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U-Lock for Electric Scooter: 5 Best Choices Reviewed

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When my cousin left his Kaabo Wolf King electric scooter to get some groceries, he was shocked to get back to his scooter and find that thieves had tried to cut the lock.

Unlucky for them, they didn’t even manage to leave a ¼-inch cutting.

Had he not used a high-quality U-Lock for an electric scooter, he’d have undoubtedly gone home scooterless. 

Kryptonite U-Lock for electric scooter
A Kryptonite U-Lock threaded on a scooter

A U-Lock for electric scooter is a necessity for scooter owners

Unless you have bought your scooter for riding on your private land, then you know that you will need to lock it properly while running your errands. 

Knowing how to lock your electric scooter perfectly is great, but having a high-quality lock is greater.

With a U-Lock for electric scooter, you will have solved a higher percentage of scooter theft problems and more so, once you read this article to the entirety. 

Why is it called a U-Lock?

A U-Lock, popularly referred to as the D-Lock has gotten its name from the shape.

When unlocked, it produces a U-Shape.

When locked, its shackle forms a D-shape, hence its AKA.

Why use a U-Lock for locking your scooter?

Yes, we get it.

There are many types of locks that can be used for locking electric scooters without any problems.

So, then why are we inclined towards using the U-lock type? 

In fact, in our earlier blog post about how you can lock an electric scooter properly, we discussed each lock type and how best you can use it for locking a scooter. 

The main reason why a U-Lock is the best for locking electric scooters is that they are manufactured from thick carbon steel and the shackle is thick enough to prevent hand tools from cutting it. Scooter locks need to be sturdy against bolt cutters and the robust crossbars and shackles in U-Locks hit the point. 

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Factors to consider before buying a U-Lock for electric scooter

1. Size

Since electric scooters aren’t manufactured the same, you need to ensure that the U-Lock you buy will fit the neck properly. 

As such, it’s worth it to know the shackle size that will best thread into the neck or any other-looking fixture you will choose. 

Additionally, it will be best if you know the average sizes of the poles so that buying a U-Lock with a long or short shackle can fit in properly.

For instance, if you are a student who wants to lock their scooters in the bike racks, know the bike rack pole sizes so that you may acquire a lock that fits. 

2. Quality

Locks come in different qualities and as such, their quality will make a difference between if a petty thief will get away with your ride or not. 

While it’s agreeable that no specific lock will deter a professional thief armed with power-cutting tools or even lock-picking tools, a high-quality U-lock will give them a nightmare.

It will take them longer to cut such locks and increase the chances of you or anyone else finding them. 

What are the best U-Locks for electric scooters?

vector graphic showing an illustration of the best u-lock for electric scooters

Upon reviewing different U-Locks, we eventually came to conclusion on what best U-Locks you can use for securing your electric scooter constitute. 

1. Kryptonite New York LS

Kryptonite New York LS

Best For: Electric scooters

Top Features:

  • 16mm hardened Max performance steel
  • Has anti-theft protection

One of the main reasons why we love the Kryptonite New York LS U-lock is that it’s one of the most hardened locks out there. 

Featuring a 16mm hardened steel shackle, bolt cutters, and most hand-cutting tools won’t stand any chance to compromise the resistance of the New York LS model. 

After you buy the New York LS, you can actually register it with the protection plan, and should there be any tampering with the right usage of the lock, Kryptonite will reimburse you up to $4000!


  • The lock features a thick crossbar and shackle to prevent easy breakage 
  • Affordably priced 
  • The shackle is long enough to fit most electric scooters. 


  • This lock is heavy (weighs 2.2 kgs (4.9 lbs)

2. ABUS Granit 640

ABUS Granit 640 U-Lock

Best For: Those looking for an affordable lock for an e-scooter

Top Features:

  • Hardened shackle that measures 12mm
  • Anti-theft

Some scooter owners say it’s either they acquire a Kryptonite or ABUS U-lock.

No other options for them, and they could be justified. 

One of the best U-Locks out there you will ever find is the ABUS Granit 640.

