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As an Uber user, you may feel that discounts are reserved for those taking their first ride.

However, this is not the case.

Uber coupon codes are available not only for new users, but existing ones as well.

Additionally, Uber drivers also have the chance to earn more through promotions as well.

This guide will serve as your comprehensive guide to current Uber promotions.

We’ll continually update it so that you have the most relevant user promo codes at your disposal.

Please note: 

The promotions that Uber is currently offering varies by city and changes often based on driver and rider demand.

While we try to track these as accurately as possible, there is a chance that we may miss something.

Please refer to the links to the official Uber website in the promotion description before signing up.

That being said, let’s take a look at each promotion in more detail.

Current Uber Promotions for New Customers

vector graphic showing people celebrating with different uber promotions

If you just downloaded the Uber app for the first time, you should be able to score some good deals.

New user promo codes can come from various sources, but the best promo codes come directly from Uber.

Currently, Uber is offering a promo code that gives users $2 off each of your first 5 rides with Uber.

You have the option to enter one of the following Uber offers before your first ride:

  • NEWRIDER25 $2.50 off your first 10 rides
  • NEWRIDER18 $3 off your first six rides
  • NEWRIDER16 $4 off your first four rides
  • NEWRIDER15 $5 off your first three rides

Once you enter one of these ride codes, you will not be able to change your selection.

So, you should be strategic in the credit amount that you choose.

For instance, you earn maximum savings if you choose NEWRIDER25, as you’ll receive a maximum of $25 savings.

However, you’ll need to use Uber frequently to reap the benefits.

Regardless of if you’re looking for more savings off your first ride or maximum long-term savings, there’s a discount code available to meet your needs.

Like other Uber offers, this promo code comes with the following terms and conditions:

  • Prior to requesting your first ride, type the phrase, “WINTER36” into the promo code option
  • This offer can only be used on your first Uber ride
  • The promo code is only valid in the United States
  • The promo code is only worth up to $10
  • Like other promotions, this offer cannot be redeemed for cash

Current Uber Promotions for Existing Customers

If you’ve already taken your first Uber ride, you won’t be able to use any of the new rider promo codes.

Unfortunately, it’s more challenging to find discounts for existing users.

The first thing you’ll want to do is monitor the promo page on uber.com.

The company continually updates its site with the latest available benefits.

There are routinely free ride credits and coupon codes available to existing Uber users on certain holidays, like Labor Day and Christmas.

Although it’s more challenging to use discount codes after the first trip, it’s still possible for existing users to earn credits with their unique Uber referral code.

When someone signs up using your invite code, you’ll receive Uber cash that you can apply to rides.

Although the amount that you can earn from the referral program fluctuates, you can earn up to $25 toward your next ride.

If you accumulate enough cash back, you can use it for a free Uber ride.

You will only receive Uber credit when a new rider signs up before requesting his or her first trip.

The new rider cannot use the link retroactively.

Current Uber Promotions for New Drivers


Not only does Uber offer promotions for riders, but they also offer them for drivers as well.

There is an Uber sign-up bonus available.

When you sign up as a new Uber driver, you can get a massive cash bonus.

This new driver bonus is hands down the most lucrative Uber promotion to date and is pretty easy to get if you plan on driving for the service.

The sign-up bonus carries stipulations with it.

For instance, you may need to complete a certain number of rides within a predetermined time frame.

These stipulations vary by location.

New drivers in New York City, for example, need to complete more rides than those in Billings, Montana.

In order to receive your cash bonus, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Pass the mandatory background check
  • Meet Uber’s insurance policy
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Have a post-2005 four-door vehicle in good condition
  • Have a smartphone
  • Take at least 25 trips in the first 30 days

Once you are hired as an Uber driver, simply provide at least 25 rides within the first 30 days of your employment.

This will be easy, especially if you live in a larger metropolitan area, such as Los Angeles or New York

Once you’ve claimed the new Uber driver bonus, you can keep driving and making money, in addition to taking advantages of the next bonus: Hourly Guarantees.

2023 Uber Driver Sign-up Bonus Update

Unfortunately, Uber has currently stopped offering sign-up bonuses for new drivers.

