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How Instacart Shopper Checkout Works

Now that you’ve got everything in your cart, the to-do list should be empty, and you can click Review Changes. This will review any replacements you’ve found with the customer and match the prices with the store’s, allowing you to checkout.

Proceed to the checkout register as you normally would. The main difference is that the cashier should scan the barcodes in your app before scanning the items.

Keep in mind that Instacart shoppers never pay for the orders. Instacart should supply you with an Instacart debit card. This preloaded payment card should be the only payment method you’ll use. If the order is pre-paid by the customer, you’ll simply pack the bags and deliver.

The most essential step after checking out is to take the receipt. The receipt shouldn’t go to the customer. Instead, you snap a picture of it and send it to Instacart, keeping a physical copy of the receipt.

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