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Cancel Zipcar Membership: 3 Proven Methods That Work

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Zipcar is a handy option if you need transportation by car but don’t have a vehicle of your own.

The cost of Zipcar and it’s membership plans start at just $7 per month (although fees differ in Canada), far less expensive than purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

The company also offers annual membership for $70/year.

Members enjoy:

  • Secondary insurance, as a backup to the member’s primary insurance
  • Free gas, included with membership
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and maintenance on all vehicles
  • 180 miles per day (and $0.45 per mile for each additional mile).

Additional functions apply depending on the plan you choose.

For most monthly plans, the company issues automatic payments every month.

If you no longer find the service useful to your everyday life, you may wish to cancel Zipcar membership service so you don’t pay unnecessary monthly fees.

You may also experience issues with your Zipcar membership or use of Zipcar’s fleet that makes membership undesirable for you.

Zipcar makes membership cancellation easy, with two cancellation options: online and by phone.

You can also use the website to cancel any unwanted subscriptions, including Zipcar Inc. membership.

How to Cancel a Zipcar Membership

graphic showing how to cancel a zipcar membership

1. Cancel Zipcar Membership Online

Your first option for canceling your Zipcar membership is to use the company’s website.

You can do this in three simple steps:

Step One

Sign in to your Zipcar account.

Go to and enter your username and password, then click the green “Sign in” button.

Step Two

From the dropdown menu, select “Account Settings & Information.”

This will open a second dropdown menu from which you must select “Close My Account.”

Step Three

Click on “Submit a Request.” By clicking “Submit a Request,” you are sending your cancellation request form to Zipcar.

2. Cancel Zipcar Membership by Phone

Your second option for canceling your Zipcar membership is to call Zipcar and request to cancel your account.

This step takes a bit longer than canceling on the website but may be the best option for you if you prefer to cancel by speaking with a customer service representative via phone calls.

You will also need to use the cancel by phone option to close a membership with multiple admins.

Step One

Call Zipcar’s customer service number at 1-866-494-7227.

Step Two

When prompted, press “1” to indicate that you are a current Zipcar member.

Step Three

On your keypad, enter the phone number associated with your Zipcar account.

Step Four

When prompted, enter your date of birth using your keypad.

You should enter your date of birth using the MMDDYYYY format.

For example, if your birthday is March 22, 1991, you would enter 03221991.

Step Five

Wait for a Zipcar customer service representative to answer your call.

Step Six

Answer the verification questions asked by the Zipcar customer service representative.

You will likely be asked for personal details, specifically your email address and answers to your account security questions.

Step Seven

Tell the Zipcar customer service representative that you want to cancel your account.

The representative will likely ask you several times if you are sure you wish to cancel your account.

They may even offer you perks for keeping your account open, like a free month of Zipcar.

If you are sure that you want to cancel your Zipcar membership, repeat your desire to cancel each time the customer service representative asks you.

Step Eight

Once your account is closed, the Zipcar customer service representative will verbally state that your membership has been canceled.

They will also follow up with a confirmation email you should retain for your records if Zipcar accidentally charges you later.

3. Cancel Zipcar Membership by

In addition to the two options provided by Zipcar, you can use to cancel Zipcar memberships by following the below instructions.

Step One

On your web browser, navigate to

Step Two

Select “Find Hidden Money” at the top of the page.

Step Three

Enter Zipcar into the service field.

Once your membership is canceled, you will receive a confirmation from

Common Problems with Zipcar Memberships

People cancel their Zipcar subscription for a variety of reasons.

It may be that you simply no longer need the service.

However, some Zipcar members cancel because of problems with Zipcar.

One of the most common problems members have with Zipcar is the cleanliness of vehicles.

Because their fleet is accessed by many users each day, it is not uncommon to find a dirty zip car when you unlock it.

You can call Zipcar’s customer service line to report issues with vehicle cleanliness.

Another problem members experience with Zipcar is not having a gas card in the vehicle.

You should be able to refuel using gas cards provided by Zipcar since membership includes gas.

However, sometimes gas cards are taken by other users and are not available when you need fuel.

It’s important to note that Zipcar will not refund you for the cost of that purchase if you pay for gas using your card.

Many users report problems with automobile reservations and availability with Zipcar as well.

While you might have reserved a vehicle for noon, if the previous user does not return the car by this time, it will not be available for you.

Availability also becomes an issue when cars break down.

While Zipcar should inform you in advance about breakdowns or maintenance issues, not getting such advance notice is a common complaint of members of the platform.

Finally, some Zipcar members have trouble unlocking their vehicles.

Once you’ve reserved a vehicle for a particular time, you should be able to unlock it using the Zipcar app for Android or iPhone.

But, some members have reported trouble doing this, even when their reservations are valid.

If you ever have difficulty unlocking a Zipcar using mobile devices, you should contact Zipcar customer service to help you fix the issue.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Cancelling Zipcar Memberships

If you are planning to cancel your Zipcar membership, there are a few important things to note:

  • If there are any outstanding tolls, parking violation fees, moving violation fees, or other potential driving charges, they will all be charged to the credit card on file once received. These fees will be charged regardless of whether or not the membership has been canceled.
  • Any balance remaining on your account will be credited to the credit card associated with your membership when the account is closed.
  • After the first 30 days of your membership, damage waiver fees and membership fees cannot be refunded. However, if you cancel within the first 30 days, once your account closure request is approved, the membership fee will be refunded.
  • All drivers on your existing account will be closed when you cancel your membership. Suppose you only want to remove additional drivers and do not want to cancel your membership. In that case, you can do so by navigating to the “Account Settings and Information” section of the Zipcar website or by calling Zipcar and requesting to remove additional drivers.
  • When you submit your cancellation request, your account will close by the end of the day.

Wrapping Up

Zipcar is a valuable service for those who need a car but do not have easy access to one.

If you no longer need Zipcar, or if you’ve experienced issues with your membership, it may be time to cancel.

You have three handy options for canceling your membership: on the web, by phone, or by using

However, you choose to cancel your membership, keep in mind the cancellation timeline and any fees you may incur after canceling your membership.

And remember, if you experience any issues with cancellation, you can always call Zipcar’s customer service phone number at 1-866-494-7227 for help.

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