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Current Uber Promotions For Riders & Drivers In 2024

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Key Takeaways

  • Uber provides promotions for new and existing riders and drivers.
  • New riders receive discounts; existing riders utilize referral and partner offers.
  • Drivers benefit from sign-up bonuses, hourly guarantees, and referral earnings.
  • Redeem promotions through the Uber app, email subscriptions, and social media updates.

Please note: 

The promotions that Uber is currently offering varies by city and changes often based on driver and rider demand.

While we try to track these as accurately as possible, there is a chance that we may miss something. Please refer to the links to the official Uber website in the promotion description before signing up.

That being said, let’s take a look at each promotion in more detail.

Current Uber Promotions for Riders

Uber always has something to offer its users. Riders, in particular, can make use of promotions year-round, given that they find them.

vector graphic showing people celebrating with different uber promotions

Where to Find Uber Promotions

The trick to getting all those Uber discounts, codes, and credits is to know where to look for them.

Uber App

The first place you can find an Uber promo code for rides is your app.

Browse the menu in the Uber app and open the Payment section. You should see a ‘Promotions’ option. Tap it to view a list of all current promo codes along with their expiration dates.

Follow the same steps if you want to check whether a promo that you’ve been using is still active.

Uber Emails and Notifications

Subscribing to Uber’s newsletter is another way to keep track of live Uber promotions. By receiving those emails, you’d be among the first to know about current discounts and codes.

You also get to learn the latest news affecting your rider experience with the popular service. Uber sends users emails automatically once they sign up via the app or website with a valid email address.

If you’re not getting Uber emails, update your email address on the app. Open the ‘Account’ tab, select ‘Settings’, tap your name, and then choose your email to change it.

You can also update the push notifications preferences on your device so you never miss a promo.

In your Uber app, browse the menu to locate the ‘Setting’ tab. Open it then tap on the ‘Notifications’ section and choose ‘Promotions and news’.

Current Live Uber Rider Promotions

Based on our research, we’ve found that there are ways for both new and existing riders to earn free Uber credit in 2024.

Current Uber Promotions for New Riders

It’s easy to get discounts on riders if you’re a new user. As long as you haven’t taken your first ride yet, you can enjoy any of the following promotions:

Uber Promo CodePromotion Amount
NEWRIDER15$5 off the first three rides ($15 credit total)
NEWRIDER16$4 off the first four rides ($16 credit total)
NEWRIDER18$3 off the first six rides ($18 credit total)
NEWRIDER25$2.5 off the first 10 rides ($25 credit total)
brettm990$2 off the first three rides ($6 credit total)
emily12144ue$2 off the first three rides ($6 credit total)
GOELECTRIC25% off the first two rides in an electric car

Current Uber Promotions For Existing Riders

If you’ve already taken your first Uber ride, then you’re no longer a new user and the promotions above won’t work on your account.

Discount codes for existing customers aren’t as common as for first-timers. Your best bet is to frequent the ‘Promotions’ section on your app.

If you can’t find any live Uber codes, there are other ways for existing riders to earn credit, such as:

  • The Freebird app: Download it and link your Uber account to get cash back and points per ride (that you can exchange for cash).
    • Apply the code ROLL3 upon signing up to get $3 cashback per ride for the first 10 rides through Freebird.
    • Code ROLL2 gives you $4 cashback per ride for the first six rides.
    • Code ROLL1 gives you $5 cashback per ride for the first four rides.
    • Code q8012 or code k15f1 grant you $5 per ride for your first two rides.
  • The Uber referral program: You can earn cash credit on your Uber account by having other people use your referral code. They get a $2 discount on their first three rides and you get a $5 discount on one ride per referral.
  • The American Express Platinum Card: You can enjoy free credits using AMEX applicable on various Uber services. You get $200 Uber credit per year, a free Uber Eats delivery fee, and more.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

I’ve earned thousands upon thousands of dollars of free Uber rides using the Uber referral program. It’s a great way to earn free credit by earnings others to the Uber platform.

