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Turo Fees: A Breakdown Of 9 Common Fees For Customers

When paying for a Turo car rental, there are two types of payment methods you should be aware of outside of the standard Turo fees.

Turo car rental is a company based in San Francisco, California, that allows car owners to rent out their vehicles in a peer-to-peer network that spans over 56 countries.

Unlike most traditional rental car companies, Turo does not own any vehicles or maintain them.

This platform allows car owners to list their cars for rent.

The company takes about 10-40 percent of the income from the rental price.

Having the opportunity to rent a car when you are on vacation is convenient.

On the off chance that you do not want the yearly expenses associated with being a car owner, it would be best for you to rent periodically.

You still get to go where you need to go, but you only need to worry about the expenses of one excursion at a time.

Here is a breakdown of the cost to rent a vehicle through Turo.

The Different Types of Turo Fees

a vector graphic showing the different Turo fees that customers must pay

The amount your trip with Turo costs will depend on you and the options you select.

The vehicles range in prices, as do the insurance options, add-ons, and more.

Every choice you choose costs extra, so the rental amount will depend on what you need.

When you book with a commercial host, the prices may rise.

Extra charges may apply when you use a commercial host rather than booking with a peer-to-peer host.

Read over the pricing extra carefully before you check out.

1. Trip Price

A Turo host has two options.

They can either make a set rate or choose to vary the prices depending on the day.

Pay attention to the rates on individual days so that the total cost will not be a surprise.

The host determines the total trip price of a vehicle based on the cost of their car, upkeep needs, etc.

If you’re wondering how much your trip will cost, you can check out the Turo Calculator on the company’s website to get a rough price estimate.

2. Trip Fees

A percentage of the total cost of the trip is charged and otherwise known as a trip fee.

The trip fee will depend on the length of the journey, the car you choose, and how far in advance you book your trip.

If you book far enough ahead of time, you may be able to get the vehicle for cheaper.

3. Protection Plan

The Turo insurance or protection plan cost will depend on what plan you choose and whether you book it through Turo or via a commercial host.

A commercial host will offer their insurance and charge a fee accordingly.

You can read and understand the insurance policy and all rules listed on the rental.

4. Young Driver Fee

Just as a car insurance company will charge more for a new driver, Turo charges more for drivers between the ages of 18-25 years.

This is called a Turo Young Driver Fee.

This fee might not be through a commercial host, but if you book through Turo, it will be.

5. Vehicle Pickup and Drop Off

The vehicle host will charge an amount for vehicle dropoff and pickup.

The fee listed will be for both of these actions and will be listed clearly.

6. Security Deposit

With all good things in a trip like a hotel comes the necessity of a security deposit.

When you are booking a high-end vehicle, the security deposit is charged to all guests under 30 years of age booking a deluxe car.

All guests who book a vehicle in the Super Deluxe rating will have to pay a security deposit.

The security deposit will also depend on where you plan to travel or based on their driver rating.

The deposit occurs whether you book with a host or through Turo.

7. Extras and Add-ons

The host can offer rental extras and add-ons such as unlimited mileage or prepaid refueling.

You may need to complete your trip with tents, bicycles, coolers, etc.

8. Taxes

You have to know that taxes were a part of this experience, as they are with almost everything in life.

Taxes charged will depend on the following:

Some states have Turo collect taxes for excursions that start or finish off in those particular states.

In Canada, Quebec does things a little differently than the rest of the country.

You can expect to pay sales tax of 9.975 percent in this province on any service provided by Turo.

If a trip begins in the UK, Turo is obligated to charge more than 20 percent.

A state can require the host to pay taxes to the state they live in, but this will be in the rental agreement.

9. Hidden Fees With Turo

Most of the fees are pretty upfront whether you book with Turo or a commercial host, but there may be some that you are unaware of or miss in your contract.

Some of the hidden fees are:

  • Dropoff and pickup fee
  • Percentage of trip fee charge by Turo
  • No-show fee
  • Insurance
  • Trip cost fee

Fees for Damaged and Crashed Vehicles

Damage to a vehicle must be reported within 24 hours by the host once the trip has ended.

The guest or host can have Turo manage the damage claim.

In this situation, a claims specialist will contact the host within a day.

There are two options to resolve a claim:

  1. Turo will manage the process of the claim
  2. Independently resolved through the host or driver

Turo will send the renter a breakdown of damages to the vehicle and the cost of repairs after the assessment.

