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What Is Uber Eats Pro: How Does It Work?

Uber Eats Pro is a point system that rewards its delivery drivers for each delivery they complete. Read on to find out how the program works.

Uber Eats has found a way to encourage stellar service and award the incredible work done by its drivers: Uber Eats Pro.

If you’ve been working for Uber Eats for a while and don’t yet know about the program, this article is for you.

We will give you the information you need to take advantage of the exciting rewards offered by Uber Eats.

It’s time you get some recognition for your excellent driving and service skills, so keep reading to find out how!

What Is Uber Eats Pro?

Uber Eats Pro is a tiered rewards system available to every delivery driver that meets the assigned criteria.

Each time a delivery person earns points and maintains a rating of 85% or more, they are eligible for an upgraded status within the program.

There is a lot of hype surrounding this program because it shows each driver they are an Uber VIP.

Uber believes in paying it forward to their delivery drivers who work hard to ensure their customers receive the excellent customer service they deserve.

Uber drivers serve as liaisons between local Uber Eats merchants and their customers.

The service they provide expands the reach of restaurants and gives customers the ability to eat the foods they love without leaving home.

Food delivery through Uber Eats also keeps patrons safe amid the pandemic.

How Does Uber Eats Pro Work?

The Uber Eats Pro rewards system works effortlessly behind the scenes as you work.

Each time you complete a delivery while driving for Uber Eats, you earn points.

The amount of points earned depends on when you make the delivery.

  • First, you earn one point for every delivery you complete.
  • You earn two points for every delivery completed between 12 pm and 2 pm.
  • Lastly, you earn six points for every completed delivery between 5 pm and 9 pm.

Your satisfaction rating from customers helps determine if you are eligible for the following higher-tiered status.

Your customer satisfaction rating has to be at least 85% from the restaurants where you pick up your orders and the customers you deliver to.

Each status within the Uber Eats Pro system determines what rewards and to what extent you unlock.

The points system operates on a monthly schedule.

Each month, your current status, points, and satisfaction rating get measured to determine your available awards for the upcoming month.

Are you excited to be an eats driver yet?

What is the Point of Uber Eats Pro?

Uber Eats Pro recognizes the hard work done by each Uber eats driver.

Delivery drivers work hard all year long in all types of weather to provide for themselves and their families and ensure they do their jobs effectively.

Uber aims to help its drivers achieve their goals on and off the road.

vector graphic showing mobile phones with Uber Eats Pro screenshots on the screens

Uber Eats Pro Levels

The Uber rewards each driver unlocks depends on their tier status.

Uber allows its delivery drivers to achieve one of these three statuses: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.


Gold status is the second level of the Uber Eats Pro rewards program.

One achieves this level by earning 400 points on their Uber Eats delivery orders and maintaining an 85% customer satisfaction rating throughout the month.


Uber Eats Pro Platinum status is the third tier of Uber Rewards.

Once a delivery driver earns 800 points and maintains an 85% customer and restaurant satisfaction rating, they get promoted to this tier.


The Uber Eats Pro Diamond status is the MVP ranking of the rewards program.

Drivers unlock Diamond status once they have earned 1,200 reward points and received at least an 85% customer satisfaction rating from customers and local restaurants.

rewards levels for Uber Eats pro driver program

Benefits That Uber Eats Pro Provides

Uber Eats Pro offers delivery drivers many perks to keep them motivated to provide outstanding service and keep them safe even when they are not working.

The rewards get redeemed through the app, making it much easier to maintain and contact support when needed.

100% Tuition Covered

The point system lets eligible delivery drivers take advantage of 100% prepaid tuition through Arizona State University Online.

If the driver opts not to take advantage of the option, they can still gift it to a family member.

The reward specifically offers students undergraduate programs and courses on entrepreneurship and English.

The programs give Uber Eats delivery drivers the ability to work and take classes on their own schedule.

Unfortunately, this reward is only available to Diamond status Uber Eats Pro drivers.

25% Discounted Car Maintenance

Uber offers its drivers discounted car maintenance.

vector graphic showing a car getting a Lyft vehicle inspection up on a mechanical lift while a mechanic is inspecting the car

Let’s face it.

Delivery drivers work in their cars.

Normal wear and tear increase the more one drives.

Uber lets its drivers manage their car maintenance through the Caradvise app.

A driver chooses the shop they want to visit and compares prices to determine which shop offers the service they need at the best price.

You can download the Caradvise app on IOS and Google Play devices.

Most drivers who use this app save between 10 and 40% on car maintenance.

Uber Eats drivers who have not reached Gold status still have access to the Caradvise app.

They have access to maintenance reminders, history, shop comparisons, free ASE technician advice, and up to 25% savings.

Gold status delivery drivers get $5 off their first service.

Platinum status drivers pay no more than $50 for a full-synthetic oil change.

Diamond drivers receive even more rewards.

5% More Cash Back on Gas

The Uber Visa Debit Card is attached to an exclusive checking account from GoBank that rewards let drivers earn cash back at select stores on their purchases.

