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Shipt Shopper Gear to Consider

vector graphic showing a shipt welcome package and what it contains inside

Shipt makes available various types of gear for shoppers, including branded apparel like t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts for easy identification.

Essential items like insulated bags keep groceries at the right temperature, while lanyards and badges offer a subtle branding option. Accessories such as face masks, water bottles, and car decals are also available.

This can be purchased through the Shipt Shop, but the company does sometimes does recognize shoppers’ achievements – through milestone rewards – with special gear, blending functionality with Shipt brand promotion.

Shipt Shopper Gear to Consider

Opinions vary widely on whether or not Shoppers should wear gear and apparel to help identify them as a Shipt Shopper.

While inside the store, you don’t need to wear Shipt gear while shopping, but there are certain cases when you might want to do so.

1. Comfort and Brand Recognition

Some shoppers prefer wearing Shipt gear because it’s comfortable and helps in being recognized easily, both by store staff and customers.

While shopping inside of a store, this type of identification makes it very clear that you are not shopping for yourself, but rather, a third party.

There are times as a shopper, especially true of males, where you might have to purchase something that might be a tad bit outside of your comfort zone.

For example, I’ve recently taken on orders that have included pantyhose, tights, and women’s clothing. I am a confident person, but there’s something a tad bit uncomfortable about having to sort through a rack of women’s intimates within Target.

a screenshot of a shipt order with items that are uncomfortable to shop for
a screenshot of a shipt order with items that are uncomfortable to shop for

However, doing so while wearing a Shipt t-shirt, while simultaneously looking at my phone for order details, is a bit disarming to others around me.

2. Safety and Visibility

Secondly, in certain situations like delivering at night or in areas where safety might be a concern, wearing branded gear can help in being quickly identified and reducing misunderstandings.

Imagine if you’re doing a delivery and you walk up to a house carrying a bunch of bagged items. A vigilant neighbor could easily assume you were stealing things from the house.

It’s a bit of an unlikely scenario, but it could happen. After all, gig workers oftentimes dress for comfort, so the thought that you might be wearing a dark sweatshirt and appearing up to no good isn’t too far outside of reality.

However, if you were wearing apparel that clearly identified you as a Shipt Shopper, they would probably be less likely to confront you or call the police.

3. Practical Use of Gear

Shipt gear isn’t limited to clothing. Insulated bags and other branded items can be very practical for keeping items at the right temperature and for organization during shopping and delivery.

This also helps you to go the extra mile as a Shopper, which is essential in earning more tips and making an overall positive impression on customers.

In summary, while some Shipt shoppers find value in wearing official gear for comfort, safety, and recognition, others prefer to work without it, valuing anonymity or personal style. The choice largely depends on individual preferences and the specific circumstances of each delivery.

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