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Uber Eats Pro: The Rewards, Pros, and Cons Every Courier Needs to Know

Key Takeaways

  • Uber Eats Pro is a tiered rewards program for delivery drivers, incentivizing high performance with escalating benefits.
  • The program features four tiers (Green, Gold, Platinum, Diamond) based on points earned from deliveries.
  • Benefits include discounts on gas, car maintenance, and tuition coverage, with more extensive perks in higher tiers.
  • The program is open to all Uber Eats drivers; maintaining higher tiers requires consistent performance and high customer satisfaction.
  • The program’s value varies based on individual driver circumstances and frequency of deliveries.

If you work as an Uber Eats delivery driver or are about to take the plunge, Uber Eats Pro is an innovative reward program that can help you make extra bucks and save money on recurring expenses.

The program is packed with special discounts and privileges that make working as a delivery driver more profitable and rewarding.

Starting with 100% online tuition coverage and cash back on gas and EV charging to discounts as high as 35% on car maintenance, being an Uber Eats Pro courier opens up the door to a wealth of enticing rewards.

To help you decide whether it’s worth your time, we’ll explain how Uber Eats Pro works, its points and tier system, and the benefits it offers.

What Is Uber Eats Pro?

Uber Eats Pro is a reward program designed to incentivize Uber Eats drivers to take on more trips, earn points, and get access to special benefits.

It’s a tiered reward program that gives high-performing Uber Eats couriers access to tier-specific perks the company or its third-party partners offer.

As drivers strive to earn more points and retain their status in the program, they go the extra mile to satisfy customers and maintain positive ratings. This translates to faster and more reliable delivery services, which helps Uber Eats serve customers better.

How Does Uber Eats Pro Work?

Uber Eats Pro works by awarding points to drivers for each delivery they complete, with the number of points varying depending on the delivery time.

Drivers earn:

  1. One point for every delivery.
  2. Two points for deliveries completed between 12 pm and 2 pm.
  3. Six points for deliveries completed between 5 pm and 9 pm.

Except if you opt out, the Uber Eats Pro rewards program is available for all delivery drivers. It’s only the eligibility criteria for specific tiers that differ.

Uber Eats Pro has four membership tiers:

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Once you opt in, you’ll be placed in the base tier — the green tier. You unlock the other three when you earn the required number of points for any of them. You must maintain a 93% satisfaction rating from restaurants and customers to qualify for other tiers.

The number of points you earn per trip depends on the time you make the delivery. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Outside Peak Hours: You earn 1 point for delivering orders outside of the time frames mentioned below.
  • Lunch Hours: You earn 3 points for making deliveries between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
  • Dinner Hours: You earn 6 points for completing deliveries between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.

The program operates on a fixed one-month period, which begins on the first day of each month and ends on the last.

Uber Eats uses your points and status over this fixed month to determine the next month’s. The points you accrued for the past month won’t roll over to the next.

You’re automatically moved to a higher tier, where you’ll remain for the remainder of that month and through the next, once you achieve the number of points required for it.

For instance, if you qualify for the gold tier on January 5, you’ll be in it for the rest of January and through the end of February.

Your point balance will still be reset to zero at the start of February. If you don’t earn enough points for the gold tier before the month runs out, you’ll be downgraded to a lower tier in March.

Uber Eats Pro Tiers and Rewards

Each successive tier comes with unique perks as well as the rewards of the one that precedes it. Below is a breakdown of what each offers and the required number of points to access it.

1. Green Tier

All drivers in the program are automatically placed in this tier. Couriers who don’t meet the requirements for higher tiers are downgraded to the green tier.

At this level, you can access the following benefits:

  • Up to $0.25 off per gallon of gas with Upside
  • $125 off on home EV charging with EneI X
  • 15% off dental and vision care with Stride
  • Up to 35% off car maintenance with CarAdvise
  • TrueCar vehicle discounts
  • A free health savings account with Starship
  • $2,500 off GM Bolt
  • Quickbooks self-employed discount
  • 20% off roadside assistance with Urgent.ly

2. Gold Tier

To unlock the gold tier, you’ll have to earn 400 points within a month. It offers all the rewards in the green tier, plus the following perks:

  • $0.05 per gallon Shell fuel discount
  • $0.05 per gallon BP fuel discount
  • 25% TurboTax self-employed discount
  • Up to $2 off every $5 purchase 7-Eleven Discount on Food and Drinks
  • Free Uber roadside assistance with Urgent.ly

3. Platinum Tier

You’ll qualify for the platinum tier once you earn 800 points within the fixed one-month period. Drivers in this tier have access to all the rewards on the gold tier, plus the following:

  • $0.07 per gallon BP fuel discount
  • $0.06 per gallon Shell fuel discount
  • $3 on minimum purchase of $5 7-Eleven Discount on Food and Drinks
  • Free Costo yearly gold membership
  • 100% tuition coverage at Arizona State University online for you or an eligible family member

