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Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike Review

If you haven’t heard of Viribus bikes, that’s okay. They are a relatively new company that made a huge push for growth during 2020 and beyond.

I hadn’t heard of them either – until they reached out to me one day and offered to send me one of their bikes in exchange for a review.

What arrived in the mail shortly after the email exchange was a bike that was decently priced on their website. They are around the standard price of an entry-level electric bike.

The company let me keep the bike as long as I put together a detailed review based on my experience with the product.

So without further ado, let’s dig right into my unbiased Viribus Panther electric mountain bike review.

Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike

Notable Features

  • Powerful motors and great top speeds
  • 3 custom pedal-assist modes
  • User-friendly design and build

Overview of the Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike

The Viribus Panther stands out as a modern solution for riders seeking the convenience of an electric mountain bike coupled with aesthetic appeal.

Designed to cater to various riders, whether it’s the urban commuter navigating city streets, the adventure-seeker tackling challenging terrains, or someone just out for a casual weekend ride, this bike promises versatility and efficiency.

image showing a viribus panther electric mountain bike in an office - header graphic for viribus panther electric mountain bike review on ridester.com

1. Beginner-Friendly and Easy to Use

The bike is built and designed for ease of use. It does as much as you’d expect from a standard electric mountain bike, and then some. It’s easy to use and ride.

2. LCD Display

Easily view ride information such as speed, distance, and battery levels on the user-friendly, easy-to-view LCD display – conveniently mounted on the handlebars for easy viewing.

3. Intelligent Pedal Assist

Take your ride to the next level with a simple, yet highly effective, pedal-assist system. There are 3 levels of power to choose from, allowing even the most inexperienced riders the ability to conquer hills and long distances with ease.

4. Long Ranges at High Speeds

The bike is designed to ride for up to 90 miles at speeds of up to 34 miles per hour. It is clear that this bike is designed with performance.

Product Specs:

  • Motor: 350W brushless gear motor
  • Battery: 48V 10.4Ah high-tech lithium battery
  • EST. Charging Time: 5 Hours
  • PAS Range Estimate: 37-90Miles
  • Total Payload Capacity: 330lb.
  • Charger: US standard 2.0 A / 3.0 A smart charger
  • Display: LCD display with USB charging
  • Net Weight: 45lb.
  • Tires: 26” x 2”
  • Brake: 160mm mechanical disc brakes
  • Freewheel: Shimano 21 speed gear shift system
  • Pedal Assist Intelligent: 0~3 level pedal assist
  • Waterproofing: Reliable IP65 Protection
  • Kickstand: Yes

Unboxing the Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike

The bike arrived in a robust package, ensuring its safety from any transit-related damages.

One of the first things I noticed was the abundance of plastic ties, which, while ensuring the security of the parts, made the initial unpacking process rather tedious.

As you can see, there are so many of these little plastic ties. I cut them off with a folding knife, but some were wrapped to tightly that it was difficult to cut them off without damaging the bike’s paint.

The bike parts, though securely packed within the box, would benefit from clearer labeling to aid in identification.

A silver lining was the inclusion of all necessary tools for assembly, a thoughtful touch ensuring that even those without a garage full of tools can set it up.

One thing that stuck out to me was that the Viribus Panther’s frame is constructed from aluminum. This not only contributes to the bike’s lightweight feel but also ensures durability without adding excessive weight.

Once I got everything unpacked, I moved into the assembly process.

Assembling the Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike

Diving into the assembly, it was evident that if you’re new to bike assembly, the Viribus Panther might pose some challenges.

The printed instructions that accompanied the bike left much to be desired regarding clarity. Some steps felt ambiguous, prompting me to double-check to ensure I wasn’t making any errors.

However, there’s a saving grace: Viribus provides a video tutorial on YouTube:

This video did a good job of explaining, step-by-step, how to assemble the bike, so I’d just start here and skip the instructions entirely.

That said, while the video certainly alleviated some challenges, be prepared to set aside a decent chunk of time for the assembly process. It took me around 45 minutes to unpack and assemble everything.

Visually, the Viribus Panther is quite pleasing to the eye. It boasts an aesthetic appeal that reminds you of an average, run-of-the-mill mountain bike.