My trick is to get creative. I will share my code with friends who haven’t downloaded Uber yet, add them to my email lists, or even promote Uber by handing out my cards throughout the bar scene while I’m out.

Current Uber Promotions for Drivers

Uber offers many promotions to encourage gig workers to sign up, complete more rides, and recommend the app to other drivers. These driver promotions, which change weekly, are tailored based on anticipated high demand periods in specific areas.

The promotions vary by location, meaning a driver in Los Angeles might see different weekly offers than a driver in New York City. Each state or city could have unique promotions based on local demand and market conditions.

1. Uber Signup Bonuses

The sign-up bonus for drivers is one of the heftiest current promotions you can receive from Uber, worth up to $1,650.

Once the new driver signs up and starts completing rides, the referrer driver will get some cash for referring them. The exact amount varies according to the area and the demand for drivers.

Some of the conditions for eligibility are as follows:

  • Applying using an Uber invite code from another driver.
  • Be older than the minimum driving age in your state.
  • Have the necessary documents; including a valid driver’s license, social security number, and proof of residence.
  • Have access to a car that meets Uber vehicle requirements.
  • Depending on your area, complete a set number of rides within a certain time limit. The minimum is 25 rides during your first month.

For a detailed explanation of how Uber sign up bonuses work, we’ll turn to one of our resident ridesharing experts, Sam Choi:

2. Hourly Guarantees for Existing Uber Drivers

In early 2016, Uber decided to lower fares in over 100 cities across the US and Canada, believing that increased demand would compensate drivers with higher earnings.

However, the price cuts varied due to different demographics in each state and city. This strategy did not yield the expected results, leading Uber to introduce guaranteed hourly earnings.

a screenshot of Uber guaranteed earnings promotion - within how much do uber drivers make post

This guarantee represents Uber’s estimate of what drivers should earn per hour. If a driver’s earnings fall short of this guarantee, Uber compensates the difference, provided the driver meets certain conditions: accepting at least 90% of trip offers and maintaining an average number of trips per hour.

It’s crucial to note that these guaranteed rates are calculated before Uber deducts its 20% commission.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

From Uber’s inception up until the pandemic, Uber drivers benefited from these incredibly lucrative promotions. However, post-pandemic, it appears that Uber has switched from a “bonus” model to a “pay guarantee” model.

The key difference between an Uber sign-up bonus and an earnings guarantee is in their purpose and structure.

A sign-up bonus is a one-time reward given to new drivers who complete a certain number of trips shortly after joining Uber. In contrast, an earnings guarantee ensures that a new driver earns a minimum amount for a set number of trips within a specific timeframe. If actual earnings are lower, Uber pays the difference.

The sign-up bonus incentivizes quick start and high activity, whereas the earnings guarantee provides income security for new drivers.

Besides the Uber driver sign-up bonus and earnings guarantees, existing drivers can earn bonuses via Uber Quest and Uber Boost+.

3. Uber Quest

Uber Quest offers a simple way to increase your earnings through bonuses.

When you meet a specific trip target within a set time, you earn extra. For example, completing 10 trips in six hours could net you an additional $20, on top of your regular trip earnings.

These offers often arise during periods of high demand or when there are fewer drivers available in your city.

Another promotional opportunity is the consecutive trip bonus. If you successfully complete a series of trips without rejecting any, cancelling, or going offline, you’ll earn a bonus.

By strategically planning your trips and keeping an eye on the Uber app, you can optimize your earnings while driving for Uber.

Uber Quest at a Glance

With Uber Quest, drivers can make more money by choosing quests and completing trips toward those quests. The driver app designates areas and time windows for each quest.

4. Uber Boost+

Uber Boost+ is another one of the current promotions that benefits drivers by enhancing their earnings potential.

This program operates by identifying areas and times with high rider demand, then offering increased pay rates for trips completed in these “boosted” zones.

Drivers can take advantage of Boost+ by planning their schedules around these peak times, effectively earning more for the same amount of work.

