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Zum Promo Codes For New and Existing Users

Zum promo codes are a great way to earn more when you sign up as a driver with Zum. Read on to learn more about the savings you can expect.

Zum is a unique ridesharing service geared towards parents, children, and schools.

Besides offering safe rides for children, Zum partners with school districts to offer an innovative alternative to after-school transport.

Read on to find out more about this unique ridesharing service and to find answers to your questions about Zum promo codes.

Is Zum Free?

It depends on whether your school district partners with Zum.

If there is an agreement with Zum, parents don’t have to pay anything for Zum rides and don’t need to use a Zum promo code or coupon code.

Zum bills the school district for this service.

The cost varies from one area to another since the needs of each community are different.

This service can offer transportation to take children home at the end of the school day, rides for off-campus events, and more.

Zum also uses electric vehicles and takes steps to reduce costs and make transportation flexible and affordable for school districts.

Does Zum Have Free Rides?

Zum offers free rides to students enrolled in school districts that have a partnership with Zum.

However, these free rides aren’t discount offers.

The platform will bill the school district but families don’t have to pay anything.

You might want results that mention free rides and other promotional offers available to parents.

Zum used to offer a different service where parents could book rides for their child and save with different Zum promo codes during checkout, but this service is no longer available.

In the past, Zum used to offer a transportation service where parents could book rides outside of the partnership with their local school district and use a coupon code to save.

Zum no longer offers this service.

However, there are alternatives to consider like HopSkipDrive.

HopSkipDrive is a more traditional ride-hailing service where you can use a coupon code to save during checkout, pay with a credit card, or redeem a gift card.

We recommend looking up the latest deals for HopSkipDrive if you want to find more ways to save.

Types of Zum Promo Codes

If you’re working for a school district and are considering Zum, you should know that this service offers customized quotes based on the needs of each community.

You should reach out to the Zum sales team to discuss the unique needs of your district and get more information about pricing and ways to save.

The average discount can vary depending on the size of your school district.

You might also get promotional pricing as a new customer.

Unfortunately, Zum doesn’t offer Zum coupons, gift cards, or other incentives for school districts.

There is no way of redeeming a Zup coupon or discount code to test the service.

vector graphic showing a rider claiming Zum promo codes on her smartphone app

Zum Promo Codes for New Users

If you sign up as a driver with Zum, you can earn more with Zum promo codes.

You can use the Zum coupon code ZUMER100 to earn a bonus.

You can get an additional $100 after completing your first ten rides and earn another $100 once you hit 50 rides.

Zum is also offering a $500 sign-on bonus for new drivers!

There is no need to enter a Zum promo code to get this bonus.

Zum has strict requirements for drivers and the application process takes longer compared to other driving gigs since there is a thorough background check process and a vehicle inspection.

However, the extra income from the sign-on bonus and the two $100 bonuses you can earn make this process worth it.

Zum Promo Codes for Existing Users

If you look for Zum promo codes online, you will find different sources that list coupon codes you can use to get 20% off a Zum ride.

However, these codes are not working coupons.

You should know that Zum used to offer a service where parents could book rides for their children outside of a partnership with a school district.

This service is no longer available and the only way to use Zum is via your school district, which means you won’t have to pay anything.

When it comes to promotions and bonuses for drivers, you can only qualify if you’re a new driver.

Existing drivers can’t get these bonuses.

If you’re a driver, you should keep an eye on the latest coupon codes.

Zum might offer an employee discount in the future or release a free gift for current drivers in the form of a new promotional code to earn a bonus.

How to Apply a Zum Promo Code

The Zum app doesn’t offer a way to enter a promo code.

Because Zum only operates through partnerships with school districts, parents can use the app to see upcoming rides scheduled by the school but can’t use a promotional code to schedule a ride.

There is no checkout process available through the app.

The Zum app has many useful features, such as reviewing the profile of the driver who will pick up your child, track a ride in real-time, or cancel a ride.

You can download the Zum app on the Android or iOS app store to access these features.

If it’s your first time using the app, select Sign Up at the bottom of the home screen to create your account.

You can also log in to an existing account by selecting Sign In.

Your school district should give you specific instructions for creating your account.

If you’re thinking about signing up as a Zum driver, you can visit the official Zum website and fill out a form to start the application process.

You’ll have to enter your personal information and you’ll find a field at the bottom of the form where you can enter a referral code.

It’s the only coupon type you can currently use as a promotion code with Zum.

You can use a referral code you found online or got through a friend to quality for the two $100 bonuses once you complete ten and 50 rides.

You don’t need to enter a promo code to qualify for the $500 sign-on deal since Zum will apply it automatically.

Other Ways to Save on Zum

Once you sign up as a driver with Zum, you’ll get a unique referral code you can use to earn more with this app.

vector graphic showing a rider claiming Zum promo codes on her smartphone app

Zum Referral Program

The Zum referral program is a great way of earning more cash.

As a driver, you can refer your friends and earn a bonus if Zum hires them as drivers.

Zum doesn’t have public resources about this program, but there is a field where you can enter a referral code when you sign up as a driver, which indicates that this program is active.

You will likely receive an email with more information and a unique promo code you can share with your friends once you become a driver.

It’s unclear how much you can earn by referring your friends.

However, if someone you know uses your referral code, they will earn $100 after completing their first ten rides and will get another $100 once they complete 50 rides.

However, you should keep in mind that Zum has strict requirements for its drivers.

New drivers have to pass a background check as well as a vehicle inspection.

While the bonuses are higher than what ridesharing services typically offer, not everyone will qualify.

How to Get Credit on Zum

As a Zum driver, you can earn more by using the Zum referral program.

Use the Zum Referral Program

Once you become a driver with Zum, you will be able to participate in the app’s referral program.

It’s difficult to determine how much you can earn or who qualifies for this program since Zum doesn’t have any public information about their referral policies or affiliate commission.

However, you’ll have access to a helpful support team once you become a driver and will be able to ask questions about the program.

Zum will likely send you an email with your unique referral code and more information about how the program works.

How to Refer a Friend on Zum

The Zum referral program uses unique referral codes.

Each driver gets a code that they can share online or send to a friend they think would be a good candidate for driving with Zum.

The people you refer have to enter your referral code when they sign up.

There is a field for referral codes at the bottom of the sign-up form for new drivers.

Wrapping Up

While Zum doesn’t offer promotional codes for parents, this ridesharing service is available at no cost to families if Zum partners with your local school district.

However, you should know that you can use a referral code to get bonuses as a new driver.

Zum is one of the best ridesharing services to work for as a driver, but there are other options to consider.

Take a look at our resources on related topics on Ridester to learn more about different ways of earning money as a driver.

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