The company has had to cut costs since the COVID pandemic.

Because there are far fewer people taking rideshare trips, there is not as much of a need for drivers.

So, if you are looking to drive now, you probably won’t receive a bonus.

But if you can wait a couple of weeks or months, you may find that Uber starts offering sign-up bonuses for drivers again.

In the past, drivers have earned $200-$500 in bonus cash.

It could be worth your while to wait to sign up.

Uber Promotions for Existing Drivers

Much like how Uber offers random promotions for existing riders, they do the same for drivers.

Driver promotions are offered weekly and are based on when the company expects demand to be high in your area.

They are not the same from state to state or city to city.

Drivers in Los Angeles may see different weekly promotions than those operating in New York City.

Uber Quest

One of the easiest ways to earn more money through promotions is with Uber Quest.

With Quest, you’ll earn more money if you hit a trip target within a limited time.

For instance, Uber may say that if you complete 10 trips within six hours, you’ll receive a $20 bonus.

This would be in addition to your standard earnings on these trips.

As mentioned, this trip is based on demand.

If Uber notices there is a period with a particularly low number of drivers in your city, they may offer bonuses for completing a certain number of rides during this time.

The other type of driver promotion available is for completing consecutive trips.

If you complete a predetermined number of trips without rejecting, cancelling, or going offline, you’ll receive a bonus.

By monitoring your Uber app and timing when you complete your rides, you can maximize your earnings while driving for Uber.

Hourly Guarantees

At the beginning of 2016, Uber announced that they would cut rates in over 100 US and Canadian cities.

Uber reasoned that higher demand meant that drivers would see an influx of money, so it would be okay to cut prices.

Since different states and cities had different demographics, the price cuts varied in different cities.

But Uber misjudged.

After the influx did not occur, Uber introduced guaranteed hourly earnings.

Guaranteed hourly earnings are what Uber thinks you should make per hour.

If you fall short of your guaranteed hourly earnings, Uber will pay you the difference if you adhere to the following requirements:

  • Accept a minimum amount of 90% trips you are offered
  • Meet the average number of trips per hour block

It is important to remember that hourly guarantee rates are calculated before Uber takes their 20%.

So, if you have a $20 per hour guarantee, you take home only $16 per hour.

Refer New Drivers

Getting paid for referring new drivers is another promotion that Uber is currently running, and is a great way for drivers to make extra cash.

The new driver needs to use your referral code at signup, then you both will get a cash bonus once they complete the required number of trips.

The cash bonus varies based on the city and time of signup.

The fewer drivers available translate to a higher bonus to recruit more, and vice versa.

Your referral code will not expire, so you can continue to market the code for years on end.

While these bonuses may not seem like a whole lot right off the bat, they can certainly add up.

There are a few ways that you can market your referral code.

A popular way is putting it on social media or through word-of-mouth with family and friends.

But please note that there are a few places you cannot share your referral code.

These include paid ads such as Google Adwords or Facebook ads.

If Uber finds you sharing the code on these outlets, they can, and will, end your account.

Be careful when sharing and signing up other drivers.

Refer New Riders

New Uber riders have the chance to get free ride credits with the passenger referral program.

The passenger referral program begins with an Uber driver.

An Uber driver will create a personalized referral code for a free ride that has at times been worth to up to $20.

Once the Uber driver has their personalized referral code, they have the opportunity to share it with anyone they want to.

Most people share it with their friends, family, and co-workers, as well as posting it on social media.

Whoever comes across the passenger referral code can use it, regardless if you are the driver or not.

Once someone uses your passenger referral code, you will be credited $10 in ride credits.

Like every Uber referral program, there are terms and conditions:

  • Only a select amount of cities participate in the Uber passenger referral program
  • Passenger referral codes only work for new accounts
  • The person using the passenger referral code must enter the code prior to booking their first ride
  • The free ride credit is only good for up to $10
  • $2 off each of your first 5 rides with Uber (New Users Only – $10 Value)
  • You cannot transfer the ride credit
  • Ride credits are only valid for the first 30 days

Overall, the $10 ride credit for new Uber customers, and the $30 ride credit for Uber drivers, can be extremely useful.