Uber Boost+ at a Glance

As for Boost+, drivers can make extra money by completing trips that start at specific zones within a limited time.

5. Earn Driver Bonuses By Referring Others Drivers to Uber

Uber offers a referral program where drivers can earn a cash bonus by referring new drivers. To qualify, the new driver must sign up using your referral code and complete a certain number of trips within a pre-set timeframe.

The bonus amount varies by city and signup time, and is generally higher when there’s a shortage of drivers. Your referral code doesn’t expire, allowing for ongoing promotion.

You can share your code through social media, word-of-mouth, or with family and friends. However, it’s important to avoid using paid advertising platforms like Google AdWords or Facebook ads to share your code, as Uber prohibits this practice and may terminate your account for such violations. Be mindful of how and where you share your referral code.

Where Can I See Offers in My Uber Account?

If you are a driver, you can see available promotions by selecting “Promotions” on the app menu. This will list out any available promotions in your area. For example, within my Uber driver account, I recently saw:

a screenshot of current uber promotions for drivers within the Uber driver account
a screenshot of current uber promotions for drivers within the Uber driver account

The company may routinely send you emails or messages in the app to also make you aware of available options.

You can also see any additional earnings once you’ve been paid. In the driver app, go to your Earnings section. From there, select “Earnings Details.” There, you will see a breakdown of the money you’ve earned, including any bonuses you’ve been paid.

If you’re new to the Uber driver app, be sure to check out our complete guide on how to navigate it. The more efficient you are with the app, the easier it is to make money while driving.

How To Redeem Current Uber Promotions

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough for redeeming promotions:

If You’re a Rider

To apply new customer promotions:

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Open the menu from the top left corner of the screen
  3. Tap ‘Wallet’
  4. Select ‘Add Promo Code’
  5. Type in the promo code
  6. Tap ‘Add’

To offer and redeem referral codes:

  • The existing user locates their unique Uber referral code in the ‘Free Rides’ section in the app menu
  • Then they share it with the new user
  • The new user creates an account on Uber and enters the referral code while signing up
  • They open the app and enter the details for the first ride
  • The new user will see a discounted rate, and once they complete the trip, the referrer will receive cash credits

If You’re a Driver

To offer and redeem referral codes:

  • Locate your unique Uber referral code in the dashboard under the ‘Earnings’ section
  • Share it with the potential driver.

You can also share a referral link via partners.uber.com.

Once the referred driver receives the invitation code, they can use it while signing up.

The referrer will receive their referral bonus after the referred driver is accepted.

The referred driver will have to complete a set number of rides within a certain period to receive the sign-up bonus.

Maximizing the Benefits of Promotions

Uber riders can make the most out of promotions by:

  • Applying first-time codes with every new account
  • Save money with a monthly pass
  • Avoiding booking rides during peak times unless necessary
  • Allowing push notifications and subscribing to email updates

Uber drivers can also follow the tips below to boost their promotion benefits:

  • Leverage Uber Quests on both weekends and weekdays
  • Accept trips during rush hour periods to earn peak hour rates
  • Maximize the number of your trips by planning your routes so that one trip starts from the destination of the previous one

Staying Informed About Future Promotions

The best way to remain up to date on the latest promotions is to regularly check your app. That’s the promotions section on the riders app or the earnings section on the drivers app.

Another way to come across current Uber promotions is to keep an eye on the company’s pages on social platforms. Uber is present on Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

If you’re a driver, consider joining driver forums and communities to pick up on potential earning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may be wondering about current Uber promotions:

Does Uber Still Give Promotions?

Yes, Uber frequently offers rider and driver promotions. There are many different promotions currently available to both riders and drivers.

Do Uber Promotions Automatically Apply?

In most cases, you need to enter promo codes manually to enjoy their benefits.

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s a discount code on Uber rides or a driver’s bonus, promotions are a sure way to boost users’ experience. They allow customers to save money and help gig workers earn extra cash.

You just need to take advantage of them before they expire. Regularly check your app, Uber emails, and Uber’s social media to stay in the loop.

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