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How to Become a Wingz Driver: Understanding Requirements and Income

Learn how to become a Wingz driver, step-by-step. We'll cover it all, from the requirements to get started, to how to actually apply.

Key Takeaways

  • Wingz offers pre-scheduled, personalized rides, providing flexibility for drivers and riders.
  • Drivers must be 25+, own a recent model car, and pass background checks.
  • Wingz drivers earn $20-40 per hour, influenced by location, demand, and tips.
  • Application process includes data confirmation, additional steps, and compliance checks.

Understanding Wingz and Its Service Model

Wingz is unlike your usual rideshare apps.

For starters, it’s a specialized car service, allowing clients to only choose private cars and personalized drivers. Wingz also offers pre-scheduled rides that clients can book days, weeks, and even months in advance if necessary.

The pre-scheduling feature goes both ways as well. Drivers, too, can fill up their calendars with rides and plan out their schedules months ahead. It’s safe to say that with how Wingz works; there’s flexibility for both the drivers and users.

Among Wingz other lucrative benefits are scheduled pickups and known destinations. Riders with booked flights, for instance, are able to decide when their drivers can pick them up and which airport they’re going to or coming from.

For further convenience, Wingz drivers are scattered across 30 different states and more than a dozen different airports, including:

Driver Requirements for Wingz

The requirements to become a Wingz driver closely resemble those needed to drive with other rideshare apps as well. That said, and because the Wingz team picks only specialized drivers, some criteria of selection will be different.

For example, the initial driver requirements include the following:

  • Must be 25 years or older
  • Holds an iPhone or Android smart phone
  • Owns either an SUV, minivan, or a full-size/premium sedan that’s less than 5 years old
  • Has a clean driving record and proof of insurance

As for NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) drivers, the requirements are:

  • 25 years or older
  • Holds an iPhone or Android phone
  • Owns a less than a 10 years old SUV, minivan, or a full-size/premium sedan
  • Has a clean driving record and valid car insurance
  • Passes a drug screening test

If you meet the basic requirements, then you’re eligible for the Wingz’s onboarding and screening process. That includes an initial info call, an online orientation, and a background and MVR check.

For drivers applying for an NEMT position, expect an in-person evaluation as well.

Potential Income as a Wingz Driver

Since Wingz drivers offer a customized, private experience to their riders, they stand to make more money per ride than most rideshare drivers.

For reference, Uber drivers make around $15-25 per hour, while Wingz drivers earn $20-40 an hour. Those numbers round up to an average annual income of $34,890 to $46,420.

That range excludes, however, vehicle expenses and fluctuating gas prices. Other factors impact your income as a Wingz driver, too—and those include the following:

  • Demand for Rides: Certain cities house more users who are frequent fliers and will  constantly require your services, such as New York and Los Angeles.
  • Location: Similarly, US cities that are busier than others have users that prefer using rideshare apps for convenience and speed.
  • Peak Travel Times: To earn the most money, work during the busy hours: from 7 to 9 am and 4 to 7 pm on weekdays. Friday and Saturday nights are peak times too. 

Tips are an additional source of income Wingz drivers can benefit from. With Wingz’s Favorite Driver System, you can build a trusty clientele that tips you for your exceptional services and enjoyable rides.

Signup Tutorial for New Wingz Drivers

Wingz’s website is user-friendly and a breeze to navigate. From their Drive for Wingz page, scroll down to find the following options and pick accordingly:

  • Georgia Drivers 
  • Virginia Drivers 
  • Drivers in All Other States

From there, you can follow the application process until completion. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to expect:

1. Fill Out the Application Form

It’s a standardized application form where they ask for your first and last name, email, phone number, driving market (or location), and age.

You’ll also need to answer questions such as: ‘What kind of driver are you?’ and ‘What type of driver are you applying to be?’. This step should take no more than 5-7 minutes.

2. Answer Eight Questions

To better understand you as a driver and cater to your needs, the Wingz team will then ask you eight questions. They’re MCQ and short-answer questions, so shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to get through.

These questions are:

Select the airport(s) you would like to service

What year is your vehicle?

What is the make and model of your vehicle?

Select your vehicle type

Does this vehicle qualify as a Clean Air Vehicle (CAV)?

Does this vehicle qualify as Wheelchair Accessible?

What is your phone type?

What is your driving experience?

Once you answer the questions, this window should appear, confirming the reception of your data.

3. The Wingz Info Call

The team will then call you on the number you provided to confirm your data. They could ask follow-up questions about unclear answers or information in your application form. So, make sure you are as detailed and helpful as possible.

4. Go Through the Remaining Steps

If you applied for General Rideshare services, you’ll have to complete 11 additional steps after the initialization call. Those steps are:

  1. Profile Picture, Vehicle Picture, and Bio Information
  2. Vehicle Insurance, Inspection, and Registration
  3. Driver’s License Picture and Information
  4. Bank Information
  5. Compliance Check
  6. NorthPass
  7. Safe Driving Course
  8. Criminal background check and Motor Vehicle Record check run by Turn
  9. Turn Review
  10. W9 form
  11. Zoom Activation and Visual Inspection Call

If you’ve applied to be an NEMT driver, there will be an additional step. It includes compliance with your state’s laws. It’ll be under: ‘[Your state] – Compliance’.

5. Check the Status of Your Application

Continue to monitor the status of your application to see if you got ‘Approved’ or ‘Deactivated’.

If ‘Approved’, then you can start driving with the app right away.

The ‘Deactivated’ message, however, means that your account is no longer active as the Wingz team has terminated it. This could be because of several reasons, such as expired documents or an ineligible vehicle.

Maximizing Your Success with Wingz

A rideshare driver with Wingz has the potential to grow a fully lucrative business and achieve high levels of success on the platform. All it takes is optimizing the right elements to maintain a strong rating on the app and get repeat customers.

One tip, for instance, is to make yourself available during high-demand periods. Riders will soon recognize you if they find they can depend on your services when peak hours hit and they can’t get a ride.

Providing excellent, and personalized, customer service goes a long way as well. Offer comfortable airport rides, long fun trips, and a closer connection with your clients.

Doing so, not only boosts your image and reputation on Wingz, but also guarantees customer loyalty and a solid income – whether in tips or high flat rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Download the Wingz Driver App?

The Wingz Driver App is available on their website alone. You need to have an eligible driver account to be able to download it, too.

Is Wingz Cheaper Than Uber?

While Wingz isn’t cheaper than Uber, it does promise a rider experience unlike any other rideshare company. Wingz also offers the unique feature of pre-scheduled drives and great average rates for airport rides.

Wrapping Up

Become a Wingz driver today by following our signup tutorial. Join the Wingz driver community, and create unforgettable memories with an array of clients.

While at it, invest in your business and customer service skills as a Wingz driver – build a ‘Favorite Driver’ profile that guarantees you a loyal clientele. It’s how you ensure a steady influx of extra money in tips.

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