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How to Shop For an Instacart Order

Instacart couldn’t make the job simpler for shoppers. Upon reaching the store, click on Start Shopping. This will link your application to the store’s system, helping you locate, scan, and get extra details on the items.

In fact, many Instacart stores will include the exact location of the items in your list. For example, you’ll find an item listed as Bakery Aisle 2, Shelf 5 (from the bottom).

After finding each item you’re looking for, click Found Item on the application. Instacart will allow you to scan the item’s barcode, ensuring you’ve picked up the correct product.

In the case of produce, you should weigh the product before scanning the barcode. That said, the weight doesn’t have to be exact.

Unfortunately, shopping doesn’t always go smoothly. Some products can be out of stock. You’ll need to click Can’t Find Item to proceed with the next steps.

The customer will have specified a replacement, or Instacart will direct you to message the customer. In some instances, you’ll have to select the best replacement yourself.

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