4. Diamond Tier

Earning 1,200 points within a month qualifies you for this tier. It includes the same rewards the platinum tier offers, as well as:

  • $0.07 per gallon Shell fuel discount
  • $50 TurboTax self-employed discount
  • Uber Eats’ priority support
rewards levels for Uber Eats pro driver program

Pros of Uber Eats Pro

On top of the numerous benefits the program offers, here are some notable pros:

  • Anyone can become an Uber Eats delivery partner and join the Pro program, as there are no special requirements
  • Uber Eats doesn’t restrict you to having a car before you can participate in the program. You can start earning with Uber Eats Pro with a car, bike, or scooter
  • All Uber Eats Pro drivers can access the Uber Pro Card, a debit Mastercard with fee-free cash withdrawals. You can use the card for online and in-store purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • With an Uber Pro Card, you get up to 6% cash back on gas purchases and up to 14% on EV charging, depending on your tier level
  • Qualifying for higher tiers requires you to take on more deliveries, which means you make more money as an Uber Eats driver and possibly get bigger tips

Cons of Uber Eats Pro

Here are a few downsides to Uber Eats Pro that you should be aware of:

  • Not rolling over your earned points is a big turn-off and can be frustrating. Even if you’re one point away from the next tier and the month ends, your points reset to zero. You’ll have to start over again
  • Uber doesn’t guarantee any of the offers provided by its third-party partners. Also, the perks you can access depend on your location
  • The 93% satisfaction rating puts Uber Eats Pro out of reach for many drivers, as it’s nearly impractical to maintain such a high rating for a long time. And even if you struggle to earn the points, it’s useless once your rating drops below 93%

How to Maintain Rewards on Uber Eats Pro

The same principle applies here. The driver maintains points and rewards.

Each month, the Uber rewards system analyzes the number of points you earn and considers the customer and restaurant satisfaction rating to determine the your status.

If you earn 400 points one month and the following month 1200 points, your status changes from Gold to Diamond. If you only earn 900 points the next month, you level drops to Platinum.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to focus so much on the status. Many of the rewards are available to all status tiers.

For example, the Uber Visa debit card, free weekly treats at McDonald’s, subsidized gym memberships, AXA partner protection, 24/7 roadside assistance, and priority support are available to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Uber Eats Pro drivers.

While each discount for car maintenance, clothing, and delivery insurance differs, they are still available to drivers in all status tiers.

The other benefit of Platinum status is a free Uber Eats bag for deliveries. Diamond drivers receive a free delivery bag and 100% tuition coverage.

What is the Difference Between Uber Eats Pro and Uber Pro?

The difference between Uber Eats Pro and Uber Pro lies in their target audiences and reward structures.

Uber Pro is a rewards program designed for rideshare drivers, while Uber Eats Pro is tailored for delivery partners. Both programs use a points-based system, but the requirements for each tier differ.

vector graphic showing an Uber Eats customer celebrating because they found an Uber Eats promo code

For Uber Pro, drivers aim to achieve Gold, Platinum, or Diamond status based on points earned, cancellation rate, and driver rating. Gold status requires 1,000 points, Platinum needs 1,800 points, and Diamond demands 2,800 points, all with specific cancellation rates and driver ratings.

Points are accumulated with each completed trip, with peak times offering higher points.

The rewards vary between tiers. All tiers enjoy benefits like BP fuel discounts, auto discounts, and 24/7 support. Platinum drivers get additional perks like priority airport rematch, while Diamond drivers enjoy exclusive support.

These features are accessible through the app, and Uber Pro recalculates points and ratings every three months to determine the driver’s status.

Brett’s Take: Thoughts From an Expert

Based on conversations I have had with other drivers, opinions tend to be mixed on whether or not Uber Eats Pro is worth it or not. It largely depends on the individual driver’s circumstances and priorities.

For drivers who frequently use their vehicles for deliveries, the discounts on car maintenance and gas could offer tangible savings. However, these benefits are often tied to specific services or partnerships, which may not be convenient or useful for everyone.

For those aiming to leverage the program for educational purposes, the free tuition at ASU Online could be a significant incentive, particularly for drivers looking to further their education while earning.

On the flip side, some drivers might find the program’s perks do not substantially impact their net earnings, especially if the additional rewards do not align with their personal or professional needs.

The program encourages more deliveries and higher customer satisfaction, which could potentially increase earnings, but this also means more work and commitment.

Ultimately, drivers should weigh the specific benefits of each tier against their personal goals, work habits, and the frequency of their deliveries.

If the perks align well with a driver’s routine and needs, Uber Eats Pro could be a valuable program. However, if the rewards do not resonate with the driver’s lifestyle or work patterns, the program might offer limited value.

Wrapping Up

The Uber Eats Pro program is designed to reward all delivery partners.

The green tier, which is the base level, already qualifies you for several amazing benefits without any requirements. You only have to worry about whether Uber Pro status is worth your time if you want to unlock higher tiers.

Other than that, participating in the program is rewarding and costs you nothing.

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