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The Best Turo Alternatives For Renters & Owners

Learn about the best Turo alternatives that allow you to rent a car. We'll discuss what each alternative offers and why we chose them.

Is There Anything Similar to Turo?

Yes, there are several alternatives to Turo for car sharing and rental services. Some popular options include Getaround, Lyft Rentals, and Uber Rent, which offer services similar to Turo.

Additionally, eGo CarShare, Hui Car Share, Gig Car Share, Hagerty DriveShare, and Zipcar are other services worth considering.

Each of these options has unique features, such as free gas promotions offered by Hui Car Share and Zipcar, that might be more appealing depending on your needs.

Turo Alternatives for Hosts and Renters

Let’s help you understand other car rental options that you might want to consider when looking for a car sharing company other than Turo.

Top Recommendations

  1. Uber Rentals
  2. Getaround
  3. Zipcar
  4. Kyte
  5. eGo CarShare

Other Great Options

  1. GIG Car Share
  2. Hui Car Share
  3. Hertz

Editor’s Choice: Our Top Picks Overall

We’ve surveyed the most current alternatives to Turo and have narrowed down a list of best options.

Our first choice for an alternate car-sharing app is Uber Rentals. Uber Rentals was chosen for its selection, prevalence across the US, and tight adherence to insurance and vehicular regulations.

Next, Getaround is a known and trusted brand that allows people to rent cars through their website for competitive prices!

Additionally, drivers can rent cars in their area easily through the website – adding to the overall convenience of the service. Finally, Zipcar makes our list for its reasonable prices and membership opportunities.

The Best Turo Alternatives at a Glance

What is the Best Alternative to Turo?

The greatest alternative to Turo, based on our expertise, is Uber Rentals.

Uber Rentals is a compelling alternative because it is more well-known among the public and has earned the trust of many through its array of car-related services.

Who is Turo’s Biggest Competitor?

Uber Rentals is Turo’s greatest competitor. It’s simple – Uber is a household name in most cities, while others like Getaround are not!

Ensuring that your vacation rental vehicle works smoothly is the main priority for many using car-sharing services.

Since many have prior experience with Uber and their subsidiary companies, they may be chosen over lesser-known Turo.

The Best Turo Alternatives In 2024

Here’s what you’re looking for: the best Turo alternatives for 2024. The following rental companies have been assessed on their use of technology, user interface, and overall product for drivers as a whole:

1. Uber Rentals

1. Uber Rentals

  • Good: Well-known, connects users to familiar rental brands, easy interface to use
  • Bad: Limited by rental companies, technically a third-party service.
  • When to Choose: Wanting access to known rental brands through a tried and trusted mediator.
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Uber Rentals offers a car rental service through their app that is accessible, flexible, and gives drivers the option to use many top rental companies.

Additionally, drivers can choose to have a vehicle that is more tailored to their needs by including extras (for example, car seats).

Why is Uber Rentals a Great Option?

Uber Rentals is a great option for anyone wanting a single platform that gives them the best car rental experience possible.

From the customization options to the competitive pricing, Uber Rentals is a solid choice for drivers in need of a vehicle.

What Are Some Drawbacks to Uber Rentals?

Although Uber does not rent cars directly from their website, they do facilitate the driver experience from app to rental, and everything in between.


Also, Uber has no direct control over the quality or type of car given by the rental company.

2. Getaround

2. Getaround

  • Good: Easy access, unlock cars around a driver’s preferred city with an app, options galore
  • Bad: Reliant on a good cellular connection, not as verified as other car rental brands
  • When to Choose: Looking to rent a car through an app for an easy and fast rental experience.
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Getaround is a car-sharing company that operates around the US, allowing customers to instantly rent and unlock nearby vehicles in a hassle-free manner.

On Getaround, a customer can pick from multiple car types within their chosen area – giving them access to thousands of options.

Why is Getaround a Great Option?

Getaround is the world’s first connected car-sharing marketplace with almost 2 million worldwide guests!

The Getaround app is easy to use and is available at both the App Store and Google Play Store. Once renters pick a rental, they can unlock their car directly through the app.

What Are Some Drawbacks to Getaround?

The Getaround cars are not as verified of a source as the ones through Uber Rentals that use established companies like Hertz and Avis.

Additionally, if a renter has a poor connection, they will not be able to unlock their car.  

3. Zipcar

3. Zipcar

  • Good: First month free, gas included, upfront pricing
  • Bad: Membership fees, even when you’re not using the service, reservations are required
  • When to Choose: Frequent long-distance traveling for first-time vehicle renters.
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Zipcar has the biggest selection of cars globally and offers its service to members who are 21 and older.

This is a great option for newer or younger drivers who cannot rent a car through some of the more well-known companies, as the age to drive tends to be 24.

