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Ever since Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994, the company has grown immensely.

While they started off selling books, they now have expanded into physical retail locations (Amazon Books), web hosting services (Amazon Web Services), and even media streaming (Fire TV).

On top of that, there are a handful of Amazon delivery jobs available to drivers including Amazon Logistics, Prime Now, and even dedicated delivery franchises.

Despite all their growth, Amazon has remained a customer-centric company, always ensuring that you can receive prompt support with any issue you might have.

The sheer number of Amazon services, however, can leave you wondering just how to get support with a specific issue.

In this guide, we’ll show you the three methods you can use to contact Amazon customer service, as well as answer some common questions about Amazon customer support.

4 Amazon Customer Support Topics

Before we discuss the specific methods you can use to contact Amazon customer service, we want to discuss some of the common reasons for contacting Amazon.

It’s important to understand these different reasons, as each has its own section on Amazon’s “Contact Us” page.

Amazon’s customer support topics break down into five main areas:

  1. Order Support
  2. Device Support
  3. Digital Content and Services Support
  4. Amazon Prime Support (and Other Topics)

Let’s look at each of these in more detail:

1. Order Support

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service (3 Methods You Can Use)

When you visit Amazon’s “Contact Us” page, the first section you’ll see relates to Amazon orders.

This includes both digital and physical orders from Amazon.

A great example is the error, “Amazon package not received” when you place a delivery.

By default, you’ll see your most recent order, as the screenshot above shows.

You have the option to see the item’s tracking details (if it’s a physical package order), return or replace the item, and leave seller feedback.

If you need help with a different order, you can click “Choose Different Order.”

If you need help with something else related to your order, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the menu under “Tell us more” to view more options:

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service - 3 Methods You Can Use

From there, you’ll be able to get to the best contact support method related to your order.

2. Device Support

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service (3 Methods to Use)

Moving on to the next section of Amazon’s “Contact Us” page, we come to the “Devices” section.

This is where you can get help with any Amazon device you have, such as Echo Auto, Kindle, or Alexa (to name just a few).

Amazon will automatically show you a list of all the Amazon devices you currently own (based on your Amazon order history and registered devices).

To get support information, click on the device you want.

You’ll then be able to select more specific options related to your support issue:

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service - 3 Methods to Use

From there, Amazon will show you how to get in contact with the best person to assist you.

3. Digital Content and Services Support

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service (Three Methods You Can Use)

The next section of the “Contact Us” page is called “Digital Content and Services.”

It’s where you can get help with services such as Audible, Prime Video, and Amazon Music.

To get started, select the service you want from the list.

Then, specify what you need help with.

For instance, here are the options you have for getting support for Prime Video:

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service (Three Methods to Use)

Once you select an option, you’ll get information on how to contact Amazon about it.

4. Amazon Prime Support (and Other Topics)

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service - Three Methods to Use

The final section of the “Contact Us” page is called “Prime or Something Else.”

It’s where you can get help with your Amazon Prime membership, as well as other things such as Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Restaurants, and Amazon gift cards.

By default, you’ll mostly see options related to your Prime membership (if you have one) and other topics related to your Amazon account.

However, you can view further topics by clicking on the text that says “Show more”:

Contact Amazon Customer Service (3 Methods You Can Use)

To see even more support topics, scroll down and choose one of the options from the “Tell us more” menu:

Contact Amazon Customer Service - Methods You Can Use

3 Amazon Customer Service Contact Methods

Now that you understand the different Amazon support topics and how to access them, let’s examine the three main ways you can contact Amazon customer service:

  1. Automated Online Support
  2. Chat Support
  3. Phone Support

Each of the above methods can be an effective way to get help with your questions, and the best method for you often depends on your personal preferences.

1. Automated Online Support

We’ve already discussed this method.

Amazon has set up their contact page so that, in many cases, you don’t even need to speak to a customer service representative.

By having you click answers to a variety of questions, Amazon can direct you to FAQ or support pages with written answers to your questions.

This won’t always be the best way to get support, but it is the place you should start.

Even if the written support sections can’t answer your question, they will direct you to the two other contact methods that we discuss below.

2. Chat Support

The next method you can use to contact Amazon customer service is chat support.

This is a good method to use if you need to get an answer to a more specific question than the support pages can answer but can’t (or don’t want to) talk to someone on the phone.

To access chat support, you’ll need to first go through the automated online support process that we outlined above.

Once you’ve answered a few questions, you should see a section that looks like the one below (in this case for support about Amazon Prime):

Contact Amazon Customer Service - Three Methods You Can Use

To access chat support, click the “Chat” button:

Contact Amazon Customer Service - Three Methods to Use

A window like the following should then appear:

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service

Enter a message in the box, and then click “Start Chat” to begin chatting with an Amazon customer service representative:

How to Contact Amazon Customer Service (Methods You Can Use)

Once you do this, you’ll be able to correspond in real time with someone from Amazon about your questions.

3. Phone Support

The final method you can use to contact Amazon customer service is phone support.

The process for getting to this is the same as for chat support: follow the prompts, and eventually you’ll see a menu like the one below:

Contact Amazon Customer Service

To start a phone call with a support representative, click the button labeled “Phone”:

Amazon Customer Service

You’ll then see the following form:

Amazon Customer Service (3 Contact Methods You Can Use)

Ensure that your Country/Region is correct and enter your phone number into the box.

Then, click “Call me now.”

A customer support representative will take your call as soon as possible.

Note that you may have to wait a few minutes if the demand for support is especially high.

Amazon Customer Service FAQ

Now that you understand how to contact Amazon customer service, let’s answer a few common questions about Amazon customer service in general:

1. How do I apply to be an Amazon customer service associate?

If you’re interested in providing the best possible customer experience and working for a company that leads in ecommerce and dozens of other technologies, then working as an Amazon customer service associate could be the job for you.

To find available full-time and part-time jobs for Amazon customer service, visit the Amazon customer service jobs page on our sister site, Gigworker.com.

There, you’ll be able to see job requirements and fill out an application.

2. Does Amazon have a customer support phone number?

Yes, they do. The general Amazon customer support phone number is 1 (888) 280-4331.

However, Amazon recommends using the method we described above for contacting phone support, as it will save you having to verify your identity and answer additional questions (which you’ll have to do if you call the general support number).

3. Where are Amazon customer support representatives located?

Amazon employees are working tirelessly across the world to provide the best customer service possible.

Here are a few of the main cities where support representatives are based:
– Hyderabad, India
– Cebu, Philippines
– Pasay City, Philippines
– San Jose, Costa Rica
– Seattle, Washington

As you can see, representatives work in both the United States and internationally.

This allows them to serve customers 24/7 across all time zones.

4. Is contacting Amazon customer service a secure process?

Amazon takes customer trust seriously, and their customer support process reflects this.

You have to be logged into your Amazon account to get help support topics, and you’ll often have to answer additional security questions when calling support.

Despite the many security procedures in place, you should always be sure to follow common online safety practices when corresponding with Amazon customer service.

Never give your credit card information over the phone or through a chat form (Amazon support representatives will never ask you for this information).

This should never be an issue, but it’s always best to be vigilant of scams and fraud.

Amazon Customer Service Exists to Help You

We hope this guide has helped you understand all the things that Amazon customer service can help you with, as well as the methods available for contacting Amazon.

If you’re curious about how to make money working for Amazon in an area besides customer support, check out our guide to becoming an Amazon Flex driver.

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