Charges for the balance of the repairs go to a credit card for the remaining balance.

The costs will include:

  • Appraisal
  • Repairs
  • Processing fees

You need to be aware that the processing fee can be upwards of 575 dollars.

Both the processing and appraisal feel will depend on the estimation of the total claim.

Turo Payment Methods

When paying for a Turo car rental, there are two types of payment methods you should be aware of outside of the standard Turo fees.

1. Accepted Payment Methods

Methods you can use to pay your turo fees are:

  • Most major credit cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and even Discover cards
  • Visa Debit or Mastercard logo bank cards linked to a checking account, including Ally and Chime
  • Apple Pay around the world or Google Pay in the United States and Canada
  • Revolut card

2. Payment Methods Not Accepted

Payment methods not accepted by Turo include:

  • Checks
  • Cash
  • Temporary bank cards
  • Preloaded and reloadable debit cards
  • Prepaid cards (Revolut is accepted)
  • Payment not made in your name (must match the primary driver’s name)
  • A card not linked to your bank account

How to Save on Turo Fees

Turo will save you money on a car rental over most typical car rental companies so that you can feel pretty sure that you have kept a buck or two by using this rental company.

When you are looking into renting a car through Turo, there are some ways you can save a dollar or two.

vector image of turo platform homepage, cars in front of it, and a city behind it to indicate turo promo code for new and existing users

1. Discounts or Promo Codes

Using a Turo promo code will save you money on Turo fees.

However, Turo does not allow you to use a promo code unless you are a guest who travels through them frequently or when you book a trip for 3 – 30 days.

2. Price Negotiation

Negotiate the price with a commercial host.

The host can independently offer you a negotiable price if you ask for it, although not all will feel obliged.

3. Skip Rental Insurance

You do not have to use your insurance if you book through Turo.

But if you are covered, the insurance provider for Turo will help supplement your coverage, according to the insurance you have selected.

If you decline insurance through Turo when you book peer-to-peer, you will be using your insurance to cover the damage done to the host’s vehicle.

If you book with a commercial host, you can opt to skip their insurance coverage and use your own.

You have the option of using the commercial host’s insurance to cover any damages and will be in their name.

3. Cash Back Card

A cashback credit card will help you to earn rewards on the money you spend.

If you have a credit or bank card that offers money-back, use it to book your trip.

You can also use cash-back programs like Ibotta to save on your spend with the company.

Pro Tip:

Make sure to use an Ibotta promo code during signup to maximize your savings.

4. Promotional Dates

Turo may offer deals and discounts at certain times of the year when the travel industry isn’t as busy.

Much like booking a hotel in the off-season, you can likely find a deal through Turo if you travel when most others stay home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that users and potential hosts ask about Turo include:

Can the host cancel my trip?

On rare occasions, a host will need to cancel, usually due to an unavoidable emergency.

You will receive a notification as soon as possible so that you can procure another vehicle.

Funds can be refunded to your account or used to expedite the rebooking process.

How do I apply to rent a car?

To rent a car from Turo, you need to be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license.

When you first sign on, you will need to be approved; enter your driver’s license information, and you will most likely become approved right away.

What if I do not have car insurance?

You do not need to have your insurance to rent from Turo, but if you do, the insurance offered by the rental parties can help supplement any insurance.

Is Turo cheaper than renting?

Turo is typically cheaper to rent a vehicle than a typical rental company.

This allows people to use their less expensive cars to be rented, rather than just high-end ones that will raise the cost.

While the vehicle owner chooses the price, it can be much lower than other car rental companies.

What percentage does Turo take from owners?

Turo’s cut of the rental of a vehicle is between 15 – 40 percent which covers the rental, insurance, and advertising on the site that will bring customers to those renting out their car.

What happens if I crash a Turo car?

By choosing an insurance plan through Turo, your insurance should not be affected if you are in an accident with a Turo car.

This is as long as you have opted for insurance coverage through the provider.

Turo has protection plans that will reimburse any costs due to physical damage to the host’s vehicle.

Wrapping Up

Renting a car through Turo will help you customize the costs that you incur on your trip.

Choose the vehicle you want for the time you need and with extras and add ons that suit you best.

Turo is a good option for anyone on a budget and those looking for convenience.

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