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UberX Vs Uber Black: How They Similar, Different & Which To Choose

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Key Takeaways

  • UberX offers affordable, everyday rides with standard sedans for up to four passengers.
  • Uber Black provides a luxury experience with high-end vehicles and professional drivers.
  • UberX is widely available and cost-effective, suitable for daily commutes and errands.
  • Uber Black is ideal for special occasions, offering elegance, comfort, and premium service.

Uber is one of the world’s most popular ride-hailing platforms. It offers multiple services, including food and freight delivery, thus shaping the world of modern urban transportation.

As such, the company’s diverse services suit the needs of all commuters. But when you plan to book your upcoming ride, you could be confused about the various options available.

Our comparison of UberX vs Uber Black will explain what each offers. We’ll highlight the similarities and discuss the differences to help you pick the best ride.

An Overview of UberX and Uber Black

UberX is Uber’s standard, budget-friendly ride option, widely available for daily commutes with compact cars and sedans for up to four passengers. It offers basic amenities, with rides costing based on distance, time, and demand.

Uber Black, a premium service with luxury vehicles like BMW and Mercedes, caters to those seeking a lavish experience, featuring newer models, leather interiors, and a higher fare structure, aimed at business and special occasions.

FeatureUberXUber Black
Service TypeStandard, budget-friendlyPremium, luxury
Vehicle TypesCompact cars, standard sedansLuxury brands, newer models, black exterior and interior
Passenger CapacityUp to four passengersUp to four passengers or more, depending on the model
AmenitiesBasicTop-tier amenities, leather seats
Vehicle Age10 to 15 years oldNot older than six years
CostCheaper base fare, less expensive mile-per-minute rateHigher base fare and mile-per-minute rates
AvailabilityHigh, flexible, convenientLess available, especially during peak times
SuitabilityDaily commutes, errands, workSpecial occasions, business travel
Driver RequirementsStandard Uber requirementsMinimum of 4.85 rating, more than 500 trips, professional attire
Availability in CitiesWidespread availabilityNot available in all cities or locations

What is UberX?

UberX is the standard Uber ride and the most popular one. It’s a convenient option for city dwellers looking for a budget-friendly pickup.

When you use the Uber app and enter your pickup point and destination, you can scroll down to choose UberX. This ride works for daily commutes like running errands, heading to work, or meeting friends.

It’s the cheapest service by Uber– after UberPool–which isn’t available in all cities.

Unlike other options, UberX is the most widespread service because it’s flexible, fast, and convenient. You’ll wait until your Uber driver arrives and pay the fare when the trip ends.

Key Features

UberX has specific features that set it apart from the other services available on the platform:

  • UberX utilizes compact cars and standard sedans that accommodate up to four passengers.
  • The platform allows popular models from several automotive brands to guarantee a decent level of comfort and quality. Popular cars include Honda, Toyota, and Nissan.
  • It’s a standard service with basic amenities for everyday rides.
  • Vehicles can be between 10 and 15 years old.
  • Rides have a cheap base fare and a less expensive mile-per-minute rate. The overall cost of the ride depends on several factors, such as the time of the day, demand, and availability of drivers in your location.
  • You can schedule a ride in advance for an important appointment.
  • Due to the high availability of drivers, you can cancel the ride if your car is far away, and another option will appear.

What is Uber Black?

Uber Black is the premium and luxury version of UberX, tailored for those who want to experience a lavish ride while using Uber.

The name refers to the black cars that pass the requirements of the service and are approved to offer premium rides.

When you order Uber Black, you can expect more luxurious brands. Brands like BMW and Mercedes, with a recent manufacturing date and leather interiors usually fit the requirement checklist.

This service is more suitable for business professionals and individuals celebrating special occasions. As a result, you’ll find more luxurious makes with newer models and better amenities to cater to the needs of premium clients.

When the company started, Uber offered Uber Black as its first ride-hailing service. Then, it introduced UberX as an economic alternative.

Many people prefer to order Uber Black. This premium service offers comfort and elegance when traveling long distances.

Due to the higher fare, there could be Uber Black drivers around waiting for an order when you request an UberX. In this case, you’ll get an Uber Black and pay for the standard ride.

Key Features

Here are the traits and features of Uber Black:

  • A classy service, with better vehicles and more experienced drivers.
  • The vehicles contain top-tier amenities and accommodate up to four passengers or more—depending on the model.
  • People pay more than standard rides because the base and mile-per-minute fares are higher.
  • Less availability of vehicles, especially during peak times.
  • Popular cars include Lexus, Mercedez, BMW, and Audi.
  • Vehicles can’t be older than six years old.
  • The interior and exterior of the car are black. The seats are also made of real or faux leather.
  • Rides are suitable for special occasions and corporate travelers.
  • Uber Black drivers have a minimum of 4.85 rating and more than 500 completed trips.
  • Uber Black isn’t available in all cities and locations.

