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Uber For Business: Uses, Pricing, and How It Works [2023]

Looking for a simpler way to manage rides and food deliveries to your business through an Uber platform? Learn more about Uber for Business.

Are you a business owner looking for ways to improve business travel or simplify the commute for your employees?

Do you want to make ordering meal deliveries to the office easier?

If so, you may want to look into Uber for Business, which involves the Uber Eats platform and Uber drivers to get you to your destination.

Instead of your employees using their own Uber apps and having to use multiple Uber technologies and platforms to request rides and food delivery, Uber for Business provides a customized one-stop-shop.

Are you ready to learn more about Uber business accounts and their benefits?

Then let’s get started!  

What Is Uber for Business?

Uber for Business allows employers to handle business-based travel, offer meals in the office, manage healthcare rides, and improve employee commutes in as many as 10,000 cities around the globe.

stock image showing a business woman in an Uber for business vehicle holding a coffee

For instance, employers in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and more cities in the United States have access to Uber business accounts.

That simplifies local deliveries and Uber rides.

Why Was Uber for Business Developed?

The Uber company built the Uber for Business platform to help companies and organizations improve their methods of transporting their customers, employees, clients, and more.

Some features include:

  • Monthly billing with analysis reports
  • Efficient transportation
  • Meal delivery perks
  • Keeping employees safer at night

Uber customers were also asking the company to create new solutions like customized automated programs for business travel and commuting.

Also, the platform allows employers to tailor:

  • The type of vehicle workers can book
  • How much their business will spend on travel
  • The time of day of each trip
  • The locations workers can travel

What Are the Benefits of Uber for Business?

There are numerous benefits for companies and employees when using the Uber for Business platform and its independent contractors.

For instance, the gig workers provide easier travel for companies while the platform as a whole offers all resources in one place.

Besides a way to simplify rides, the Uber business account allows easier expense processes, marketing campaigns, and food perks for employees.

Easier Expensing

You will gain the benefit of a simplified expenditure process.

Essentially, you can save time on your expenses through the Uber business model or platform.

Your receipts can get automatically forwarded by integrating with SAP Concur and other expenditure providers.

Furthermore, you can gain Marriot partner hotel points by linking the Uber accounts with the Marriot ones.

That will make lodging cheaper for any work travel trips.

Easier Travel

If you want a simpler way to arrange rides, use Uber for Business to improve commuting benefits.

In addition, you can make travel easier for interviewees by using vouchers to offer rides to and from the interview.

These perks are also beneficial in helping retain top talent at your company.

Resources in One Place

The Uber for Business platform provides employers with all of the necessary resources in one place.

Essentially, you will gain access to a one-stop-shop in the Uber app to book worker or customer rides and food delivery.

Employers can also tailor prices via the app.

The business dashboard truly simplifies travel and food delivery options for companies worldwide.

Marketing Campaigns

Uber Eats vouchers available through Uber business accounts provide another strategy for companies to improve their marketing campaigns.

You can also get vouchers to cover the costs of a ride as well as meal delivery.

Companies can engage their customers with these vouchers and keep them returning by offering free meals and trips.

Uber vs. Uber for Business

What is the difference between the standard Uber platform and the Uber for Business dashboards?

Are there any similarities between the two systems?

We know that both provide a way to book rides, while Uber Eats lets you order food delivery from local restaurants.

Below, we outline the various similarities and differences between Uber and Uber for Business.

vector graphic showing the "no uber drivers available" error on the phone screen of the Uber app

Similarities Between the Two

Both the standard Uber ride-hailing app and the Uber for Business dashboard provide a convenient and cashless experience for their customers.

Each service provides a professional rideshare driver with a clean and well-maintained vehicle.

Both platforms allow you to save time instead of trying to hail a cab.

With the business platform, you won’t need to track down the finance department to provide receipts and waste time waiting on getting your travel expenses covered.

Differences Between the Two

Uber for Business connects employers with the option to order food delivery, which the regular Uber service does not.

You will need to access Uber Eats if you want food delivered to your home or business.

Also, the Uber company account allows employees to integrate their personal Uber apps to the company account to request rides.

Uber for Business is specifically meant for corporate travel management.

It enables employers to tailor the number of rides available, the entire budget for travel, and the type of data to collect.  

Who Can Use Uber for Business?

Uber for Business is meant for employees, employers, customers, clients, and all staff at a company.

The platform is available all around the globe in more than 10,000 cities.

You can find it in major cities throughout the United States.

Restaurants can participate in the Uber for Business platform as well.

Food delivery drivers working for Uber can pick up meals from local restaurants and bring them to offices nearby.

How Can You Use Uber for Business

You can use Uber for Business for its many services, including:

  • Employee and client business travel assistance
  • Simpler work commutes for employees
  • Meal deliveries for workers
  • Other important deliveries for businesses
  • Vouchers to boost marketing campaigns

Business Travel for Employees or Clients

Uber for Business provides all sorts of travel opportunities for workers and customers or clients.

Any work trip can have an Uber ride available whenever a worker needs one.

For instance, employees who need a ride from the airport can get one easily via the Uber business dashboard.

Work Commutes

Employees can have long and complicated commutes to work, such as long drives and bus, train, or subway trips.

However, the Uber for Business service can ensure your workers get a much more reliable commute to work involving an Uber driver and a comfortable automobile.

Your workers will get to the office faster, improving productivity.

Meals for Employees

When workers have to spend long hours in the office or work late shifts, it can give them more incentive to stay with your company when you provide free meals through Uber Eats.

Allowing employees to choose whatever food they like can make them feel more appreciated.


Do you need highlighters, binders, printer paper, or notebooks for the office?

If so, book some Uber drivers to buy several office supplies at the nearby Staples via the Uber for Business app.

Whatever specific work-related items you or your employees may need, the Uber business account will ensure your company gets the necessary delivery quickly and easily.

Vouchers for Marketing Campaigns

Companies can utilize Uber for Business vouchers to improve their marketing campaigns and keep customers returning.

Vouchers that ensure a free ride or a free meal delivery will get customers interested in your business’s products and services.

Marketing directors would benefit from utilizing Uber vouchers to boost their campaigns.

Uber for Business pricing provides a more affordable option for expense reporting. Luckily, rides and meals are the same price for Business users versus everyday consumers.

How To Sign Up for Uber for Business

vector graphic showing an uber for business transaction - a man getting out of an uber-branded vehicle

You can sign up your company for an Uber for Business account by:

  • Opening your Uber app and going to the menu
  • Picking the payment option and moving down to the Add Business Profile below the Ride Profiles
  • Adding the payment feature you prefer to use for business-related deliveries and rides
  • Put in your work email address and choose the expense provider

If you’re a company or business wanting to sign up for the service, you can do so here.

That’s all there is to it!

Alternative: Uber for Business Vouchers

Uber vouchers provide a great alternative when compared to Uber for Business accounts.

Similar to gift cards, employers can provide Uber vouchers to employees or clients, which have pre-paid codes that anyone can use as a form of credit for many Uber services.  

Wrapping Up

Uber for Business is a perfect platform providing customers and employees with streamlined travel options.

Work trips, interviews, and even daily commutes get simplified with the help of an Uber business account and customized Uber rides.

The business account is perfect for ordering meals for employees and booking work-related deliveries.

Do you have any questions?

Let us know below!

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