Other Current Uber Promotions

Aside from the programs we listed above, there are even more current Uber promotions that you can take advantage of.

Uber Partnership Promotions

You don’t have to be a driver or a frequent passenger to become involved with Uber.

Uber offers partnership options for one-time events, as well as ongoing partnerships with businesses.

If you are hosting an event, you can partner with Uber and they will give you a custom Uber promo code for you and your attendees.

The following is a list of the terms and conditions of the event Uber promo code:

  • The promo code is worth a maximum of a whatever the ride credit amount you settle on is
  • The offer cannot be redeemed for cash
  • The promo code can only be used for first-time Uber users
  • The offer is valid only for the day of your event

The event promo code can be useful for guests who have had a few drinks or are too tired to drive home.

If you are interested in partnering with Uber for an event, visit this link to learn more about a personalized uber referral code.

The second type of partnership that Uber offers is an ongoing partnership with businesses.

Since the terms of the partnership vary according to the size of the business, and other factors, Uber doesn’t have a public general list of what ongoing partnerships typically entail.

But, there are a few things we do know about Uber ongoing partnerships.

Uber is open to partnering with various sized business in a variety of niches, specifically those in the following demographics:

  • Charity
  • College
  • Entertainment
  • Event organizers and promoters
  • Fashion
  • Food and beverage
  • Military
  • Music
  • Professional organization
  • Sports

Uber looks for potential partners who host events throughout the year, where Uber can be featured.

Uber’s partnerships range from partnering with YouTubers and social media influencers to partnering with large businesses.

The following are examples of businesses who have ongoing partnerships with Uber:

  • InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG): Towards the end of 2015, the Intercontinental Hotels Group announced that they were partnering with Uber, and their combined service would begin in early 2016. Basically, if you are an active member of the InterContinental Hotels Group’s loyalty program, IHG Rewards Club, you gain points when you use Uber. Uber even gives a $10 ride credit promo code for new users, who are members of the IHG Rewards Club. Also, when you use the promo code, you get 2,000 IHG Rewards Club points, which count towards a redeemable future stay at any IHG hotel in the world.
  • The University of Maryland: In the middle of 2015, Uber announced that they were partnering with the University of Maryland to help promote innovation and entrepreneurship within college students. Uber gave the university $25,000, which went to the co-working space, which is run by students, called the Startup Shell. From 2015 to 2017, Uber has committed to award investor grants to companies that students from the University of Maryland created.
  • Xchange Leasing: Xchange Leasing is actually an Uber program with various partners. When Uber first opened, many people wanted to drive for Uber, but they didn’t have a car. So, in the summer of 2015 Uber announced their new leasing program, Xchange Leasing. Toyota, GM, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, VW, and Chrysler partnered with Uber to give new Uber drivers purchase new cars at a discounted price. Uber drivers also have the option to lease a vehicle through Westlake Financial Services, at a lower price. Finally, if Uber drivers want to just rent a car where they will be driving, instead of leasing or purchasing one, they can rent through one of Uber’s rental partners, such as Flexdrive.

Uber Developer Program

If you are interested in partnering with Uber and have your own app, you can join their developer program.

You will use Uber’s API to integrate their service into your app.

For every new Uber user who originates through your API integration and accepts their first trip, you will get paid $5.

For more information, continue below to read some of the program’s terms and conditions:

  • Your user referrals are tracked by your Client ID.
  • You will only get paid if the person signs up, to Uber, from your API integration.
  • You are eligible for a cash payment when you have acquired a minimum of $250 in referral fees.
  • Payments are sent once a month.
  • You can only earn a maximum amount of $5,000 in referral fees. After you have made the maximum amount, you may have the option of becoming a partner, which unlocks the ability to earn even more money by promoting the service

Overall, if you are looking to earn some extra income, and you have an app or even a simple partnership idea, joining Uber’s developer program is a phenomenal way to achieve this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking to learn more about Uber promotions?

Consider these questions often asked by both drivers and riders.

Is there a limit to how many people can use a referral code?