There are no overdrafts, monthly fees, or minimum balances to worry about.

In fact, drivers earn up to 5% cashback on gas purchases.

Drivers also have the opportunity to earn up to 10% cashback at Advance Auto Parts and up to 15% cashback at participating Jiffy Lube stores.

You can manage the account through the GoBank app and cash out rewards up to five times per day.

How to Qualify for Uber Eats Pro

Drivers qualify for Uber Eats Pro by earning points and maintaining an 85% customer and local restaurant satisfactory rating.

vector graphic showing a clipboard with Uber car requirements on it and an Uber vehicle behind it getting evaluated

Drivers, don’t worry about missing out on the Uber Eats Pro rewards.

All you have to do is focus on doing what you do best.

Make on-time and friendly deliveries to your customers, drive safely, and communicate effectively with the local restaurants.

You make the Uber world go round.

As you drive, you earn points – it’s as simple as that.

How to Maintain Rewards on Uber Eats Pro

The same principle applies here.

The driver maintains points and rewards.

Each month, the Uber rewards system analyzes the number of points you earn and considers the customer and restaurant satisfaction rating to determine the your status.

If you earn 400 points one month and the following month 1200 points, your status changes from Gold to Diamond.

If you only earn 900 points the next month, you level drops to Platinum.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to focus so much on the status.

Many of the rewards are available to all status tiers.

For example, the Uber Visa debit card, free weekly treats at McDonald’s, subsidized gym memberships, AXA partner protection, 24/7 roadside assistance, and priority support are available to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Uber Eats Pro drivers.

While each discount for car maintenance, clothing, and delivery insurance differs, they are still available to drivers in all status tiers.

The other benefit of Platinum status is a free Uber Eats bag for deliveries.

Diamond drivers receive a free delivery bag and 100% tuition coverage.

What is the Difference Between Uber Eats Pro and Uber Pro?

Uber Pro is a rewards program for rideshare drivers.

It works just like the Uber Eats Pro point system, except that drivers need to earn more points for each tier.

To obtain Gold status, drivers need to earn 1000 points and receive a 3% or less cancellation rate alongside a 4.7 driver rating.

Platinum status requires 1800 points earned and the same cancellation and driver rating.

Last, drivers must earn 2800 points and maintain the same driver and cancellation ratings to achieve Diamond status.

vector graphic showing an Uber Eats customer celebrating because they found an Uber Eats promo code

Uber Pro calculates points earned and ratings to determine a driver’s status every three months.

Drivers earn one point for each completed trip and 5 points for those completed during peak times.

All Gold, Platinum, and Diamon drivers get to take advantage of BP fuel discounts, auto discounts, partner and 24/7 support, and roadside assistance.

Platinum drivers have access to priority airport rematch, while Diamond drivers receive exclusive support.

All features are available on the app as well.

Wrapping Up

Uber Eats Pro is a rewards system that lets delivery drivers earn points and reap the rewards for the hard work they do every day.

You can work your way up the three tiers that unlock more rewards and earn more points.

Theses Gold, Platinum, and Diamond statuses reward delivery drivers cash back on gas purchases, discounted car maintenance, and prepaid tuition.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start delivering.

2 thoughts on “What Is Uber Eats Pro: How Does It Work?”

  1. Correction (denoted in all caps): For Uber Eats Pro, you earn THREE points for every delivery completed between ELEVEN AM and 2 pm. 🙂

  2. I have read and compared tier benefits for Uber Eats. Trust me, I read a lot of articles written by you and others. I just happened to see this article when reading comments and questions by other drivers.
    This is the very first time I have read that Uber Eats Platinum status earns a free Uber Eats bag for deliveries.
    I would love to know how to claim a free bag! I am Diamond and continue Diamond tier. I honestly don’t see any reward beyond the tuition program that Diamond earns. I don’t receive “priority” support. My support, if any, is no different from any other UE driver. I don’t earn more base, don’t receive better trip requests. I can only collect 1 Costco membership a year. Which, hands down, the best reward! Ignore my time driving and money for gas it took to “earn” a “free” membership. I’m a dasher, don’t tell anyone! But I am. As a dasher I earn 10% cash back for the fuel i buy from Costco, thanks UE. Costco fuel is around $0.40 per gallon cheaper. With my Diamond tier discount, Upside and Casey’s rewards, Costco is still cheaper!! As I said, Costco membership is truly best. Side note, anybody that wants to achieve free tuition for themselves or family member, please read, and read more, all terms and conditions. Just compare Uber’s quests and/or challenges that many drivers thought they have earned, or should have earned, and imagine the hoops involved with free tuition!! I digress but it’s part of the Diamond tier.
    Where’s my free bag?? 🤗 Obviously Uber hasn’t been so kind to deliver it to one of their Diamond tier drivers. But seriously, point me in the direction. Where did I miss it??
    And don’t judge me for writing this and ALL the hours of my time reading, driving and the 2 bags that still sit in my Amazon cart, just like how expensive my “free” Costco membership cost. I want a “free” Uber bag!!


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