Similarities Between UberX and Uber Black

There are several similarities between UberX and Uber Black despite the fundamental differences. Here’s what these two services share:  

  • Both are ride-hailing services that allow you to order a vehicle on demand.
  • Uber runs a background check for drivers, ensuring they fit the company’s profile. The platform ensures safety and quality standards to guarantee the best ride for customers.
  • Although the fare differs, it’s determined by several factors like the demand and time of the day.
  • People who order Uber regularly can save money with Uber One.
  • All vehicles should be well-maintained for the safety of clients and drivers.
  • Drivers with bad driving records or low ratings will be suspended or banned from the app.
  • UberX and Uber Black offer multiple payment options, including cashless transactions.
  • Regular vehicle inspections are mandatory.
  • Passengers can order vehicles in advance, and we always suggest tipping.

Key Differences Between UberX and Uber Black

UberX and Uber Black cater to multiple clients with various needs, and there are several differences between them.

Vehicle Type and Quality

UberX is an economic option that offers budget-friendly rides. Drivers who own regular sedan cars can drive people on the app, delivering a convenient and cost-efficient service.

Cars can accommodate up to four passengers as well. They’ll have the basic amenities, although they come in different shapes and sizes.

Since older cars are allowed on UberX, the service quality won’t be that consistent either.

The types allowed to offer an UberX service include the Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, and Mazda3.

Uber Black, however, is more like hiring a professional private driver. The cars will be black on the inside and outside, with premium amenities and leather seating.

You can expect a high-end and more professional service—which makes Uber Black suitable for corporate customers and date nights.

Some of the vehicles can accommodate more passengers too, depending on the model. Still, most Uber Black cars are designed to transport up to four people.

Luxurious cars allowed to offer this service include: BMW 5 and 7-series, Range Rover, Jaguar XF, and XJ.


UberX and Uber Black’s prices vary depending on the time of the day, cars’ availability, and overall demand. Yet, Uber Black’s fares can be double or triple what you pay for UberX.

Both services have a base fare and distance traveled will add to the cost. The app also includes a surge at high-demand time slots to encourage drivers to accept more orders.

UberX isn’t the cheapest option on the platform. That’s because the ride-sharing service is more budget-friendly. But it’s more cost-efficient than the premium service of Uber Black.

Some passengers don’t mind paying this extra money though, at the expense of feeling comfortable in a classy vehicle with more room—similar to Uber Comfort, but with extra luxury.


UberX is the standard service, so it’s readily available. Due to more requirements, Uber Black won’t be available in busy business areas because of the high demand.

It’s unavailable in some cities or locations because the app is more selective when approving a vehicle for this elite service.

Driver Professionalism

Uber encourages drivers to maintain a professional yet friendly attitude while respecting the client’s needs and privacy. All drivers go through a screening and background check to ensure they’re fit to drive with Uber.

UberX drivers can be dressed in casual or business casual attire. They should comply with clients’ requests and drive them safely to their destinations.

People who drive UberX vehicles don’t have professional licenses either, unlike the ones who drive for Uber Black.

Uber Black drivers are required to maintain at least a rating of 4.85 to be allowed to offer this elite service. Uber makes them go through special training to deliver this elite service, and they’ll be more dressed up.

Service Experience

People can expect satisfactory service with every Uber, but the experience differs depending on the ride you pick.

You get enough room for four people with some luggage with UberX. You’ll also get a functioning air conditioner and a radio or CD player.

Since people pay more for Uber Black, they have higher expectations. Drivers drive better, if not bigger cars, that typically have more amenities, including state-of-the-art interiors.

Drivers are professional with special training to guarantee that passengers are satisfied.

Who Is It For?

UberX is perfect for everyday rides, errands, commuting to work, and regular trips in the city. It’s a good option for people who want to order a ride without breaking the bank.

Uber Black suits corporate professionals and people who want to experience a luxurious experience. This service will work for you on a date night or when traveling for a long distance, where more legroom will be a plus.

Choosing Between UberX and Uber Black

Picking between UberX and Uber Black depends on several factors:

  • If you want to keep your costs down, UberX will work for you. But when you want to splurge for an elevated experience, choose Uber Black.
  • Consider the nature of the ride and the occasion. You won’t need to spend the extra money on everyday commutes, but you can, if it’s a wedding or an important business meeting.
  • Assess your need for comfort and style while traveling—where Uber Black excels.
  • If you have a health issue that calls for more comfort, like plush leather seats or more legroom, you can order Uber Black.
  • Compare the price to the value of both services. Take into account all the factors that set these two options apart and see if they justify the price tag difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Uber Black and Uber Premier?

Uber Premier offers the same elite service but allows drivers with a rating of less than 4.85 and fewer than 250 trips to drive clients. You’ll get a luxurious vehicle, but the driver won’t be as professional, so the service costs a little less.

What is the Difference Between Uber Black and Uber Lux?

Uber Lux is more luxurious with a higher fare. Passengers expect to ride one of the latest models of the BMW 7-series or Mercedes S class.

Final Thoughts: Making an Informed Choice

UberX and Uber Black are ride-hailing services designed to meet the needs of different clients.

When it’s time to order a vehicle, you should understand the price and quality differences to make an informed choice.

Consider your preferences and needs when booking your next Uber. You should choose between the cost-efficient or premium service based on your budget, occasion, and overall experience.

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