Once a customer is on the Zipcar app, they will be shown a map with rentable cars that they can simply unlock with their phone.

Once the customer is finished, all they need to do is take a few pictures and lock the car in the app!

Why is Zipcar a Great Option?

Zipcar is fantastic for younger drivers who easily navigate phone apps and need access to a rental car.

Additionally, Zipcar takes pride in the cleanliness of their vehicles, so drivers can anticipate a well-maintained vehicle.

What Are Some Drawbacks to Zipcar?

Zipcar comes with membership fees, which do not make sense unless a driver is planning to drive a Zipcar regularly and for long distances.

Additionally, there is a fill-up requirement for these rentals, including for electric vehicles. Lastly, returning a vehicle late will incur a late fee.

4. Kyte

4. Kyte

  • Good: No hidden fees, Bluetooth unlock, new cars direct from manufacturer, can get vehicles delivered
  • Bad: $25 cancellation/rescheduling fee, few locations in the Midwest and on the West Coast
  • When to Choose: Wanting a car delivered for convenience when life inevitably gets busy!
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Kyte rental cars are one of the only services that offer rental car delivery to a specified location.

However, returning the car can be as easy as parking it in one of many locations designated on the app.

Kyte accepts all major debit and credit cards, with a mandatory deposit of $500 to secure a booking.

Why is Kyte a Great Option?

Kyte is ideal for those wanting to have a rental delivered to their doorstep!

Also, Kyte offers a 2-hour window for dropoff with instructions on how to meet and return the car.

If the driver lives in a major city such as Los Angeles, New York, and more, there is a high likelihood that Kyte is offered there.

What Are Some Drawbacks to Kyte?

Extending a trip can be challenging, as the extension is subject to availability and booking is not a user-friendly process.

Also, Kyte is not as prevalent in the western states – especially in the Midwest as a whole!

5. eGo CarShare

5. eGo CarShare

  • Good: Nonprofit organization, affordable, convenient, 24-hour car access to members
  • Bad: Only in Colorado, car quality may vary
  • When to Choose: Visiting or living in Colorado and needing an inexpensive rental experience.
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At eGo CarShare, cars are strategically located around Colorado for carsharing, and these cars are easily booked online.

As a nonprofit organization, environmentally conscious cars are at the center of this business model. In fact, all available cars are electric!

eGo CarShare is perfect for college students to go the extra mile that a bike, walking, skateboard, or other mode of transportation cannot.

Also, commuters can rest easy knowing that their contributions to global warming are minimal!

Why is eGo CarShare a Great Option?

Drivers who want to support a community-run business that is environmentally aware will see the benefit of eGo CarShare.

Specifically, each year, eGo CarShare vehicles prevent nearly 8,000 gallons of gas from being used.

Fortunately, these rental cars are usually parked near bus stops, central areas, and cycling stations. As a result, over 5,000 people use this service regularly to get to important places.

What Are Some Drawbacks to eGo CarShare?

This service is only available in Colorado, which limits availability to other parts of the United States.

Additionally, eGo CarShare is less regulated than some of the larger and more commercial car-sharing apps or websites.

Notable Mentions: Even More Options To Check Out

Beyond the above list, there are more options to consider before choosing a rental car or car-sharing service.

There are larger customer bases that these companies are not able to access, either based on location or offerings. However, they may provide the ideal rental opportunity for a specific kind of driver!

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GIG Car Share is a rental company that operates in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.

GIG Car Share is powered by AAA (American Automobile Association), which adds to their safety rating.

GIG Car Share has a convenient app that caters to both errands and exploration in either major city.

Interestingly, a driver can take their GIG car to other areas as long as it is returned to its HomeZone or original location.

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Vacationing in Hawaii? Hui is a hassle-free rental service that is specifically designed to help both Hawaii residents and vacationers!

Once the app is downloaded, a renter can reserve a car for a date and time – even if it’s only for an hour.

These cars can be found across Honolulu and are especially close to major hotels in the area for ease of access.

Hui cars are connected through the app and the driver’s Bluetooth, so their phone becomes their key.

As soon as the ride is over, the driver can lock the car using their phone. Additionally, gas is free with each rental!

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Hertz is a classic car rental company that can be found at most major airports, cities, hotel help desks, and more across the United States.

Although the user interface may not be as contemporary as others, this company has been providing cars to drivers since 1918!

Additionally, members can save money by booking through the Hertz Website.

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Wrapping Up

Renting a car should be a seamless process so that drivers can get on the road as safely and quickly as possible.

Before renting, consider the goals of car sharing and the reasons for needing a vehicle.

Additionally, it’s important to check if the company operates in a desired location or location prior to the booking process.

Whether that process is through a website that provides access to third-party rental services or facilitated by an app from start to finish, all of these recommendations will get renters moving in their preferred way!

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