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Waitr Free Delivery Coupon and $5 Off Coupon Code

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Who can say no to yummy carryout?

Getting a carryout order is a convenient way to find a new favorite food, new diners, a new area restaurant, and grocery stores.

With an app like Waitr, a Waitr driver can get you grocery orders from national chains, restaurant partners, and local restaurants in the New Orleans area.

You can put in special requests that your delivery driver can fulfill.

The problem is that delivery fees from orders can start to add up.

Without access to a tremendous Waitr app promo code or Waitr coupon code

This article is here to save the day with information on how you can get Waitr coupons, discount codes, promo codes, free delivery, free grocery delivery, and more on your Waitr app.

What are you waiting for?

Keep reading to figure out how to get your Waitr coupon codes and start eating your favorite food with savings!

How Much Does Waitr Delivery Cost?

The Waitr delivery fee depends on the region and location and the place you are placing your order.

Generally, Waitr delivery fees are flat if you are in the same area.

Some businesses offer Waitr free delivery if you order over a certain amount of great food.

Often, grocery stores or related stores will have coupon codes and promo codes that can lower the price of your Waitr purchase.

Waitr has recently reduced delivery fees for New Orleans across the board to increase business for restaurant partners.

Many restaurants have struggled with the mask mandate in their area, so many people are using the Waitr app to stay safe from COVID-19.

Other Fees

In addition to direct delivery fees, you will also have to pay for the driver’s tip and a customer service charge.

It is important to tip your driver well when using the Waitr service.

If you don’t tip well, you might experience delayed delivery times, cold food, or long queue times as Waitr drivers are less likely to take your order or cancel once they see the tip amount.

How Can You Get Waitr Free Delivery?

There are a few ways that someone ordering from Waitr can avoid delivery fees.

Waitr Driver

You can get Waitr free delivery by becoming a Waitr driver.

Every Waitr driver gets free delivery when you place an order that exceeds $15.

Every Waitr driver gets a special coupon code that no one else can use.

Waitr drivers also get other perks in addition to discounts on their food order:

  • Jiffy Lube Discount: Waitr drivers get an exclusive 15% discount on most of the services at Jiffy Lube. This discount helps drivers cut down on the cost of the driver by saving them money on car maintenance and oil changes.
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts: O’Reilly has a partner discount for Waitr drivers. By using an exclusive code for Waitr drivers, you can get savings on different auto parts to further help with the maintenance costs of a Waitr Vehicle.
  • Verizon Discount: Waitr drivers that register their phone lines with Verizon get a 9% discount thanks to their Waitr partner status. An additional 3% discount can be applied if you enroll in my Verizon for a total savings of 12%.
  • Goodyear Online Discount: Waitr drivers are entitled to a 20% discount on any tires they purchase online.

Promo Codes

Sometimes, Waitr will offer discount codes or special promotions that let anyone get free or reduced delivery fees.

It is often the case that at any one time, there is a Waitr promo code available.

Typically during the promotional periods, you have to make a minimum purchase of $12.

Sometimes the minimum cost of grocery delivery or other similar food delivery can be more than $12.

Other promo codes that Waitr often offers include:

  • A $10 off coupon that is good on any order you place that is $25 or more through your Waitr app
  • A $5 discount off of the following order you place over $15 before tips and delivery fees.
  • A $5 off coupon applies when you spend $20 or more. This coupon is not as good as the previous coupon, but it is an excellent option to use when the $5 off $15 order coupon is not currently active.

Plus, if your order is typically over $20 anyway, you are saving the same amount always, so you don’t feel the difference between the two offers.

Where to Find Waitr Promo Codes

There are several ways to get Waitr promo codes directly from Waitr when they get released.

  • If you follow Waitr on one of their social media sites, you will get notified when they post free delivery coupons and other Waitr discount codes.

They seem to post a free delivery promotional code more often on Instagram.

  • The blog section of the Waitr website has lists of active deals. Some of them may have expired by the time you get to them, but it is worth occasionally checking out to catch the promotional codes when they are active.

Several different third-party coupon services keep track of any coupons floating around.


RetailMeNot is a website that allows you to browse and search for a new coupon code through your web browser or smartphone app.

It also features a web extension add-on that makes finding new coupon codes accessible.

The extension will automatically search for coupons based on the webpage you have opened and will automatically alert you when something you have been looking for is on sale.

RetailMeNot has coupons for over 20,000 stores, including Waitr and other delivery services like Doordash and Uber Eats.

You also get access to cashback offers for participating stores with some food delivery services included in these participating stores.


CouponFollow is a discount code search engine that offers real-time coupon offers by scouring the internet for the latest news on discounts and offers.

They have over 5,000 partners and 2 million coupon codes, with Waitr codes among them.

By signing up with your email address, you can get coupons from places that you follow automatically sent to your email to have them available at your fingertips.


Coupert is a digital personal shopping assistant that is free to use.

Like RetailMeNot, it offers a digital browser extension that delivers coupons to you when browsing sites or at the checkout screen like in the Waitr app.

Coupert has coupons from over 100,000 stores and has a unique cashback feature.

You can accumulate points at participating stores; once you earn enough Coupert points, you can cash out and get cash sent to your PayPal.

How Often does Waitr Release New Coupons?

It depends on the type of coupons.

Waitr releases new coupons every few days; a majority of the ones that are updated quickly are the ones that offer free delivery when you spend a certain amount.

Some codes like a Waitr discount code on orders aren’t updated as often.

These are usually updated every few weeks.

How to Apply a Promo Code to a Waitr Order?

The process for using a Waitr promo code on your order is pretty simple:

  • Start your Waitr order like usual.
  • Build your order and then head to the checkout page
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page or app screen.
  • Click or tap the “Add a Promo Code” button.
  • Enter your discount code and then click or tap the green button that says “Redeem.”
  • The discount code will be applied if it applies to your order.
  • Hit submit order once you are done, and the process is finished.

Final Thoughts

Whatever meat, vegetable, restaurant, or grocery craving you have, Waitr has you covered.

Shop around different stores to get the best price and keep up to date on all the best Waitr coupon codes to make the most out of the Waitr takeaway delivery service.

Hungry diners and shoppers like yourself are like donors keeping the Waitr services going strong!

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