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SuperShuttle: Locations, Services, Pricing and Booking Link

Taking a trip and need to book a shuttle from the airport to your final destination? Use SuperShuttle, a reliable option with fast and easy booking.

Key Takeaways

  • SuperShuttle offers shuttle services to/from airports, town rides, and black car services with shared or express group options.
  • Utilizes an online platform or app for reservations, providing upfront pricing and options for different vehicle types.
  • Operates in North America, including the contiguous U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and over 85 airports.
  • Prices vary based on service type and location; users can sign up for an account on SuperShuttle’s website for benefits like discounts and saved itineraries.

What is SuperShuttle?

SuperShuttle is a transportation service known for offering various ride options, including shuttle services to and from airports, town rides, and luxury travel with black car service. It provides shared rides, express group rides, and hourly bookings.

Reopened in 2021 under new ownership, SuperShuttle has served over 150 million customers in its over 30 years of operation.

The service emphasizes upfront pricing and hassle-free arrangements. It also features a website and app for frequent travelers to create profiles for faster checkouts and access to discounts and personalized trip information.


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How Does SuperShuttle Work?

SuperShuttle works by offering convenient online reservations for various transportation needs, including airport shuttles, hourly car services, town rides, and ride-sharing.

Guests begin by visiting SuperShuttle’s website or app to book a ride, providing details like pick-up and drop-off locations, flight dates, and passenger numbers.

The service presents ride options with upfront pricing, such as shared-ride shuttles, premium sedans, or SUVs. Options for discount codes, wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and round-trip arrangements are available during booking.

Most rides are operated by partner affiliates, and the driver’s details are provided at check-in.

At destinations, guests follow signs to ground transportation and can check in at the SuperShuttle counter or via the app.

SuperShuttle requires a three-hour notice for cancellations, with a $5 administration fee and no refunds for last-minute cancellations. The company reserves the right to cancel trips if terms are not met.

Where is SuperShuttle Available?

SuperShuttle is operational in North America, serving the contiguous United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. It is not available in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Oceania.

Since restarting under new ownership in 2021, it functions in over 50 cities and at more than 85 airports, including major U.S. cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami, along with five Hawaiian cities and two Mexican destinations.

The SuperShuttle website or app should be checked for current service locations and any changes in operations post-2019. The site also offers locale-specific travel tips.

How Much Does SuperShuttle Cost?

The cost of SuperShuttle services varies depending on the location and the type of service selected.

  • For private rides, a non-stop trip for up to three passengers in a SuperShuttle van typically costs around $87.
  • In terms of luxury options, a private premium sedan suitable for the same number of passengers and four bags is priced at about $133.
  • For larger groups, a premium SUV accommodating up to five passengers and six bags costs approximately $150.

Guests can also utilize discounts, coupons, and special offers like earning miles through partnerships, such as American Airlines AAdvantage, to potentially lower these costs.

How to Sign Up for SuperShuttle

To sign up for a SuperShuttle account, which offers benefits like discounts and saved itineraries, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the SuperShuttle website.
  2. Click on the “Sign Up” button located in the top right corner.
  3. Fill in your personal details, including your email address and phone number.
  4. Choose a password and set your language preference.
  5. Opt-in for trip text notifications and promotional discounts and coupons if desired.
  6. Agree to the Terms of Service.
  7. Click “Create Account” to complete the process.

For those interested in driving for SuperShuttle as a franchisee or independent contractor, visit their driver recruitment website.

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Comparing Supershuttle Versus Similar Services

If you are undecided on using SuperShuttle services, it can be helpful to compare the company to its competitor transportation servers.

vector graphic showing a jayride vehicle driving down a city street

1. SuperShuttle vs. Jayride

SuperShuttle is expanding its services in North America and Latin America. In contrast, Jayride, with its global reach across six continents and partnership with over 3,000 affiliates, serves 1,500 locations worldwide, making it a strong option for international travel.

Jayride provides various transportation options, including rideshare services with independent contractors and chartered buses.

While Jayride offers more diverse ride choices, SuperShuttle tends to offer more competitive pricing for private sedan rides to the airport, especially for similar destinations.

2. SuperShuttle vs. GO Airport Shuttle

GO Airport Shuttle, much like SuperShuttle, provides transportation services across various cities in North America.

While both companies operate in the U.S., their services coincide in only about 25 cities. Therefore, if SuperShuttle isn’t available in your area, GO Airport Shuttle is a viable alternative.

Additionally, GO Airport Shuttle extends its reach to a few international cities, including London and Sydney. In terms of pricing, GO Airport Shuttle tends to be more affordable than SuperShuttle for similar private sedan rides to the airport, accommodating up to three passengers.

3. SuperShuttle vs. Intui Airport Transfer

Intui Airport Transfer specializes in airport shuttle services globally and offers a user-friendly website available in seven languages, supporting 18 different currencies.

When it comes to cost, Intui tends to be more economical for sedan rides to the airport accommodating 1-2 passengers. However, SuperShuttle might offer a better value for groups of three, making it a more suitable option for larger parties.

4. SuperShuttle vs. Shuttle Direct

Shuttle Direct provides worldwide transfers to and from airports and train stations, covering more U.S. locations compared to SuperShuttle. For trips to the airport, it’s generally more cost-effective for two passengers with Shuttle Direct.

However, for groups including a third passenger, SuperShuttle could be the more economical choice. If SuperShuttle doesn’t operate in your city, Shuttle Direct is a recommended alternative for transportation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a supershuttle vehicle picking passengers up at an airport

Can you go anywhere else with SuperShuttle?

Yes, SuperShuttle offers transportation services around town in various locations, and guests have the option to rent a car by the hour. Availability can be checked on their website.

How do you contact SuperShuttle?

To contact SuperShuttle, you can use their website or download their mobile app for most inquiries and reservations. For immediate assistance, call SuperShuttle at 1 (800) 258-3826, where employees are available 24/7 to help.

Do you have to book SuperShuttle in advance?

You should make SuperShuttle reservations in advance. When booking, use the calendar on the website to determine the earliest and latest booking availability.

Do you need a SuperShuttle account to book a ride?

Guests do not need an account to book a ride. However, travelers can receive discounts, coupons, and improved customer experience when signing up for an account.

What happens if your flight is delayed and you are using SuperShuttle?

Contact SuperShuttle at 1(800) 258-3826 or visit the SuperShuttle check-in desk at the airport If your flight is delayed. They will help to make arrangements for a later pick-up.

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