Made using premium Germany Technology, the ABUS Granit 640 U-Lock for electric scooter is one of the lightest yet strongest you can ever find. 

Weighing only 1 lb and made using Alloy steel, you absolutely won’t go wrong with this D-Lock model.

With the shackle double-bolting in the lock body, the ABUS Granit 640 is one of the most unique locks out there and long enough to tether into the thickest-necked scooters around a bike rack.

ABUS Granit 640 Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Made using premium-quality alloy steel
  • The plastic coat just around the shackle helps protect the scooter’s paint. 


  • The lock isn’t sold along with a mount. 



Best For: Those looking for a Deterrent U-Lock

Top Features:

  • Made of carbon steel
  • Heavy duty
  • Anti-theft

The SKUNKLOCK V2 U-lock is one of the most unique we have seen so far.

When someone tries to cut it, it can explode with some noxious chemicals.

These chemicals are a deterrent feature to keep trying to cut the lock at bay. 

This lock comes with a standard warning that it can explode but you might need to check whether the local laws allow you to own a U-Lock of this kind. 

The shackle and crossbar are made from thickened carbon steel, which explains why it comes highly recommended by many scooter owners. 


  • The ability to have some noxious chemicals exploding in the attempt to cut the lock makes it one of the top-notch locks
  • The usage of carbon steel while manufacturing this U-Lock enhances its safety
  • Highly resistant to bolt cutters and hand-cutting tools. 


  • It may be illegal to own such a lock in some countries. 

4. LuTuo U-Lock

LuTuo U-Lock


Top Features:


The LuTuo D-Lock is one of the few U-locks that come with a mount straight from the factory. 

Manufactured using a 13.7mm A3 carbon steel, this is one of the strongest yet easy-to-thread U-locks out there. 

Being 4.1 inches wide, you can easily lock a fat-neck electric scooter to a thick pole all thanks to its long design.

Regardless of its length and width, though, don’t worry that the strength can be compromised. It’s not.

However, it’s crucial for you to ensure that while you use this lock, look for a thick pole so that the shackle can occupy the entire size. 

LuTuo Bike Lock Pros

  • The inclusion of a long shackle makes locking more comfortable 
  • One of the most compact locks today
  • A mount comes with the lock.


  • A long shackle can sometimes compromise locking safety for small scooters. 



Best For: Looking for u-locks for the e-scooters

Top Features:

  • The shackle is made of hardened alloy steel
  • It is made of silicone

What I love the most about the BEELORD U-Lock for electric scooters is that it comes with different manufacturing materials; Alloy Steel, Zinc, and Silicone.

These give it the much-needed practicality. 

For the cover, it’s made of silicone and so this tells you that you won’t have to worry about the lock scratching your beloved scooter’s paint.

The shackle is made of hardened alloy steel, while the cylinder is made of Zinc to prevent easy cutting. 

In case you didn’t know, BEELORD (the manufacturer) has been creating different accessories for more than 20 years and this should tell you that indeed, this is a great lock for your delighted self. 


  • Different manufacturing materials give the lock versatility
  • You can choose from different sizes


  • Doesn’t come with a mounting bracket. 

Locks won’t deter professional thieves with power-cutting tools

While most scooter owners hate to admit it, a professional thief with high-quality power tools can succeed faster than you expect to cut your lock. 

The crucial advantage of using strong U-Locks is that you avoid having your scooter getting stolen by a thief operating hand-cutting tools or bolt cutters. 

Along with your high-quality D-lock, we recommend that you get a dependable tracker to keep on monitoring your scooter.

If you use an Apple device, getting an AirTag and placing under your scooter’s deck will be a great supplement to a D-Lock.

If possible, NEVER leave your scooter unattended for long as getting away with a scooter isn’t necessarily hard. 

In Summary

Getting a high-quality U-Lock for electric scooter will help you big time towards keeping your scooter secure.

Thieves will always keep getting smarter and as such, it’s worth to always get your scooter inside or wheeling it whenever you are at any allowed place.

The closer you stay to your scooter, the safer it is. 

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