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It’s time to take a trip, and you need to book a shuttle from the arrival airport to your final destination, but which shuttle service do you choose?

When you’re traveling and out of your comfort zone, it’s important to have a dependable shuttle service.

So let’s look at a reliable option with a fast and easy booking process – SuperShuttle.

What is SuperShuttle?

SuperShuttle is a transportation service that has been operating for over 30 years.

It closed in 2020 but reopened under new ownership in 2021.

The company and its partner affiliates have provided services to over 150 million customers.

SuperShuttle is proud to offer upfront pricing and hassle-free travel arrangements for its guests.

SuperShuttle presents a few different ride options for users.

Shuttle service to and from the airport is available through advanced reservations.

Guests can use the service for getting around town or book a car by the hour.

Guests can also book express rides for groups, shared rides with passengers going in the same direction, and black car service for guests who prefer luxury travel.  

SuperShuttle is designed to be convenient for frequent travelers or single-use guests.

Frequent users of the shuttle service can create a profile on the SuperShuttle website or app that unlocks discounts and offers.

Being a member also means check-out will be faster, and personalized trip information will be stored.

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How Does SuperShuttle Work?

It’s easy and convenient to use SuperShuttle services.

The company’s operations with partner affiliates allow guests to have a smooth and consistent journey every time.

Guests start the process by visiting the website or app to make a reservation for an airport ride or hourly car service.

A ride around town and ride-sharing is also available.

When making a reservation, travelers will need pick-up and drop-off locations, flight dates and times, and the number of passengers.

At this time, guests can also enter discount codes, reserve wheelchair-accessible cars, and set up the return trip for a round trip reservation.

After entering travel information, guests are presented with ride options and up-front prices.

For example, when using an airport shuttle in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, SuperShuttle DFW offers three options.

There is a shared-ride shuttle, which is available for up to three passengers and four bags, a premium sedan, or a premium SUV.

When at your final destination, follow signs from the baggage claim to ground transportation or shuttle services.

You can wait in line at the SuperShuttle check-in or use the app to check-in, if that service is available in your city.

You will be given instructions for meeting your driver and ride at check-in.

Partner affiliates now operate most rides, and SuperShuttle drivers are employees of the partner affiliates.

The reservation will state the name of the partner affiliate, such as ExecuCar.  

If you need to change or cancel your SuperShuttle reservation, the policy requires at least three hours’ notice.

Cancellations made with less than three hours’ notice will not receive a refund.

In addition, SuperShuttle charges a $5 administration fee for cancellations.

SuperShuttle has the rights reserved to cancel trips if guests cannot follow the terms of riding.

Where is SuperShuttle Available?

According to USA Today, the company has a slightly downsized operation after closing its business at the end of 2019.

SuperShuttle was a wholly-owned subsidiary of parent company Transdev on Demand, Inc. before being acquired by Blackstreet Investment Holdings, LLC.

In 2021, SuperShuttle rebuilt its operations under new ownership.

It has resumed services in North America across the contiguous United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico and in Latin America across Mexico.

Currently, SuperShuttle does not have any operations in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Oceania.

The shuttle service operates through partner affiliates at over 85 airports in over 50 cities.

The SuperShuttle website includes helpful information for simplifying travel and answering frequently asked questions.

Guests can check the SuperShuttle site or app to determine which airports are served.

Especially if you have used SuperShuttle shuttle service in the past, you may want to check again to see if your airport is still served.

For example, when searching San Francisco, travelers can choose from the entire Bay Area, including airports and destinations in San Jose and Oakland.

Upon searching Los Angeles, guests should note that Hollywood Burbank Airport is no longer served.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the company pulled out of Burbank in 2019.

The site also includes additional travel information that is specific to each locale.

Getting around southern California always takes extra time.

SuperShuttle aims to stay ahead of the customer by including useful explanations about airport traffic and construction when scheduling travel to Los Angeles International Airport.

Locations Covered

SuperShuttle offers its services through partner operators in most major cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Phoenix.

Transportation services are available in over 50 cities.

If you are traveling to Hawaii, SuperShuttle has excellent service on the islands.

The company currently offers transfers in five cities in Hawaii.

Guests can also use SuperShuttle in Puerto Rico and two destinations in Mexico.

How Much Does SuperShuttle Cost?

The cost of SuperShuttle services will depend on the location.

Guests can apply discounts and coupons when booking and take advantage of special offers like earned miles when booking through American Airlines AAdvantage.

Let’s look at the cost of an example airport shuttle ride from downtown Dallas to DFW airport using a few SuperShuttle DFW options.