If you are signing up, you can only use a referral code once.

But once you complete your sign-up, you’ll receive a unique referral code that you can send to your friends and family.

There is no limit as to how many people can sign up using this code.

How do I add a promo code as a new user?

​​​​Start by opening the Uber app on your smartphone or web browser.

Then, select the menu, which is the three horizontal lines on the top of your screen.

If you’re on your web browser, your name will appear on the right-hand side.

Clicking this will open the menu.

After opening the menu, select Promos.

You’ll see an option to add a promo code.

Add the code of your choice, and then tap Add.

The discount will automatically be added to your next ride.

If your code is not valid, you’ll receive a message in red saying, “Promotion is expired” or “Promotion is not valid.”

Where can I see offers in my driver account?

If you are a driver, you can see available promotions by selecting “Promotions” on the app menu.

This will list out any available promotions in your area.

The company may routinely send you emails or messages in the app to also make you aware of available options.

You can also see any additional earnings once you’ve been paid. In the driver app, go to your Earnings section.

From there, select “Earnings Details.”
There, you will see a breakdown of the money you’ve earned, including any bonuses you’ve been paid.

If you’re new to the Uber driver app, be sure to check out our complete guide on how to navigate it.

The more efficient you are with the app, the easier it is to make money while driving.

Are there any other ways to earn money on Uber?

There are a few other promotions available for those who use Uber frequently.

For instance, you could open an Uber credit card.

When you use this card for Uber rides and Uber Eats orders, you’ll receive 5% cash back.

You can also choose to enroll in Uber Rewards.
You’ll receive a point-per-dollar for all of your rides and Uber Eats purchases.

You’ll receive double the points on UberX rides and triple the points on Uber Black rides.

Save Money on Your Next Uber Ride

As an Uber rider, you may feel that the cost of a trip is too high.

And if you’re an Uber driver, you’re probably continually looking for ways to make more money on the app.

Thankfully, both riders and drivers will benefit from the Uber promo codes that we provided.

Make sure you continually check our site for Uber codes that you can use before your next trip.

And if Uber isn’t your rideshare platform of choice, you’re not out of luck.

e sure to check out our Lyft promo code guide, beneficial for both new and existing users.

5 thoughts on “2023 Uber Promotions That Riders And Drivers Can Claim Today”

  1. I have spent days “talking” with UBer, they tell me there in NO sign up bonus. when I show them ads they ignore it and tell me about referral codes. I have spent days trying to get any information. The rideshares are a joke, especially UBer, reporting them to the BBB. Ib worked for lyft and they were horrible but are better than UBer, U make about 10 dollars an hour after gas and car depreciation and maintenance and have to work horrible hours and they advertise sign-up bonuses but say there are none when they sent me the code into my inbox. BE careful this is a lousy company.

  2. I got referred by an uber driver and was promised i would get a 300 dollar bonus after like 70 rides.when i asked them about it i was informed that i made over 300 dollars so the incentive couldnt and wouldnt be added to my account.i was never informed of that.not even the fine print stated that.so i was basically robbed.when is uber going to be honest with its drivers? Thinking LYFT now.they are starting to irritate my soul.ugh

  3. Uber is not worth it. At the end of the day you only make what you spent on gas. About the bonuses read carefully because they trick you and also if you get Uber requests for Uber pool some people just do it to get A cheaper ride and no one else ends up being added because of the area they are in. It really is not worth it to drive for hours when they Pay crap and keep most of the money.

  4. ah no, this is post is not factual, Uber promotions have never been this low in my entire 4 years of driving
    just last year they had sent me weekend promotions that were 35 rides for 60 to 80 dollars, this year they went down to 40 trips you get 25 dollars
    there is basically no incentive and gas prices in Los Angeles have gone up so you really don’t get anything, waste of time

  5. I was offered an earnings promotion that stated if you completed 135 rides by April 13th you would get $1,190. I busted my ass to get all the trips in then they tell me no you don’t get $1,190 that if after you do 135 trips you don’t make $1,190 they give you the difference. So today is April 18th and I’m still fighting to get “the difference” now…


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