So, for riders who prefer a traditional mountain bike look but with electric capabilities, this bike is a great option.

My Experience With the Viribus Panther

Initial Thoughts

In terms of size, the bike’s design seems to favor taller individuals. My height (6’5″) was well-accommodated, but those who are shorter might find it a touch overwhelming and may be better served with a more compact model.

The Viribus Panther comes equipped with both front and rear lights, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions.

What I found particularly impressive was the rear light that offered multiple settings, including an innovative laser function that projects a red laser outline on the ground around the bike.

This certainly adds an extra layer of safety and visibility when riding in the dark.

The controls on this electric mountain bike are efficiently placed. I found them very easy to use, and the intuitiveness of the control placement ensures that riders can adjust settings without being distracted during their ride.

Riding the Bike

Overall, the Viribus Panther offered a ride that was smooth, efficient, and generally enjoyable.

Upon my first ride, I immediately noticed how quiet the motor was. It was fairly quiet, with a sound level that I would describe as average for an electric bike. For those who prioritize a discreet ride, this feature will be much appreciated.

I tested the bike on both dry pavement and dirt. It held up quite well, providing a smooth and efficient ride. However, I did not get a chance to test it on muddy or wet surfaces, so riders looking for insights on such terrains might need further information.

Initially, the suspension did feel a tad stiff, which might be a concern for riders seeking a plush ride. However, with a couple of tweaks, including the addition of a cushioned seat cover, and after logging in some miles, it began to feel more adaptive.

Battery longevity was another highlight, especially on flat terrains where it consistently delivered far more range than I actually needed during each ride. However, the hilly terrains proved more demanding on the battery, draining it at a quicker rate.

One thing I appreciated about the design was the positioning of the battery. It never once got in the way during my rides, and it proved intuitive to both install and remove.

For those who might need to charge the battery indoors or swap batteries on extended trips, this is a huge plus.

The added throttle feature was a nice touch, ensuring an additional boost of power, especially useful during uphill climbs. Additionally, combining pedaling with the assist mode during uphill climbs not only improved performance but seemed to conserve battery life as well.

What I Liked About the Viribus Electric Mountain Bike

The first feature that drew my appreciation was its quick charging capability. For individuals with tight schedules, this ensures minimal downtime.

From a dead battery, the company claims the battery can be charged in around 5 hours, but in my case, the battery charged a bit quicker.

Riding the Viribus Panther was a journey of discovery. The Pedal Assist System stood out, making what usually are exhausting uphill rides feel effortless and enjoyable.

Practical additions such as the splash guard and laser light demonstrate the thoughtfulness behind the design, ensuring utility alongside aesthetics.

Despite its seemingly sturdy build, maneuvering the bike was a breeze, largely owing to its surprisingly lightweight design.

What I Didn’t Like About the Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike

No product is without its flaws, and the Viribus Panther was no exception.

The most significant pain point during my rides was the seat, which proved to be rather uncomfortable during prolonged rides.

Furthermore, in the vast and rapidly evolving world of e-bikes, the Viribus Panther could benefit from more distinct features to truly make its mark and stand out.

Conclusion: Is the Viribus Panther Electric Mountain Bike Worth It?

The Viribus Panther, while being a competent and feature-rich e-bike, does carry a price tag that might make potential buyers pause and compare.

In terms of features and pricing, the Viribus Panther aligns closely with other entry-level models in the market. For buyers, this means that while the bike doesn’t necessarily break new ground, it offers reliable features at a competitive price point.

It delivers a performance synonymous with most electric bikes in its category but doesn’t introduce any revolutionary features. For those in the market for a dedicated mountain e-bike, more specialized options might offer better value.

However, as an amalgamation of a city commuter and an occasional off-roader, the Viribus Panther holds its ground. If you’re a casual rider, or simply looking for the best electric bike for delivery drivers, we suggest giving this a look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Viribus Bikes Good?

Overall, Viribus bikes are a decent bike at a decent price point. While they are fairly average bikes, casual and beginner users will likely be more than pleased with their offerings and purchase, should they choose to buy one.

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