Shared Ride Cost

Passengers cannot use the rideshare option to travel to an airport with SuperShuttle.

The cost of a trip around town will depend on your location and destination.

Travelers should note that SuperShuttle states that shared ride services are limited due to COVID-19.

Private Ride Cost

Passengers can take a non-stop ride for up to three passengers in a private SuperShuttle van for about $87.

SuperShuttle Black Car Service Cost

For a luxury ride for up to three passengers and four total bags, the cost of a private premium sedan will be about $133.

For a bigger group who needs a luxury ride for up to five passengers and six bags total, a premium SUV costs about $150.

SuperShuttle Comparisons

If you are undecided on using SuperShuttle services, it can be helpful to compare the company to its competitor transportation servers.

vector graphic showing a jayride vehicle driving down a city street

SuperShuttle vs. Jayride

SuperShuttle is building its operations in North America and Latin America.

Jayride operates on six continents and uses over 3,000 partner affiliates to serve 1,500 locations worldwide, so it is a solid choice for international travel.

Jayride also offers a range of transportation choices, from a rideshare service with an independent contractor all the way to a chartered bus.

Although Jayride has more ride options, SuperShuttle is priced better for a private sedan ride to the airport when compared to similar destinations.  

SuperShuttle vs. GO Airport Shuttle

GO Airport Shuttle is comparable to SuperShuttle for its North American services.

Both companies offer rides in cities across the U.S., but services only overlap in about 25 cities, so check GO Airport Shuttle if SuperShuttle is not offered in your area,

GO Airport Shuttle also offers a few additional cities worldwide, such as London and Sydney.

When comparing similar ride quotes to the airport, GO Airport Shuttle costs less for a private sedan that can take up to three passengers.

SuperShuttle vs. Intui Airport Transfer

Intui Airport Transfer is another transportation service company specializing in airport shuttle service to locations worldwide.

The website is available in seven languages and accepts 18 forms of currency.

For a similar ride to the airport, Intui is cheaper for a sedan that only holds 1-2 passengers for the price.

However, SuperShuttle may be a better deal if you are traveling with a group of three.

SuperShuttle vs. Shuttle Direct

Shuttle Direct handles transfers to and from airports and train stations worldwide and offers more U.S. locations than SuperShuttle.

Shuttle Direct is cheaper for two passengers for a similar trip to the airport.

However, if you are traveling with a third passenger, SuperShuttle may offer better savings.

If SuperShuttle does not serve your city, check with Shuttle Direct for transportation service.

How to Sign Up for SuperShuttle

Travelers with a SuperShuttle account can have an enhanced customer experience, including discounts and a stored travel itinerary.

Read on for instructions on how to set up a SuperShuttle account.

Step by Step Instructions

Visit the SuperShuttle website and click on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner.

Guests will enter personal information, including an email address and phone number.

Next, set up a password, language preference, and opt-in to trip texts and promotional discounts and coupons.

Check to agree with the Terms of Service and click “Create Account” to get started.

If you are looking to sign up as a franchisee and drive for SuperShuttle on independent contractor status, visit the driver recruitment site.  

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing a supershuttle vehicle picking passengers up at an airport

Can you go anywhere else with SuperShuttle?

SuperShuttle provides transportation service around town in many locations.

Guests can also rent a car by the hour.

Check the website to see if SuperShuttle offers driving services around town in your area.

How do you contact SuperShuttle?

Guests can contact SuperShuttle by using the website or downloading the app.

Most business and reservations can be handled via the website or app.

Guests who need immediate assistance should contact SuperShuttle at 1 (800) 258-3826.

Employees are available 24/7 to assist guests.

Do you have to book SuperShuttle in advance?

You should make SuperShuttle reservations in advance.

When booking, use the calendar on the website to determine the earliest and latest booking availability.

Do you need a SuperShuttle account to book a ride?

Guests do not need an account to book a ride.

However, travelers can receive discounts, coupons, and improved customer experience when signing up for an account.

What happens if your flight is delayed and you are using SuperShuttle?

Contact SuperShuttle at 1(800) 258-3826 or visit the SuperShuttle check-in desk at the airport If your flight is delayed.

They will help to make arrangements for a later pick-up.

Final Thoughts

SuperShuttle is back and still offers reliable service in over 50 cities.

The website and app are easy to use and give guests a convenient way to manage travel.

SuperShuttle may be priced slightly higher than most of its competitors, but guests may continue to use SuperShuttle because of its user-friendly interfaces and brand recognition.

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