congratulations letter in the mail.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve already signed up as a Shipt shopper, simply wait for your welcome package to arrive.

Be sure to go through the course we gave you above so you’re ready to drive the moment the welcome package arrives.

If you haven’t signed up yet as a new shopper, go ahead and do so.

The sooner you do, the sooner you can get accepted to start making money on the Shipt platform.

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